How To Thin Hair Without Thinning Shears?

Thin Hair Without Thinning Shears

During the covid pandemic period, all shops remain closed except food places and medical stores. One day, when I looked in the mirror. I was frightened to see thick bushes like hair. My head is overcrowded with thick hair. I …

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How To Stop Hair from Sticking Up [4Easy Ideas]

Stop Hair from Sticking Up

If you feel like your hair is sticking up so you can’t smile without it telling someone else, you could be right. However, it’s not permanent. You can stop your hair from sticking up temporarily with hair spray by spraying …

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How To Start Dreads with Straight Hair [10 Ways]

Dreads with Straight Hair

Ancient people particularly Massie warriors were known for their long, thin, red dreadlocks. For the Buddhist sect Ngagpas, their locked hair is not only the symbol of vows but also shows powers blessed by God. In Nigeria, dreadlocks are the …

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How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Male [5 Ways]

Make Your Hair Fluffy Male

Everybody wants his hair to look healthy, fresh, and fleecy.  Fluffy hair creates such visual effects. It greatly boosts your personality and makes you an emerging guy. Do you have straight and silky hair and want to create a fluffy …

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How to Get Ash Brown Hair Without Bleaching

Portrait of beautiful woman. Wavy ash blue hair.

Jumping from dark brown or black to cool, soft ash brown hair is not easy. But remember it is practically possible. Your hairstylist may advise you to bleach your hair before getting an ash brown tone. But it is not …

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How Long Does Food Color Stay In Your Hair?

Color Stay In Your Hair

For the coming Halloween, my 12 years boy decided to be a mimic monster. He collects different poster colors to paint his face. When he requested me to change his hair color. I started researching various ways to dye his …

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