Can The Sun Lighten Your Hair? (Killing Effects of UV Light)

Perfectly dyed gorgeous hair enhances your personality with chic looks. You do multiple things to maintain your health and beauty but what about the sun? The main reason is the sun can bleach and spoil the vibrant color of your hair.

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Do you feel your hair lighten when exposing more to the sun? Do you want to protect the intense dark color of your hair from the UV light of the sun? Are you a big lover of sun-kissed hair but afraid of the damaging effects of the sun?

Can the sun lighten your hair?

Yes, too much exposure to sunlight can be damaging to natural hair color as well as bleach. The UV light can ruin the perfectly dyed vibrant color of your hair causing massive damage to your hair shaft. It is inevitable to use sunblocks, UV protective balms, and heat-protecting sprays to protect hair in sunlight.

While going for a picnic, swimming, and relaxing in the sun, don’t forget to protect your hair and skin from sun damage. The sun, seawater, and chlorine can deprive your hair of moisture and dissolve it’s color causing breakage, split ends, dry and faded hair.

Read on to know how the sun lightens hair and damages your hair cuticle, and how to protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV light.

Can the Sun Bleach Your Hair and Darken Your Skin

Let’s explore what happens when you are exposed to the sun for a long time?

The color of your hair and skin react with the dazzling light of the sun. Melanin is the pigment that controls the color of hair and skin. When it comes to hair, it is composed of dead protein cells, so the melanin of the hair oxidizes with the bright sunlight and lightens your hair. That is why your bright hair color fades and gets lighter during summer.

If the sun lightens your hair then why does your skin turn brown or darker when exposed to the sun?

The fact is that when the UV rays of the bright sun strike your skin, it reacts with its pigment but the melanin and your skin cells fight and make more pigment to protect your skin from UV damage. That’s why the uncovered skin and outline of clothes get darker or tan when you spend hours in outdoor activities.

Does the Sun Lighten your Hair Dye

Does the dark color of your dyed hair get lighter in summer? Do you think the sunlight lightens up your hair?

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If you love golden highlighted colors, then summer is good for you as there is no need to go to the salon and spend hours and money getting your hair professionally highlighted. During summer or sunny days of winter, the glare of the sun is enough to highlight your color when you go out for sports, picnic, and other outdoor activities.

Can the Sun Actually Lighten Your Hair Color

The warmth of summer has a killing effect on those who love the rich dark color of their hair. Yes, the bright and dark color of your hair gradually fades out when exposed to direct sunlight. The sun bleaches the pigment of your hair and lightens your hair color.

The sun is not the only culprit, saltwater and chlorine also play an active role to lighten the color of your hair. Spending more time in the sun, while swimming and in other outdoor sports, your skin and hair are more exposed to the UVA and UVB light of the sun and get lighter in color.

Can the Sun Lighten or Bleach your hair Through a Window?

Do you love sun-kissed hair? If so, then warm weather is not a big deal for your hair. But is it safe to sit many idle hours in the sun just to make your hair lighter?

Sitting by the window can lighten your hair color a little but the direct sunlight can bleach your hair fast by penetrating deep in your hair pigment and dissolving its color. Applying diluted lemon juice to your hair before sitting in the sun, can lighten your hair fast.

But be wary, the sun is the worst enemy of your hair and skin, don’t sit for hours without UV protection. The UV rays of the sun can weaken the roots of your hair, causing more breakage by making your hair coarse and dry.

Can the Sun in Summer Damage your Hair Color

In summer, It’s not the sun only that lightens and damages your hair but the chlorine, moisture, saltwater also comes into play. However, the high heat, salt, and chemicals from pool water together can wreak havoc on your hair.

If you spend more time in the sun to get sun-kissed or highlighted hair, the sun is not the only solution as many other options are also available. You can get expert help to get your hair finely highlighted.

How to Protect Your Hair from UV rays During Summer

The use of sun protection products, sun hats, bandanas is essential to protect your hair and skin from the harsh UV light.

Here are some protective ways you can follow to block the damaging ultraviolet rays of the bright sun. Safety ways to protect your hair are given below:

1 -Block UV rays

Sunblocks and heat-protecting sprays and balms with good SPF are equally important for your hair, as sunscreen to your skin to block UV rays, to protect your hair from sun damage and color from fading out. Don’t forget to spray sun protection products before going out.

2- Cover Your Hair

While relaxing in the sun or walking along the seaside, wear a wide brim sun hat or cover your hair with elegant bandanas or scarves so that the UV light could not penetrate deep into your hair cuticle.

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Exposure to direct sunlight can ruin your hair color and damage your hair shaft.

3- Use a Swimming Cap

Saltwater from the sea and chlorine from swimming pools both can wash away your hair dye, destroying your hair texture by making them dull and brittle. Silicon stretchable caps are the best way to protect your hair from the sun as well as salt water and chlorine.

4- Wash Your Hair After Swimming

While swimming if you are not wearing a protective cap, wash your hair with shampoo immediately when you come out of water. The chemicals and salts of water deposited in your hair can lighten your hair color and weaken your hair follicles.

5- Avoid Bleaching Products

Do not apply any bleaching product like Sun-In or DIY masks containing hydrogen peroxide, lemon, honey and olive oil, to accelerate the lightening of hair in the sun. It can cause permanent damage to your hair resulting in breakage, split ends and hair loss.

Most Asking Questions

Can the sun bleach or lighten your hair?

Yes, the sun can bleach, lighten or fade the dark color of your hair by destroying the melanin of your hair. When you are exposed to direct sunlight, without any protection, the UVA and UVB rays severely damage your hair, resulting in bleached, dry, brittle and faded hair.

What are the adverse effects of the sun on your dyed hair color?

The sun is bad on natural hair but worse on your dyed hair. The UV light reacts with the pigment in your hair and breaks the bond between your hairs, so your hair dye fades out gradually after long exposure to the sun. But its damages are too far to imagine, as the sun destroys your hair cuticle causing breakage and split ends.

How to protect your hair from sun lightening and UV rays?

You can protect your hair from lightening and sun damage and limit the risk by moisturizing your hair and wearing a sun hat. Don’t expose your hair and skin without complete sun protection like heat protectants, or sun protecting sprays or balms while swimming, relaxing, and other outdoor ventures.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, the sun can lighten or bleach your hair but also dissolves away the dark color of your dyed hair to one tone lighter. The ultraviolet rays of the sun, chlorinated and saltwater not only lighten the hair but destroy the health and texture of your hair.

Blonde or sun-kissed hair looks beautiful but the health of your hair and scalp comes first. Despite lying for hours in the sun just to bleach your hair, talk to your hairstylist to get the desired highlighted shades of your hair.

Whenever you go out for a long drive, swimming, and other recreations get well prepared to withstand the bad influences of the dazzling sun, by applying sun-protecting products and following the safety ways to refrain from the sun damage.

Have fun roaming out in the sun but with full protection.