How Often Can You Tone Your Hair [Exact Number]

Do you want to tone your hair to get rid of the brassiness from your highlighted hair? Is it safe to tone your hair once a week? How soon can you tone your hair again? Many questions bother you when you are looking for toning your hair. Exposing your hair to chemicals should be a matter of high concern to protect your hair from potential damage.

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Let’s see: How often can you tone your hair?  

For healthy and thick hair, you can tone your hair once a month. But for damaged hair, you should tone your hair after 7-8 weeks by allowing your hair to recover from previous damage.

Toning is an important part of the highlighting process. The use of toner is inevitable to add freshness and shine to blond or highlighted hair. A toner not only improves the porosity of your hair but also covers up the undesired differences in the exposed color. That is why colorists always use a toner after highlighting your hair.

Chemically treated hair needs special care, hair conditioning, and repairing treatments. Always use good quality professional hair care products specifically for color-treated hair to prevent your hair color from fading out and to restore the health and texture of your hair.

Keep on reading to know more about toning your hair safely.

What is a Toner? How Long Does It Last?

Toner is a kind of hair color. Usually, a toner is applied after bleaching, balayage, or highlighting your hair to get rid of unwanted hues and brassiness.

The use of toner is essential to get perfect results from all such hair lightening treatments either in specific sections or all over your hair.

Normally, a toner lasts for 4-8 weeks, depending on the way you protect your hair color, your hair washing routine, and the health of your hair. However, the demi-permanent toner lasts longer than the semi-permanent toner.

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair Without Damaging It

Toner is not all damaging, it positively helps to neutralize your hair tone after bleach or highlighting. However, toning is a chemical process and the effects of re-toning depend on the health and thickness of your hair.

Normally, healthy hair can be re-toned after 4-5 weeks while dry and damaged hair should be re-toned after 7-8 weeks to prevent more damage.

As with other coloring treatments, re-toning your hair more often than normal can over-processed your hair resulting in a more stressed or porous hair shaft. Hence ammonia-based toners are more damaging to hair.

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How Often Can You Tone Your Hair At Home

The dyed hair fades its color with every wash and bleach-blond hair gets brassy and dull when it oxidizes. So, it’s essential to maintain the color, tone, and shine of your hair at home.

You can refresh your bleached or blond hair with ammonia-free toner after every 6 to 8 weeks to add shine and re-tone your hair for more healthy-looking locks.

Ammonia-free toners and toning shampoo are more gentle on the hair as compared to ammonia-based toners. So you can safely use them at home to revitalize your hair tone.

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair With Wella

While using toners to revitalize your hair color you should realize that toners are not bleach that can lighten your hair color. When your hair color is already fading, you can’t rely on toners only.

Since a toner generally lasts 2-8 weeks but you can tone your hair with Wella after a month when you feel that your hair needs toning to fix your hair color.

You can reapply Wella toner after a month to maintain hair color because toner is not as harsh as bleaching or dying your hair. But sometimes you also need to dye your hair to regain the faded color and gloss of your locks.

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair After Bleaching

How soon can you tone your hair after bleaching?

Bleaching is quite hard on your hair, give your hair some time to recuperate. You should wait a minimum of 4-5 weeks before toning your healthy hair while unhealthy hair requires 7 to 8 weeks to restore the previous damage.

You can’t tone your bleached hair more frequently as bleaching has already damaged your hair, exposing your hair to more chemicals can devastate your hair.

How Often Should You Toner Your Hair

Toners can’t lighten your hair but remove the unwanted brassy color and add shine to your hair color.

Toners are less damaging to your hair if used correctly and no more than in a month. But don’t forget that toners also contain chemicals. Always use good quality ammonia-free toner.

The use of toner also depends on the way you take care of your hair color and the condition of your hair. Take good care of your hair and apply hair repairing creams to restore its natural moisture and repair hair damage.

How Many Times Can You Tone Your Hair

How many times can you tone your hair in a day, week, or month?

As toner is not an organic product, it contains chemicals that is why you can’t use toner twice a day or week or even the same month. Instead, you should use a toner after 4-6 weeks for healthy hair and after 7-8 weeks for thin and damaged hair.

This non-toning duration is important for your hair to recover from previous damage before your hair undergoes more chemical procedures. The additions of deep conditioning and hair repairing creams in your hair care routine can make your hair healthy and elegant.

How Soon Can You Tone Your Blond Hair Again

How long should I wait to tone my hair again?

Toner is inevitable to add freshness and shine to your blond or highlighted hair.

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The use of toner depends on the condition of your blond hair, you can use a toner to correct the shade of your hair after 5 to 8 weeks.

Always remember, bleached hair is more sensitive to chemicals. Don’t use toner more frequently to keep your hair free from the harms of chemicals. Use professional hair care products to protect your blond hair.

How Often Should You Tone Your Hair With Purple Shampoo

Hair color fades gradually despite using professional hair products. Is purple shampoo good to tone and refresh your hair color?

You can’t use purple shampoo too often because it can’t be a substitute for regular shampoo. Purple shampoo should only be used once a week to refresh your blond hair and to get rid of brassy hue. Hence it contains purple pigment and its more frequent use can darken your hair and you would love to keep up your light hair.

During the waiting time for re-toning, conditioning treatments will help to restore and rebuild your hair. Plus, it helps to stay hair color and make your hair healthy and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tone my hair again the next day?

You can re-tone your hair the next day but we recommend two days waiting to allow the initial toner to settle. But if you are not happy with the results or want to correct a bad mistake then you can re-tone your hair whenever you want. Be careful, do not over-process your hair. Hence, often re-toning results in a darker shade.

How often should I tone my balayage?

Unlike traditional highlights, balayage requires less maintenance. Hence you should tone your balayage every 4-6 weeks. Whenever you notice some brassiness, you should re-tone your hair to make your balayage look fresh and gorgeous. Because hair color fades with every wash despite using the best hair products.

Will toner cause hair loss?

Like other chemical treatments, toner also damages your hair fiber by lifting hair color. It ruptures the outermost layer of the hair and weakens your hair shaft. Since the chemicals in hair dyes are too harsh to damage the hair follicles too. More frequent use of hair toner, bleach, or dyes results in hair loss. However, hair toner and dyes do not affect your hair growth.

Bottom Lines

Toners are not all harmful but the way you care for your hair and its color matters a lot. When you bleach, highlight, or dye your hair, chemical changes occur that not only change the texture of your hair but also harm your hair from inside out. Take great care of your hair and use hair restoration masks. Remember your hair should be in good condition before you expose your hair again to more chemicals.

Experts usually recommend a minimum waiting of 4-6 weeks before you’re-tone your hair with a toner. Toners can be used safely after 7-8 weeks, even your hair can well tolerate the effects of toner. Ammonia-free 2 are milder to use at home. Prefer to get professional advice before toning your hair to prevent your hair from damage, hair thinning, and split ends.

For gorgeous healthy-looking hair, you have to put in some effort.