Why Does My Hair Get Greasy After One Day? [10 Reasons+ 7 Tips To Stop Getting Hair Greasy Quickly]

Greasy hair just after 24 hours of washing!

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Should I wash it after every single day?

What to do if washing daily did not help? Why is oily hair so much faster than you expected?

Did you find yourself desperately asking the same questions? If so, this post is for you!

Here you‘d learn more about what causes greasy hair? Not only this, you can read potential reasons for conducting grease so quickly.

Get started with the answer to why does my hair gets greasy after one day?

There are several reasons for conducting greasy hair just within 24 hours of hair wash. Over-washing itself is the main reason that makes your sebaceous glands overactive. Other reasons are over-shampooing, dietary changes, hormonal imbalance, too much hair touching habit, and over conditioning.  Genetics and weather changes are also contributing factors.

Don’t panic, this problem can be solved with a few efforts from your side. If you change your hair washing routine and products you can see a big change within days. Don’t forget to get the tips to stop hairs getting greasy so quickly below in this post.

What Causes Greasy Hairs

The main source of grease production is sebaceous glands located under the scalp. These glands produce oil to create a layer of natural moisturizer for hair. This oil under normal conditions gives shine to hair. But when these glands produce too much oil, your hair looks greasy every time.

The oil is not unhealthy for your hair. But excess oil is a problem for your hair appearance. This can make your hair look lubricated, dirty, and slick every time. It seemed as if you hadn’t washed them for years.

Why Does My Hair Get Greasy After One Day

Does your hair conduct grease so quickly just after 24 hours?

The faster production of grease is due to your hair type. For textured hair, it will take a week or longer to develop grease again after the wash. But for thin hairs, grease will develop even after one day of shampoo. That’s really too fast!

If you are in the same line, you need to consider your hair type. Sometimes genetics, hormonal changes, extra hair touching habits may also be responsible for quick grease production. Washing or shampooing your hair daily will never solve this issue.

Over-washing will add to more greasy hair roots. When you tune your hairs to get a daily wash, your sebaceous gland will start producing more oil.

When you clean your hair you actually remove the layer of natural oil produced by sebaceous glands. After washing, glands become active and produce oil again to moist your scalp. When you wash daily, your sebaceous glands become overactive and start producing too much oil. This oil then looks greasy on hairs.

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10 Reasons of Getting Greasy Hair After One Day

What causes hair to get greasy after 24 hours? There are several reasons for conducting grease to hairs so quickly. Sometimes your diet, hormonal changes, and sebum play a vital role. Sometimes it’s weather or some external factors that bring grease so quickly.

Let’s read out 10 reasons for getting greasy hairs so quickly:

1.  Over Shampooing

One of the biggest misconceptions is that shampooing daily can help avoid greasy hairs. But it’s not so. Over shampooing is the main cause of having oily hair so fast. The reason is that shampoo washes the layer of natural oil called sebum from the scalp. As a result, the sebaceous gland produces more oil. This in turn makes your hair look greasy every time after washing.

2.  Over Cleansing

Many cleansers have oily products. When using a cleanser daily, we add more oil to our hair. In this way, the level of natural oil disturbs a lot. Dermatologists recommend using a cleanser once or twice a week, not regularly for even more greasy hairs.

3.  Dietary Changes

Your diet plays an important role to keep your hair healthy. If you’re taking too much fat and junk foods, your hairs are prone to grease quicker. Dietary changes or lifestyle changes can affect your skin as well as your hair. It is better to visit your doctor to compensate for your diet plans.

4.  Hormonal Changes

The amount of sebum is controlled by hormones. During certain life stages such as puberty, menopause, and pregnancy, our hormonal level undergoes sudden changes. This can affect the production of sebum. The sebum production increases in the twenties and then decreases.

5.  Weather Changes

There are many external changes that can also affect sebum production. However, these changes affect different hair types differently. For example, thin hairs are easier to catch than heavy hairs. Moreover continuous dusty, rainy and dry weather affects your scalp differently.

