How To Stop Hair from Sticking Up [4Easy Ideas]

Stop Hair from Sticking Up

If you feel like your hair is sticking up so you can’t smile without it telling someone else, you could be right. However, it’s not permanent. You can stop your hair from sticking up temporarily with hair spray by spraying …

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How Long Does Food Color Stay In Your Hair?

Color Stay In Your Hair

For the coming Halloween, my 12 years boy decided to be a mimic monster. He collects different poster colors to paint his face. When he requested me to change his hair color. I started researching various ways to dye his …

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Why Does My Hair Hurt after Wearing Hat? [7 Reasons]

Hair Hurt after Wearing Hat

Many professions demand the constant wearing of head gadgets such as military and bike riding. Helmets are very heavy gadgets compulsory for road safety campaigns. Hat wearers often complain that they feel pain in their hair after wearing a hat. …

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Does Weed Make Your Hair Grow? [Surprising Facts]

Weed Make Your Hair Grow

Long, healthy, and shiny hair makes your personality attractive and good-looking. What happens if you get a sudden hair loss? It must be an awkward situation. Start thinking about what to do. Surprisingly, weeds are becoming the most trending solution …

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Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss? (Yes or No)

Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss

Nowadays it is trendy to make different hairstyles to get a new and unique look. It is possible by the number of hair products that are available in the market. Hairspray is one of such products. I am sure having …

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