How To Start Dreads with Straight Hair [10 Ways]

Ancient people particularly Massie warriors were known for their long, thin, red dreadlocks. For the Buddhist sect Ngagpas, their locked hair is not only the symbol of vows but also shows powers blessed by God. In Nigeria, dreadlocks are the sign of criminals. Hindu Sadhu, bishop of Christian Ascetics of the Middle Ages also wore this style

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Today this style is not restricted to religious people. but many celebrities and sportsmen adopt it

Many young people wonder how can they start dread. They often ask can straight hair convert into dreads easily. Don’t worry we are here to tell you.

How to start dreads with straight hair?

Straight hair can be dreaded with free form, braid methods, backcombing, and crochet methods. In Short, hair dreads appear by twist and rip method, faux locks, comb coil, sister and brother locks. Many products like beeswax, conditioner, perm solution, Castrol oil, sprays, the synthetic or real extension are used during the dreading process.

Maturation and growth also count in dreadlocks. You should wait for at least 1to 2years. There is no limitation of time so you have the patience to carry on this. You should remain with us in the journey of dreadlocks.

How to Start Dreads With Straight Hair

Dreadlocks or locs are rope-like strands formed by locking or braiding hair. It looks similar to braid but braid can form immediately and complete while dreads properly required a time for maturation which does not strictly end.

We can start dreads with straight hair in several ways. These are;

  1. Freeform
  2. Twist and Ripe Method.
  3. Backcombing Method
  4. Crochet method
  5. Dread perms
  6. Sister locks /Brother locks
  7. Two and Three strands twist
  8. Comb coil
  9. Braid
  10. Faux Locs

How To Start Dreads With Short Hair

How to start dreads in Afro-black hair/comb twist method

If you want to start your journey of having dread in very very small hair you should follow my instructions. ok. Let’s start

  • First, you wet your hair with some spray. You can skip this step if start on washed hair
  • Take black Castrol oil. Massage it on your entire head. This oil will protect your hair and save your scalp from harmful aspects of further products you have to apply.
  • The Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in conditioner is your next product. You can use this conditioner of any other brand. It proves its result, especially in Afro black hair. You could wet every hair strand with this conditioner but remember its excess reduce your control in making finger curls
  • After conditioner, Cantu Moisturizing Twist and Lock gel apply properly on your entire hair. This gel is helpful in well-defined curls. It also controls frizz for silky, straight, and smooth hair.
  • Take a rat tail comb and make a very small section of hair. Now use your finger and roll it round and round to make a good twist. If you feel your hair is too much slippery due to conditioner, take a narrow-toothed small comb and trap section of your hair, and twist it with a comb you have very short curls now.
  • This twisting of hair is quite a lengthy process and can take at least 3 to 4 hours. You feel the whitish color in your hair due to conditioner, don’t worry it will disappear when you use a blow dryer Now you have wonderful short dreads which will be more beautiful when mature with time.
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Sister locks and Brother locks

These are miniature locks that are interwoven with the contrast that sister locks are smaller than brother locks. Its moisturizing is very easy because they are formed with a very thin or small section. Sister locks can be obtained on as short hair as 2-3 inches.

How To Start Dreads With Long Hair

According to the rule of thumb, the longer your hair is, the more knots you’re are going to be able to construct and hold. Long hair is ideal for starting dreads especially when they are straight and silky. Let’s know how we get start dreads in long hair


Wash your hair with dreadlocks-friendly shampoo and let it grow without combing it. In a few days, knots and tangles are formed. Separate its roots early so dreads are not locking in big bulk.

Twist and rip method

For long and straight hair this one is an excellent process. There is no fear of unraveling the dread.

Make the section of your straight hair. Twist your hair for some time than separate its tips and pull them apart in such a way a knot is formed at the base of the scalp. Repeated the process until the full strand is knotted. This method is best when you make your dread. In this, no tool is needed so less harmful for hair. Hair does not lose its length. These dreadlocks  shrink in 3 to 12 months,

This method work for those people who have long straight and light hair. In short hair, knots will lose after some time and dreads will open up.

Backcombing Method

Backcombing is a special method that can be used both for long straight or short hair. We divide the hair into many sections. Take one section and comb in a backward direction toward the scalp. A knot is formed at the base of the root. Continue the combing until you reached the end of the hair. A cushion of messy hair appears at the base. Now palm rolls the dread and gives some proper shape.

Backcombing holds the locks strongly even for short hair. You can easily backcomb your front hair. You need some help with hair in the backside. This process takes much time. Dread hurts your scalp especially during sleep as it stretches your hair.

