How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Male [5 Ways]

Everybody wants his hair to look healthy, fresh, and fleecy.  Fluffy hair creates such visual effects. It greatly boosts your personality and makes you an emerging guy.

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Do you have straight and silky hair and want to create a fluffy style?

We have suggested to you some easy tips and techniques to produce light, feathery hair. It is very tricky and informative to select the ways of fluffy hair. You may ask about new styling devices, products, and methods that can help out to get a cool fluffy hairstyle.

How to make your hair fluffy male?

Males can boost the volume of hair through blow-dryers, air diffusers, and hot rollers. Some easy techniques like backcombing, opening the curls, and brushing also make fluff in gents.

Everyone tries to get thick and impressive hair but it needs more struggle and hardships. It is the habit of man he spends very little time on him so he cuts his hair shorter. But if you have really impressive fluffy hair, you should have a special haircut like a shag cut. Luckily, you need a very short time to get fluffy hair and it is also easy to maintain.

Let’s start…

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy Male

According to the smart trendsetters, “the popular trend in1990 is back in fashion all over the world is having fluffy hair”. This may be good news for those gents who have natural curls and fluffy hair. But those who have straight, thin, and silky hair are worrying about how they get standing thick locks all day.

Don’t worry we discuss here all the basic steps.

Basic Steps

Today I want to review some simple moves, hints, and products that lift your hair. Through these tips, your hair remains in the same wavy pattern the whole day as you require. It intensifies your dashing look.  Let’s start

Damp Hair

For best results hair should be humid and clean so first, you should wash your hair. You can use your regular shampoo. Now dry your hair with a towel roughly until water is not dripping down.

Primer Spray

Use a pre-styling product or primer. This will not only reduce your blow dryer but also protects your hair from heat styling. Hair follicles swell up due to hot air so the coating of primer reduces the risk of thin, and frizzy hair.

Use a sea salt spray

Sea salt spray is wonderful in creating swells and movement in the hair. It also gives a shiny and healthy look to hair. Lift your hair from roots and apply this spray on your mane, make sure it is evenly spread on all the layers.

 Use Blow dry.

Now blow dry your hair. When your locks are completely dry. Use your fingers to give the style you desire. If you want fluffy hair you should care that they remain in a vertical position if it weighs down it looks straight hair.

How to Make Hair Fluffy Male Naturally

For any style, there are many products but remember it is not better to load your hair chemicals. Some natural methods also help you to make your hair fluffy. These methods did not harm your scalp and you get your normal hair after some time.

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Backcombing or teasing your hair

This technique is usually used to increase the volume of hair. Teasing or backcombing is the act of combing in the backward direction. The back and forward movement of the comb creates volume, makes a cluster of hair, and lifts your hair.

After backcombing your look as you don’t comb your hair for many days. Backcombing is a famous hairstyle but its removal is very difficult.


  • Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Never use conditioner or shampoo for dry hair. These will flatter your hair. In case of dry hair use a moisturizing shampoo.
  • If you have dry frizzy hair use a deep conditioner.
  • Choose a section of hair near the forehead, comb it to remove all tangles and knots.
  • Backcomb your hair. For this, lift your hair and start to comb from top to base of the root.
  • At the front edge cushion-like puff appears at the base, and your hair looks wild.
  • Repeat this with all sections.
  • You can smooth your top layer of hair and hide all tangles beneath it so that hair lifts.
  • Now pin up your top layer in such a way that backcombed hair is not visible

Comb your hair with a different style.

If you try to increase the mass of hair, comb your hair in a different direction. First, comb your hair in right and then in left. Take your hair in the backside and then to an upside-down position. This style of combing creates a soft fluff that looks natural.

By Using Hot Rollers

An excellent way to get your hair fluffy is the usage of hot rollers. It produces nice curls without direct use of heat. They are available in different forms and sizes so can be easily used on long or small hair.

For getting curly and fluffy hair use rulers of smaller sizes but for bouncier hair usually large size is more suitable.

A great tip for naturally curly hair

If you have coils, try to break up curls with your fingers. Repeat this process 2 to 4 times. This easy strategy produces fluffy hair and your head shows much volume. This style is not only simple but also free of chemicals in the form of styling products.

Grow your hair naturally long

If you want thick and fluffy hair, you have to grow it. Short hair could not give results as long hair. Though it is a hard and long-term approach yet very fruitful. For this increase, the length of your hair at least 2 to 3 inches.

Having long hair doesn’t mean untidy, shaggy, and spreading hair. You can cut your side hair and give it a beautiful shape.

