How To Stop Hair from Sticking Up [4Easy Ideas]

If you feel like your hair is sticking up so you can’t smile without it telling someone else, you could be right. However, it’s not permanent. You can stop your hair from sticking up temporarily with hair spray by spraying it along the back of your head or your hairline before you smile.

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Sticking up “up o’clock” is a challenge. Some of the most common reasons are: the hair is too thick, the hair is too dry, the hair is too greasy, the hair is too fine, the hair is too oily, and the hair has too much volume.

Let’s come to the issue: How to stop hair from sticking up?

You can stop hair from sticking up by trimming, using boar bustle brushes, messing them up, and growing your hair longer. It all depends on the type of your hair.

Whatever the issue of different types of hair, they all share one key factor. They all fall within the category of “too much”. Up Next hair extensions can help you keep your hair in the desired style.

How To Stop Hair from Sticking Up At The Crown

The crown is often overlooked since it is conveniently hidden. It’s difficult to overlook once you’ve noticed it’s going awry, and it can destroy the remaining part of your hairdo. First of all, we have to understand the reasons behind this sticking up mishap of hair:

What Causes Hair to Stick Up at The Crown

Hair at the crown sticks up since it comes in a spiral pattern termed a “cowlick” when it grows in multiple angles. You have to face the sticking-up condition at your crown whenever you try the following ways to style your hair:

  • If you try to style your hair in the same position.
  • Pressing your hair to go flat upon its natural growing pattern.
  • Forcing the tresses toward the right side, which are naturally moving toward the left side.
  • Your hair doesn’t like to go against its natural direction of growth.
  • Hair grows in different angles restricting the hair from sticking down.
  • Brushing your hair against the grain will cause them in springing up because brushing your hair, in the same way, is not quite easy to do.

How to avoid hair from sticking up involves pressing them downward, covering the hair upward, and trying to set them.

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4 Easy Ways To Stop Hair From Sticking Up At Crown

Check with these ideas to see which solution is right for you. To look at it another way, the one you’re ready to deal with and that will suit your hair.

Let’s get started.

1. Let It Grow

It’s amazing how simply increasing length may alleviate just too many hair problems. The back of the head hair is nothing like that.

This is how it goes:

Stop attempting to style it if it simply will not sit flat, no matter what it takes. Wait a bit to see if it gets better on its own. When time passes and the hair at the crown gets larger, those hairs that stand up may just let themselves down.

If this is the case, you’ve just addressed your problem without doing anything at all. An additional advantage of lengthening your hair is that it would someday go long enough to hide your cowlick.

You might also comb your hair up over this, though you’d have between 5-6 inches to do so. In any case, extending your hair out is usually the most straightforward solution. You might be stunned to discover that you don’t need what you still have to complete the task. You might comb over the spirals of stiff, erect hairs at the back to look and feel much better.

2. Working Against the Grain

You can start shaping your crown hair once you know the direction it tends to lay in. Depending on how neat you want the finish, you can use your fingertips, a brush, or a hair comb. It takes a lot less work than you may think.

If a few hairs are sticking up, simply lay them down in a reverse place. In case, if it doesn’t help, consider some other way.

Once you’ve got an idea of what direction the hair at the back of your neck tends to lay in, you can start shaping it. You can do it with your fingertips or a brush or hair comb – depending on how neat you want it to look.

3. Make a mess of it

For males who prefer a smooth, unique style with loose hairs labeled “flyaways,” this will not be a solution. A crown part is simpler to handle for men who are inclined to more trendy, styled, and rough hairstyles by which organized mess is a critical part.

A crown part is simpler to handle for men who are inclined to more trendy, styled, and rough hairstyles. A cowlick can be hidden by simply mixing the hair at the head into the other of the untidy hairdo. Just make a mess of it in the upward direction.

4. Just Use a Concentrator Nozzle to Dry

Preheat the temperature to medium heat and moderate frequency. Set the blow dryer at a distance of 6-8 inches from your face. A concentrator nozzle would be beneficial as well.

It combines the heating into smaller, more precise points, providing you with additional power. A blow dryer’s power and heating also can improve level out hair which stands up. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the front, on the corners, or the crowns.

3 Ways to Stop Hair from Sticking Upon The Sides

Cutting, thinning, and even keeping side hair long are all options for flattening side hair. Hair extensions and treatments that are suitable for a specific hair type being smoothed can also be good. Let’s try to find:

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What Causes Hair To Stick Up On The Sides

Hair that isn’t quite long enough to lay down and rest flat usually sticks up on the sides after it reaches a medium length. However, this hair is already too long and heavy to keep flat on the sides without care. Men with heavy or roughly grained hair frequently suffer from puffed side hair such as this.

Below you can get some useful ideas to flatten your hair on sides:

1.  Brush Your Hair With A Boar Bristle Brush

Hairbrushes made of boar bristles are excellent for encouraging hair looking in particular directions. Unless you don’t have thick hair, the bristles of a boar bristle brush will be too tight for you. When it comes to detangling, combs are preferable to brushes.

2.  Grow Out The Length Of Your Hair

Even if you let your side hair grow longer, it may continue to stick out if it is thick, textured, or curly. If you’re having difficulties getting your hair to lay flat and lose its bushier appearance, try a different flattening procedure.

3. Make A Regular Trim on The Sides of Your Head

Going to a hairdresser and having your sides flattened or shortened is entirely normal. If you don’t want your hair fully trimmed short, you can let it be longer on the top section. Many guys, on the other hand, may believe that this is a bad idea.

It can be intimidating the first time you do this, but it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Trim the sides of your hair with a pair of sharp scissors anytime you notice them puffing up. Although it’s the simplest approach to flattening side hair, guys are initially concerned to do it themselves.


Why is it that when I get up, my hair is constantly messed up?

If you sleep over your hair the whole night, it seems to get a little tangled in the morning. It happens, especially when you move and toss. Even for those with hair that kinks and coils quickly, an extra sleep might be a recipe for hair tragedy.

What does it signal if your hair has a habit to stick up?

The grain of your hair is what causes your hair to stand up. Hair, like wood, grows in one direction and seems to have a grain. Brushing your hair back against the grain is a bad idea. The hair will stick up, but it will not like to grow in a reverse way.


It depends on whether you’re dealing with poofy hair, wavy curls, or a smaller haircut.

To avoid sticking up the flyaways, brush a fine-tooth comb with hairspray and carefully comb the flyaway down.

To stop cowlick from sticking up, apply a little quantity of gel to your damp hair of cowlick with your fingertips. hands and pressing them together to create cowlicks.  After applying the gel, comb down the cowlick using a comb.

For laying down the short hair, you should use gel to settle it down too, similar to a cowlick. Only when your hair is too short to lay down, you’ll have to sit tight for it to grow.