Crochet method

This method is used when you need instant dreads. After making the section used a crochet needle to form the knots around the locs. Pass the needle ins and out of locs and make a rope of hair. Long hair shows wonderful results in dreads making process

How To Get Natural Dreads  With Added Hair

Can you start dreads with extensions/Faux Locs

Some people have a passion to grow their dreads but when they understand that hair has low potential to grow long they became depressed. Never lose heart, you can start dreads with extension. For this human hair is the best. So let’s start

  • Buy a natural single-ended extension
  • You should have dreaded before sewing extension in your hair
  • If there is no blunt end you can cut the end of dread and brush the last 3-5cm
  • Take extension and blunt its one end If it is with clip cut it and brush top 5cm part
  • Take a sturdy thread of 30-35cm length and sew your natural dread with extension. this thread should be close to your hair color.
  • Now blend the two pieces. For this first take a crochet of 5mm and insert it through the dreadlocks. Gather some of your loose hair in the hook of crochet and gently pull it back in the extension. Repeat this process until all your loose hair is weaved to your extension.
  • Rub your dreadlock in your palm so both will blend.

How to Grow Dreads With Straight Hair

Dreadlock of African and American peoples grows and matures within the first 6 to 12 months.  In Asian people, hair texture is commonly thinner and straight, or somewhat curly. Dreadlocks in this hair texture mature in 1 to 2 years.

Dreadlocks can honestly grow as rapidly as your normal regular hair but require some special care. If you want that your dread grows faster you should take a healthy diet.

There should be the right vitamins, minerals, and other substances to help you to grow your hair faster. You should always wash your hair with Sulfate-free shampoo.

Can You Have Dread with Straight and Silky Hair

Yes, we have started dreads in straight and silky hair. For extreme silky hair, a dread perm is more effective. It is least natural because chemicals are involved in dreadlocks formation.

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This process starts with a coil being wrapped around section hair. A chemical relaxer is applied which breaks down the bond of the hair. After recommended time relaxer is washed and neutralized.

Very neat, refined, and polished dreads are obtained by this method. This method can be done only under the supervision of a stylist.

How to Start Dread With straight hair instantly

Naturally dreads formation is a slow and steady process. You have great patience to adopt this style. If you have a short time and need more refined and neat locks you can use the crochet method. For this, you should consult your stylist because it is not a very easy method.

Apply Dread Comb And crochet method

  • Buy a good dread comb with stong and close bristle.
  • Make sections in the square, smaller sections of hair make smaller dreads while large squares have larger dreads
  • Start combing near scalp with the dread comb and backcombing the hair. Continue this until the end of the hair. Keep it tight
  • Apply the dread wax and now take your crochet and weave your hair in such a way that a stiff good looking dread is formed.

You can get instant dread by this method. Initially, you pulled a lot of hair, your scalp feels stress and irritation so avoid crochet on sensitive scalp.

How to Start Free form Dreads With Straight Hair

Straight hair will dread naturally if you never comb and let it free to grow on its own. This natural method is also called the neglect method. In this, you can wash your hair once a week. Your hair should remain untouched. Never use a comb or brush even not the finger to run in your hair.

Dread starts to appear in one week but looks very messy and uncontrolled. This method takes much more time in straight hair at least fourteen months but in coarse hair, it is a bit faster taking 8 months. You can use oil, rose water, and a conditioner.

Free-form Dreads are uneven but maintained easily as there is no wastage of energy in making and holding them. But you need little manipulation as you should pull apart your dreads if they are locking in big bulk

5 Tips To Keep Natural Dreads Lock Faster and Safe

Here are a few tips to keep your dread healthy and soft. You may use these to avoid unhealthy and messy dreads.

  • Keep your hair clean, wash them weekly and moisturize them with some oil. Dirty hair does not lock faster than dry and clean hair.
  • Apply salt water at the start of your journey 2-3 times. In this solution, hair makes better speedy knots.
  • The logic behind every healthy and successful dread is rose water. This natural remedy keeps your dread fresh and solid.
  • The use of reliable residue shampoo helps the expansion and growth of natural dreads.
  • You required great patience. The locking process always takes a long time. It depends on your type of hair and also the size. So you should have tolerance and wait to mature your dreads.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I add a synthetic extension in my dreads instead of the natural one?

Yes, you can use it as it is cheap and easily available. But remember if you have to apply heat styling tools and want to color it with some dye, synthetic hair extension cannot tolerate and damage easily.

How long does it take to start your lock?

It usually takes 6 months to 2 years to begin dreadlocks. A fully mature lock can take an even longer time to become smooth dreads especially in smooth long and wavy hair Proper care also enhance this process.


Dreadlock is a famous hairstyle that can be started by different methods. But the end goal is the same which are strands of knotted, rope-like hair. Here we talk about all methods and provide necessary information about dreads, especially in straight hair.

We also deal with the misconception that only particular hair like coarse hair will dread and silky straight hair is difficult to dread.

Now you have to read and select the method that works best for you. Also, share your experience and achievements with us.