6.  Using Heavy Moisturizing Products

The wrong choice of moisturizer is the main reason for greasy hairs. Sometimes without knowing the hair type we choose the wrong products. As heavy moisturizers affect our sebaceous gland functions badly. So, keep your skin and hair type in mind before choosing any product for you. Use this non-oily hair moisturizer.

7.  Too Much Hair Touching Habit

Many girls and even boys have a habit of touching their hair too much. They keep their hand on their head every time when talking, walking, and even thinking. This kind of over touching transfers oil from your hands to hairs making them look more greasy.

8.  Genetic Factors

Genetics plays a vital role in determining sebaceous gland activity. In many cases, hormonal changes are the result of genetic mutation. These hormonal changes at different stages of life are directly related to gene factors.

9.  Too Much Hair Styling Products

Celebrities and hairstyle lovers often use too many products like wax, hair dye, and other chemical products. Using these products and regular blow-dry is dangerous for your hair. It can disturb sebaceous gland function. That’s why I avoid products with chemicals.

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10. Using Dirty Pillowcase

Many people often neglect washing their pillowcases. They regularly sleep on a dirty oily pillow. This pillow can again make their clean hair look dirty. So, keep your bed sheets and pillowcase neat and clean. It’s better to send your pillows for a steam wash in the laundry every month.

How To Stop Getting Your Hairs So Greasy So Quickly: 7 Tips

It’s really awful to see greasy hair every time. The ultimate solution that comes in every individual mind is “To go and wash”. Now we’ve read it will not help.

What to do other than washing? It would be difficult to change your hair cleaning routine.

Here are 7 tips that you can follow to get rid of the greasy effect from your hair quickly. Let’s read out the tips:

1.Use Shampoo And Conditioner According To your Hair Type

Choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully. By keeping your hair and scalp type in your mind, select the right product for you. Tea Tree Special Shampoo is the best choice for our hairstylist. Avoid products with exaggerated publicity notes like black, glossy, shiny hairs.

Don’t choose the shampoo that is at 5 for others.

2.Use Less Oily Diet To Avoid Greasy hair

Plan your diet according to physical changes occurring in your body. It’s not good to eat a fatty diet close to puberty as hormonal changes. This can disturb the function of sebaceous glands. Use vegetable fruits and a fiber diet for healthy hair.

3.Apply Conditioner On Hair End, Not Full strands

Using too much conditioner is bad. You need to change your ways to apply conditioner. Just apply it on the ends, not rub it along the full hair strand. The more you apply, the faster your hair will get greasy.

4.Stops Touching Your Hair

Maybe your hair-touching habit is the main culprit. Keep your hands off your head and hair. Use triggers and keep your hands busy in something else to avoid touching temptation. Maybe your fingertips are adding more grease to your hairs. So, avoid too much touching, rubbing, and playing with hairs.

5.Try Apple Cider vinegar, It Helps To Fight Grease

Check your kitchen cupboard and pick an apple cider vinegar bottle. Mix it with water. Pour this mixture onto hairs. You can also use a spray bottle. Wash it after 3 minutes. It will help to remove grease faster. But what is the smell? You can use baby shampoo and light conditioner after this.

6.Don’t Wash Hair Daily

Daily hair washing is good from a health perspective But if you’re facing the trouble of lubricating your hair too fast, you need to change this habit. It’s better to wash your hair once or twice a week. If you don’t want to change this habit, don’t shampoo after every wash.

Final Lines

If you’re in the same boat and facing trouble with oily and greasy hair every time, the above post is a blessing. From here, you can learn the root causes of having such hairs and tips to get rid of this problem faster.

If you suspect after following the above-mentioned tips, grease is still there, it’s time to go to the dermatologist. They are the right people by profession to tell you the underlying reason and treatment. So, love your hair and care for them as they are your best friends.

Get ready to fight your greasy hairs!

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