Why Is My Hair Changing Color By Itself? [10 Reasons]

My hair is losing its natural color fastly; Why? Sometimes it looks darker in tone or sometimes lighter. It may be shade, undertone, hair color altering, or even losing natural color. Whatever it is, it’s bothering me.

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Sitting in front of the mirror and counting your white hair is a very bad experience. Keeping this in view, I‘ve decided to enlist the possible reasons for hair color fading.

Why is my hair changing color by itself?

The major reasons for lightening hair include aging, genetics, hair products, and artificial color applications. Other reasons are the use of hard water for washing hair, excessive heat tools, underlying health conditions, stress, and overall bad health.

Natural hair color is due to the presence of melanin in the hair follicles. This melanin sometimes overlaps with other pigments to change hair tone a bit. This guide will help you to know all possible reasons for the color change:

What Is Responsible For Hair Colour Change In Follicle

In follicles, melanin is the pigment responsible for color change. There are two main types of melanin i.e., eumelanin and pheomelanin. To change the color of hair, one pigment will try to prevail over the other.

For example, eumelanin is dominant in brown and brunette hair. It is also dominant from red to blonde hair. When hair color gets lighter, one pigment dominates over the other. So the main thing behind the scene of color change is the chemistry of hair pigments or melanin.

10 Reasons Why Hair Colour Is Changing By Itself

People mostly ask hair experts about the reasons for hair color changing. There are several reasons responsible for this phenomenon. The main reasons include sunlight exposure, your health, water quality, chemical hair products, hair washing routine, and stress. Other reasons are excessive hair coloring, genetics, heat tools, and gray hair.

Let’s check out the reasons in detail:

1-Sunlight Exposure

It’s impossible to receive zero effect of sunlight on your hair. When you go outside with an uncovered head, the ultraviolet rays of the sun affect your hair badly. As a result, the undertone of your hair color dominates your natural hair color.

This fades the natural color to a considerably lighter color. For brownish hair, the undertone will be reddish after exposure to harsh sunlight rays. Similarly, blonde hair will turn orange-yellow. To protect your hair from sunlight damage use sunblock or lotions for hair.

2-Water Quality

Water quality varies from area to area. In some parts of the world, water is acidic while in others it contains minerals. The water with excess minerals may also damage your hair color. Hard water is truly damaging to hair color.

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You may require a lot of shampoo or other products to clean up your hair from hard water. That’s why your hair color will fade quickly. It’s better to test the water of your area for the presence of acidic, alkaline, or other substances if you are constantly losing your hair.

3- Excessive Use Of Chemicals For Hair

The biggest mistake that we often make when buying products for hair is ignoring the label. Double-check the label for any kind of hair-lightening chemical.

For example, never buy hair volumizing or moisturizing sprays with chamomile as it contains hair lightening agent. Moreover, the overapplication of chemical products on hair is also responsible for a hair change.

4- Overall Health

Overall health conditions may also affect hair health as well as color. If you’re taking a healthy diet and living without any health condition, your hair is likely to grow healthy and faster. But if you have some undiagnosed health conditions and malnutrition you are likely to lose your natural hair color faster.

5- Hair Washing Routine

Washing hair daily may also affect your hair color. If the water quality is low, you are likely to fade your original hair color faster. It’s better not to use shampoo daily if you shower daily. It’s better to shampoo twice a week. If hair washing daily is inevitable, use non-chemicalized sulfate-free shampoo.

6- Stress Factor

A healthy lifestyle is essential for healthy hair. Good diet, sleep, and exercise are necessary to live a stress-free life. In case of overwork and sleepless nights, you may lose your hair color faster.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen you may not be able to sleep well. So, try to sleep and live happily. If you don’t get enough sleep, the stress hormone cortisol releases faster and makes you distressed and unhealthy.

7- Excessive Heat Tools

Hairstyling tools use heat to straighten hair. Using such tools excessively ruptures hair cuticles. As a result, hair breaks or is damaged.

If you want to protect your hair from heat effects try to keep the heat level medium. For hair dryers, use cold air blow dry mode instead of hot air blow dry. Similarly, too much hot water for washing hair may also damage hair.

8- Genetics

Genetics is a hidden code that is also a deciding factor for hair pigmentation. If you got a gene of losing hair color from your parents you are likely to lose your hair color faster. However, it would not be the case with every child. It will happen only in the case of genetic mutation

9- Excessive Hair Coloring

Until now there is no hair color with zero chemicals. All hair coloring products contain chemicals. Hair experts recommend using hair color after every three months. If you want to change your hair color frequently, use temporary hair colors instead of permanent ones.

10- Over-age

One more factor of hair color altering is overage. In some people after their 30s or 40s hair color starts fading and turning gray. It is a natural phenomenon. In some people, it is fast while in others it may start after the 50s. Nothing can stop hair color fading due to overage.

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5 Tips To Prevent Hair Colour Changing By Itself

There are several ways to prevent hair color change by itself. However, you can’t stop having grey hair in old age. The only way is to apply artificial color to change hair color in overage. Below are a few more tips:

1- Use a hair visor or shower cap if you don’t want to wash your hair daily. Washing hair daily can damage hair follicles and moisture levels.

2- Use herbal chemical-free products for hair. Always read the label to protect your hair from any kind of damage.

3- Use a hair color protector when coloring your hair. It will save your hair cuticle from any damage in the coloring process.

4- Use a sun blocker or sunlight blocking lotion for hair when going outside in the sunlight. Plus cover up your hair with fabric to avoid intensive ultraviolet rays.

5- Try to live a well-disciplined life with a lot of free hours for a night’s sleep. Overwork can damage your health as well as your hair.

6- Use natural hair color with herbal extracts to protect your hair from losing color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hair lightening by itself?

The reasons for hair lightening vary from person to person. In some cases, it is due to hereditary factors, constant sunlight exposure, and too much hair coloring. While in others, the reasons are excessive use of heat tools, chemical shampoos, hair washing routines, overage, and many more.

Why is my dark brown hair getting lighter?

The reasons for darker hair lightening are sunlight exposure, overage, overall health, and excessive use of chemical products on hair. Many commercial products use hair-lightening agents such as chamomile and other chemicals. So, check your hair product label carefully.

What is it called when your hair changes color naturally?

Hair color change with age is a natural phenomenon and is known as achromotrichia. In this condition, hair turns color from darker to lighter such as white or garish. It is a major sign of aging. This phenomenon is unavoidable and almost everyone has to pass through it.

Why is my blonde hair turning black?

The main reason for blonde hair pigmentation turning dark is melanin pigmentation. When one pigment overlaps the other, the hair turns its color. The undertone of blonde color pigment is blonde. When the black pigment overlaps the blonde, the color turns from blonde to black.

Final Verdict

Through this post, you can easily diagnose the reason for hair color change. If you are the culprit of overwashing, too much coloring, and chemical products on hair you are likely to lose your natural color faster. So love your hair and keep away from such products that can damage your natural hair color.

Here are many natural herbal hair products available in the market. Such products are indeed slower to give results but they are free from any side effects. If your hair is losing color due to the reasons mentioned above try to follow the tips given in the post!