Washing Hair With Salt Water | [Tips To Remove Dandruff With Salt Water]

Whenever you go to a beach for a picnic, you must feel confused about swimming in seawater. Why do you feel that? This question comes to many of us. As you know, seawater is salty and it will bring damage to many types of hair.

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There is a concept about saltwater that will make your hair dull and dry. It is not completely true. It happens only if you use it too often. Applying saltwater in a limited amount can bring many advantages for you. You must know about the washing effects of saltwater on your hair.

Let’s see!

It is doubly true and false that washing hair with salt water is good. It is said that using salt water is good for hair and scalp health. On the contrary, it is bad for hair and scalp if used in excess. In short, apply saltwater to your hair.

You can get several benefits from saltwater. It is also effective for healing scalp cuts and wounds. This will help you to understand the home remedies to avoid dandruff.

To know more let’s read this post carefully…

Is Salt Water Good For Your Hair

Many people have a good experience after using saltwater for hair growth and health. So, they can advise you to apply it as the best hair treatment.

Why is it good for your hair and scalp?

Simply, it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, and is a big source of providing nourishment to your hair and scalp.

Here is a drawback.

It can create dryness to your scalp if you use it excessively. So, apply an average amount of saltwater.

After washing your head with saltwater, you may notice that it’s easy to comb your hair. It means your hair becomes more smooth and silky.

Don’t let your hair in salt water for a long time because it may reduce the moisture level of your hair and make them dry.

Benefits Of Washing Hair With Salt Water

Have you ever used saltwater for hair treatment?

After knowing about its benefits, you can’t stop yourself from applying it to your hair. If you have recently treated your hair with bleach or hair dye, it will cause damages.

Here are some benefits of saltwater. Let’s read them:

  • If you add salt crystals in water and apply it to your hair, It makes your hair strong. It will also work as a tranquilizer for itchy and dry scalp.
  • There are many minerals and vitamins found in water. Magnesium and potassium are one of them. They work magically if combined with salt.
  • Saltwater is a superb exfoliator that helps restore the blood flow of the scalp. It creates nourishment in your hair roots and lets them grow healthily.
  • Thhealthilyeficial characteristics in salt are helpful to get rid of fungus and also stop it to spread quickly.
  • Surprisingly, saltwater is considered a natural shampoo. It proves helpful to reduce extra oil from your scalp and make it smooth.
  • Saltwater is an alternate antibiotic. If you have a cut inside your hair on the scalp, it works like a healing tonic.
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Salt Water As A Home Remedy For Dandruff

There are many reasons for dandruff. Sweat and extra oil are the most prominent and common causes.

The most effective way is to try some less harmful home remedies. I think you never heard about salt as a home remedy to remove dandruff.

Why does salt work for dandruff removal?

It is the main question.

Generally, salt absorbs all sweat and extra oil from your scalp and stops dandruff to spread in your hair. It also removes infections caused by fungus.

Another reason for creating dandruff is a lot of humidity that is also a big cause of the fungus. Saltwater fight against it and observe extra humidity from your hair and scalp.

How To Use Salt To Remove dandruff

Now, here comes a question How do you use salt to remove dandruff?

It’s an important point to know because if you apply any method without having proper knowledge, it will show no result.

Some home remedies of salt are listed below:

Salt With Olive Oil

We know that olive oil is a natural conditioner. It makes your hair and scalp strong and healthy. Adding salt to olive oil increases its beneficial factors.


  1. Salt (2 tablespoons)
  2. Olive Oil (1-2 tablespoon)
  3. Lemon(1-2 tablespoon)

How To Use:

Mix all the above-mentioned elements properly and apply the mixture to your wet hair. Make sure you have covered all of your hair. Now, start massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Wash your hair after 5 minutes with sulfate-free shampoo and then apply conditioner.

Rinse Hair With Salt Water

The easiest and fastest way of removing dead skin and treating flakes is by rinsing hair with salt water. Here you need some hot water and 2 tablespoons of salt. Mix both of them well. Let the salt dissolve in water and wait for cooling.

Put the solution on your hair and wash it with a light shampoo. Apply conditioner for the best results.

Use Epsom Salt Water

Epsom salt is the best solution to avoid dandruff. It is easy to use and has no side effects. Just wash your hair with warm water and massage with Epsom salt on your wet hair.

Now cover your head with a plastic cap. Take a sulfate-free shampoo and wash your hair after 5 minutes. Then apply a light conditioner after washing your hair. You can do this process twice a week for the best results.

Washing Curly Hair With Salt Water

Having curly hair is no doubt a trending fashion nowadays but it’s also difficult to deal with it. If we talk about saltwater for hair, what do you think is it good for curly hair or not?

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In my opinion, it can work amazingly for your hair curls and frizz. There are many salt hair sprays for this purpose available in the market. Additionally, you can make hairstyles that you want for your curly hair after applying saltwater.

So, if you want to get amazing hair curls, follow these three steps and get a unique look with frizzy hair. These steps are also helpful to make curls for your hair yourself.

Step 1: Brush Your Hair Properly

You must think this step is a casual routine of your daily life but you don’t know many hair breakages occur because of the wrong brushing method.

Mostly, hair breakages are caused by brushing hair right after taking bath or on wet hair. In this way, you can avoid hair knots and avoid them falling out.

Step 2: Use Conditioner

It’s important to keep in mind that saltwater is not beneficial for all types of hair. So, to make it effective for your hair, apply an untangled conditioner to your hair.

It will not only make your hair strong but also repair hair damages. Additionally, you can get a curly look for your hair.

Step 3: Use a Sea Salt Spray Or Salt Water

This is the final and last step. You have now prepared your hair for applying saltwater or spray. Make your hair a little damp and apply a hair spray(sea salt spray).

If you don’t have a sea salt spray, there is an easy solution. Add some salt to the water and fill a spray bottle with it. Now, spray it on your hair and make curls by twisting them.

People Mostly Ask

Is saltwater good for hair health?

Saltwater is helpful for the nourishment of the scalp and hair because it contains minerals and vitamins. But sometimes it makes your skin dry because of overexposure.

Does saltwater make your hair thick?

Yes, salt can make your hair thick and develops its growth in a better way. It works as a natural exfoliator. If you massage your scalp with salt before washing it, you can get many benefits.

Does salt make your hair Grey?

Sodium is considered an important element to make the balance of fluids in your body. If you use salt in excess, it will cause grey hair as well as blood pressure and kidney disease.

Final Verdict

Here we conclude our interesting post about Washing Hair With Salt Water.

As we have made it clear from the above discussion that salt can create dryness, roughness, dullness, and make your skin brittle if you use it too often.

However, it has a lot of benefits that make your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny only if you use it in a proper amount.

After adding it to water, it will show more magical effects. Just try to apply it according to the given instructions in the right way.

Do you know more about saltwater solutions for hair?

Don’t be shy to share your knowledge with us.

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