How To Thin Hair Without Thinning Shears?

During the covid pandemic period, all shops remain closed except food places and medical stores. One day, when I looked in the mirror. I was frightened to see thick bushes like hair. My head is overcrowded with thick hair. I tried to tie them but they were out of control. I decided to thin my hair but thinning shears were not present at that time. This situation raises a question in my mind.

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How to thin hair without thinning shears?

Thinning of hair is possible with standard scissors by using it in point cutting, notching, slithering, and razor cutting. Many hair products, chemical and physical methods are also useful in thinning hair.

Thick, bulky, and heavy hair proves to be a difficult task for you to manage but you should not worry about it because there are so many techniques and styles to overcome this problem. Washing of hair in cold or lukewarm water induces a thinning effect. Natural oil of hair reduces the thickness and gives it a smooth look.

Not only thick hair but medium size to fine hair benefit from weight removal, However, for fine straight hair,  blending harsh lines is better.

Difference between thinning shears and standard scissors

Before we discuss the different cutting processes we should familiarize ourselves with tools. Two basic tools are thinning shears and standard scissors. Points that help you in identifying both scissors are Thinning shears have a design where teeth are present on one side of the blade while the other blade is smooth. These teeth allow a few hairs to get cut, this cutting gives the texture and thin hairstyle.

Standard scissor is hand operating shearing tool, both blades are smooth and sharp. Haircutting scissors have distinct blade angles giving the perfect shape to the hair.

How to thin hair with simple scissor

Thinning hair with simple scissors is not easy but tricky. First of all, take a comb with the wide tooth. Comb the hair properly otherwise hair is stuck to the scalp, or some other hair remains untouched. So with the help of a big-toothed comb, take a small section of hair.

Take your simple scissor and sniped hair.  No fool Snipped your hair otherwise the whole chunk of hair would be cut down. When you take a small section of hair cutting starting from the middle not from the bottom. Cut or snip at an angle. This technique does not lose the length of hair but thinks about it precisely.

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1-Choppy layer cutting

2-Point cutting


How to thin thick hair without thinning scissor

The texture is a popular term often used in salons. People with thick hair are usually tired from controlling the bulk texture of their hair. They prefer thinning hair by using the texturizing technique.

This applies to the end of the hair. Texturizing helps to size the diameter of the hair strand. This adds the beauty of all kinds of hair whether it is thin or thick, fine or coarse, normal or dull hair, according to your desire by simple shear. This can be done as

1-Comb your hair properly to remove any tangles

2-Take a one-inch section of hair and place these in between your middle and index finger.

3-Take standard shears, one inch up from the length and angle them down in the side of the hair you want to remove weight. Snip your hair

4-If you want to remove more weight of hair you may start cutting one inch higher up from the length.

By using hair products.

Sometimes you could not go to a barbershop but have a strong wish to use something that shows miracles, make your thick bulky hair thin and tame.  You can fulfill your desire by using the following products.


Thick pomades are suitable but apply in small amounts on your palm then rub them on your hair. It reduces the weight of your hair. There are two types of pomade, oil-based and water-based. It gives a shinier and softer look to hair. Hair remains smooth but not stiff and crunchy as in gel

Texture Gel

If you want to create thinning effects, the gel is the first thing that comes to mind and can be applied to create styles. Applying gel is not very difficult when you choose the ideal hairstyle in mind that simply tames your frizz, it proves to be best.


If you have a low budget use mayonnaise as a simple technique done at home. It serves as a good conditioner. For thin hair apply a thick coat of fresh mayonnaise as a mask and leave hair for two hours. Wash it with lukewarm water. Now you can feel the silky and shiny look of your hair.

Texture Paste

The use of texturizing paste is very beneficial for short hair. Past separates hair into random strands, giving you a stunning and messy look. It produces flexible and thicker hair. Both males and females can use Texturizing paste. Texture paste usually has a thick, semi-solid consistency and needs to be heated up before application.

Some other hair styling products

For thinning hair, cutting is not the final solution. If you have a handful of money, you should purchase special products like shampoos, conditioners, creams, serums, and wax. These products make your hair sleeker, healthy, soft, and easily controlled. Always choose the product which suits you.

Chemical treatment

It includes Brazilian treatment and keratin straightening. Chemicals used in this can change the structure of the hair,  looking sleek and thin. In a salon, a hairstylist applies the chemical to your hair in a multi-step process that involves heating the hair and styling it to make it straight and thin

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How to thin out men’s hair without thinning scissor

Usually men like short hair. If they have a short puff or medium cut hair they prefer well-managed hair or we say easily controlled. For this purpose thinning of hair is the best solution.

We discuss three basic cutting styles which are similar in that they use simple shear but different amounts of hair sniped and angle of cut. Now come to the main points which are about the basic techniques in thinning the hair with common scissors are

1-Point cutting

It is used to give a choppy shape to your lock.  If the volume of your hair is greater enough this style can be adopted. The hair section is taken perpendicularly to the head. Take standard scissors and cut inward at a steep angle.  This technique is used in the texture of curly hairs


It is the same as point cutting but commonly applies to short, straight hair. In it, tips of the scissors are moved down to the end of the hair rather than pass into the hair by using notching spikes and frizzy looks can be created. It increases the volume and movement of hair.


Instead of making a spine or wild look, slithering is quite different and produces a soft-finish look. It is because the bulk of hair from the ends is removed. For hairstylists, slithering is a method in which hair is thinned but boosts its volume by using a simple shear process of slithering is not very difficult hair held out perpendicular to the head, take the scissor slightly open, and slide it along the length of the hair, opposite to scalp

How to thin short hair without thinning scissors

For shorter hair, it is best to use point cutting and razor cutting techniques. These two styles reduce the volume and balance the area where they grow more and remain thick. It creates spiky cowlicks and fuzzy tips


1-Can coconut oil be used for thinning hair?

No, coconut oil does not reduce the volume of hair. It is a good moisturizer. Trimming of hair is good instead of using oil. Use long layers this will reduce the volume of your hair.

2-How can I thin my long hair?

You can use long layers cutting, this will reduce the volume of your hair use of straightener or heat styling is best for an even thin look of long hair, but never forget the use of serum or conditioner before using a flat iron.

Final Description

Thinning shears are specially designed for thin hair but you are lucky as you learn so many methods to improve your hairstyle without it. So be confident and don’t be afraid of holding simple scissors. Never try it on your friend for the first time. Perhaps your first attempt is not successful and your friend finishes the friendship. Share your experiment with us not only about cuttings but also about hair products.