Change your hair care routine

  • Cold water makes your hair silky but warm water greatly affects the volume of hair. So always wash your hair with warm water. Remember burning warm water greatly damages your hair so avoid this.
  • Wash your hair daily
  • Burning sun can damage the top of your head, causing thinning and hair loss. If you have to work for more than 30 minutes in the sun use a hat or Sunburn greatly reduces your hair volume. Protect your head from damaging sun rays.

How to Make My Hair Fluffy Male

Next to shampoo, dry your hair with a towel that wipes away all moisture. Use a hairdryer at low temperature, that gives a soft look on the hair. Take a mousse of a good brand and apply it to the roots of the hair. Massage in the roots in a circular motion,  till the hair is lifted in a vertical position.

Once your hair looks at increasing mass. Take the second dose of mousse but should be in less quantity. Use a vent brush to make an awesome style. A mousse keeps control on dry and frizzy hair and places your curls bouncier.

How to Make Your Hair Puffy Guy

Puffy is naturally thick and has heavy hair. Poofy hair is referred to as hair that has a lot of volumes.

Before night you should make many tiny braids and sleep with this. If you have slightly moist hair the result will be more pronounced.

In the morning take them out your hair became more puffy and fuzzy

For making puff you should use hair puff  base puff which is available in different sizes and styles

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The second method is the use of a diffuser. The diffuser can diffuse air which creates fluff hair without frizziness. These may be useful for both long and short hair. The diffuser can prevent hair from direct heat exposure. Do not comb so much as there is no need for extra brushing.

In the case of a hot diffuser, when used to dampen hair the cuticle of wet hair seals at the point. This helps in fixing the hair in a set position. You look like a puffy guy.

How to Make Your hair Fluffy and Soft Male

In the market, different products are emerging regularly with improved hair concern regimens

For soft and strong hair experts give some suggestions like

  • Take vitamins
  • avoid the daily routine of shampoo
  • Take a good diet with a lot of protein
  • Make egg yolk mask
  • Use oil on the scalp
  • Wash your hair in cool water
  • Apply aloe vera gel

After getting soft hair you can adopt backcombing or mousse for creating fluff. The use of volume powder is also recommended for getting full fluffy hair. When you apply powder use your fingers gently tab until all powder disappeared.

How To Make Hair Fluffy in Front Male

Hair cut is very important to create a front puffy style. If you have extra short or long,  front fluff is impossible. Use dry and volume building shampoo. Choose the best diffuser or a blow dryer. Comb your hair in such a way that all your front hair rest on your forehead

Now use the blowdryer to dry them in this location. Flip and tease your hair. Use your finger lock and throw hot air on it. When hair is completely dry you see feathery hair on the front edge of your head. Now style them with your finger and spray them with hair spray to stay for a longer duration.

How to Get Fluffy Hair Male by natural ingredients

When we ignore a healthy diet and vitamins, we may face serious hair issues like thin and lifeless hair, hair loss, and gray hair before age. Therefore, men should change their diet and increase their intake of vitamins, C, D, and vitamin B complex for thick and healthy hair

The daily intake of good food rich in Iron, folic acid, and Biotin not only makes them healthy guys but also increases the mass and thickening of hair.

Instead of taking all these in tablet form, you should take them on a diet. You can make hair masks such as Apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera, Honey, that make frizz-free hair.  There are many kinds of hair oils that, according to hairstylists, can increase shine, the thickness of hair, and heal scalp disorders such as hygral fatigue. Massage of hair and scalp can reduce stress and bring comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do men make hair fluffy naturally?

If a man has long hair, make many small braids overnight. In the morning when braid out your hair shows waves and fluffy. Backcombing and teasing of hair can also create fluffy hair. In this take a small section of hair and comb it in the backward direction which makes a cushion-like mass of hair. Now, this can be hidden by the upper layer of hair.

What do I do to make my flat hair fluffy?

Always use volumizing shampoo. Never use conditioner; it will flatten your hair. With the help of a blow dryer, dry your hair. Use primer and a sea salt mask. If it does not work use volumizing powder or mousse. Remember to use only one product at a time

Final Thoughts

Creating your new style with maximizing the volume needs an act of trial and error. Give some time to your tresses and observe which method proves to be best. Apply different techniques, products, or easy physical methods to lift and add volume to your hair.

It is a game of hairdryer, brushes, and pre-styler. The more perfect you in their use the more volume you gain and in turn more feathery soft hair you have. Let’s try and see the result. Share your precious adventure with us.