Can You Bleach Your Hair With Clorox? [10 Easy Steps to Bleach Your]

Clorox is used by many people as a household bleach for bleaching hair. Most products are raised by the media and it exaggerates these products. You have to open your eyes and select the one that suits you best.

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What do you think about Clorox? Can you bleach your hair with Clorox? Is it safe or not? Let me tell you!

No, you can’t because Clorox is a product used to clean tiles, dishes, and for many other purposes. A hair expert stops you from using it for bleaching your hair in any case. It’s dangerous not only for hair but also for your scalp and skin.

Clorox is nothing except a combination of chemicals that help remove moving stains not good for your hair health. That’s why it is not suitable for bleaching hair. If you use it in emergency cases, try to consult your hair consultant for better guidance. This post will help you to understand this topic in a better way.

Let’s explore more about it!

Can You Bleach Your Hair With Clorox

Sometimes, you bleach your hair after getting consultation from your friend without knowing if it is safe or not? Same in the condition of Clorox. Do you apply it without wearing of its bad effects? I think you should never be such a fool.

You must be curious to know can you bleach your hair with Clorox?

Simply speaking, no, not in any situation. You can’t use Clorox because it is made only for washing dishes, cleaning tiles, and some other cleaning purposes like removing stains from fabrics.

So, don’t be stupid and have a proper search about it before processing it on your hair. It can leave deadly effects on your hair and later make them fall out. As a result, you may get lifeless, dull, and ugly hair.

If you love your hair as everyone does, you will never make such a mistake. Clorox brings nothing except worries. That’s why it is recommended to use bleach cream or you can easily make household bleach cream.

Why should You Not Choose Clorox For Bleaching Hair?

Many people have a question about using Clorox to bleach their hair. Do they want to know Why should Clorox be their last choice for bleaching hair?

Don’t worry!

We have very simple explanations relating to your queries. As you know, Clorox is a liquid form of bleach that is easily made at home. It contains a high level of Sodium Hypochlorite. On the other hand, the bleach available in the market is in cream of that is the mixture of peroxide and ammonia.

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Why do many people like to use the creamy form of bleach instead of the liquid form of Clorox?

Simply, bleach cream can easily be applied on hair only and doesn’t react on your scalp. Additionally, the application of ammonia and peroxide is less in bleach cream. The chemical reaction of hair bleach is enough to bleach your hair properly.

Moreover, if any drop touches your skin, you can wash it without having any rash or irritation. Whereas, Clorox is not recommended by many experts because of its high level of Sodium hypochlorite. This substance not only overbleached your hair but also creates damage.

Its strong smell may also irritate you. As it is available in liquid form, there are big chances of skin burn and scalp rashes because it can touch your scalp and skin easily. It also affects your eyes badly.

That’s why many professionals never advise you to use Clorox as a bleach for your hair.

The above discussion doesn’t mean that you never use it. In an emergency, you can apply it under careful conditions. Be attentive and follow the instructions of using Clorox before starting the process.

Don’t think it’s your last option. Try to explore more.

How To Bleach Your Hair With Clorox (10 Easy Steps)

Lightening or bleaching hair at home yourself is a tricky process. It’s not as easy as you think. You must have complete knowledge about the process and the product that you can use according to your hair type.

Here are some easy steps to use Clorox for bleaching your hair. Follow them carefully.

Things You Need:

  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Old Towel
  • Plastic/Ceramic Bowl
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Hair Clips
  • Gloves
  • Shower cap

Step By Step Process:

After collecting all the required elements, the process may become easy and time-saving for you. Read the steps mentioned below carefully and follow them.

Step 1: Washing Hair

It is the first and basic step. It’s important to wash your hair before starting the process to remove all the dust and oil from your hair. Clorox works better on clean hair than unwashed hair. Now, make your hair dry with the help of a tower.

Step 2:  Cover Your Shoulder

It’s an essential step because Clorox can cause damages and skin problems due to hydrogen peroxide. So, put an old towel on your shoulder to save your dress and skin from any chemical reaction.

Step 3: Wear Gloves

As you know bleaching your hair may damage your skin and hands. So, don’t forget to wear safety gloves before making the mixture and while applying it to your hair.

Step 4: Measure The Ingredients

This step is very important because a little mistake while making the paste may bring harmful effects to your hair. Measure all the ingredients carefully. Take the bowl and measure 250g of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of Clorox. Put both of them in the bowl. Don’t use a metal bowl because Clorox reacts badly in it.

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Step 5: Make the Mixture

Take the spoon and mix the ingredients well. Avoid using a metal spoon because it is also bad for chemical products. Mix the powder properly so that no clods may be left behind. If it does not mix well, the paste will not work better.

Step 6: Make Sections of Your Hair

It can be difficult to apply the paste to all of your hair at once by gathering them. It’s better to separate them to bleach your hair easily. For this, make small sections of your hair with the help of hair clips. So, you can bleach your hair without skipping any area.

Step 7: Apply the Paste

Now, it’s the final step. Apply the paste carefully to your hair by using a brush. Then comb your hair thoroughly to spread the paste to all of your hair. Be careful while doing so. Don’t let the paste on your scalp.

Step 8: Wear Shower Cap

Sometimes, the bleaching paste may start to drop. To avoid such a situation, wear a shower cap and also prevent your hair from external dust. Leave the paste 25 to 30 minutes to your hair for the best result.

Step 9: Wash Hair

It’s time to get the result. Wash your hair with cold water and conditioner. It is not recommended to use shampoo on bleached hair because it will be harmful to your hair.

Step 10: Dry Your Hair

Now, make your hair dry with the help of a clean towel and leave them open for a few minutes to let them dry naturally in the air.

(Note: It’s important to take a strand test before applying the bleach to the entire hair. So that you can avoid further damages.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bleach hair with Clorox?

You can get permanent lightened hair color by using Clorox. It is the cheapest and easy way to bleach your hair at home. It is a permanent way to lighten your hair with peroxide and shampoo.

Can you bleach your hair with household bleach?

Yes, you can bleach your hair by chemical-based method or at home by using hydrogen peroxide or natural elements like lemon juice. It is the best way to lighten hair color.

Final Thoughts

Now we are going, to sum up, our informative post can you bleach your hair with Clorox?

It’s essential to have proper knowledge about it because many hair experts don’t recommend you to use it until you consider it the last option.

Many side effects are created by Clorox because of its liquid form and high level of Sodium hypochlorite. That can damage your hair and scalp.

So, bleach cream is most popular in comparison to Clorox. Clorox has very harsh functions and can destroy your hair color.

Just suppose, you have to use Clorox for bleaching hair, apply carefully according to the easy steps mentioned above. Otherwise, you have to face a big hair disaster.

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