Can I Use Purple Shampoo After Toner? [Reality Busted!]

Last Sunday I had an appointment at a famous salon for the lightening of hair. Sitting on a salon chair I imagine my newly blond hair, about the shade I love, which I chose after bleaching.

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Oh! my hair, I screamed to see yellow, brassy, and orange shades that appear in my platinum blond hair in the mirror. My hairstylist tried to satisfy me. My sadness suddenly turns into extreme happiness when he uses toner. Now my hair shifts to a single shade. He also advises me to use purple shampoo.

A question comes to my mind, Can I use purple shampoo after toner?

Yes, you can, but wait at least after 3-4 days as toner needs some time to penetrate its color in the hair fiber. Otherwise, brassiness and yellow shades may attack again. Waiting up to one week to shampoo the toning hair will surely enhance the effect of toner.

The appearance of unnecessary shades is a problem not only for people who recently undergo the lightening process, but people with naturally light hair color also face this.

Through this content, I’m going to explain how can you get rid of this suffering…

Can I Use Purple Shampoo After Toner

The right answer is Yes, it is very effective to use toner before applying purple shampoo.

People with dyed hair have the misconception that dyeing involves either a double or a single process, bleaching and dying with some pigment. When they visit the salon, they observe the variety of options adopted by professionals

Hair toner is one of the best choices to maintain a healthy-looking color of hair.

What is Pre-toning What Should Be Its Use

Pre-toning is a method to add a tone of hair just after bleaching or before creating a new color in your hair. It is just like preparing a clear canvas before the start of painting.

If there is any color or faded drawing on canvas, how can you make a painting? It’s just like a primer toner making ground for the next color shade.

A toner is a semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye, containing little or no ammonia. It allows adjusting the tone of hair without altering the color.

It helps to fix, enhance, or neutralize unwanted undertones. Toner also gives freedom of transition easily and effectively.

How Does Hair Toner Select

The biggest issue of hair for professionals is to assess the underlying dominant color which may be yellow, orange, red, or reddish-orange as a result of bleaching. They refer to the color wheel to select the neutralizing tone, once they are sure about shade they select toner, apply it according to instructions to get maximum results.

In this way, toner fights with unwanted warmth, brassiness, and dull shade makes the existing color more vibrant.

It is your natural hair color, your history with past color, chemical service, and level of lightness that determine the result of toner.

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6 Beneficial Effects of Toner

Toner is a wonder product as it removes all the unpleasant shades that appear in the lightning process. It toned your hair and give you a special outlook.

Here I want to discuss some uncommon benefits of toner…

1-Toner strengthens the hair by creating a protective barrier around the hair strand and balancing the porosity by filling in the shaft.

2-It can bring back life in dull, hard, variegated hair by making it shiny, soft, and smooth.

3-This product can enhance tone, add dimension to hair color by eliminating discoloration.

4-It reduces the appearance of split ends of hairs

5-Helpful in getting desired cool shades you love

6-It adds volume by plumping the hair cuticle to make it fuller and also sealing the cuticle to create reflection and shine.

Can I Use Shampoo Before Toner

No, there is no need to use shampoo before toning. If you do, it will extract all useful natural oil which proves to be useful during toning. So, it is not recommended to use shampoo or even wash your hair.

There should be a gap of one day after washing hair. It will give your follicles to produce the oil they needed to assimilate the toner.

Hence, in clean hair, toner does not penetrate easily and can create messy results.

What is Purple Shampoo and What Does It Do

Purple shampoo is not just shampoo but toner at home. Purple pigment is dissolved in it which has a special purpose. Purple is just the opposite color against yellow in the color ring.

Can you guess what a specialty it has?

Yes, this can neutralize the yellow tone. To maintain your golden blond look cool, purple shampoo is of utmost necessity. It provides you with an option to treat your hair at home.

When Do You Need Purple Shampoo

After lighting, hair may get a brassy or yellowish tone. The hairstylist covers this with toner, which is a necessary step in dying. Brassiness reappears at home after some time due to the sun, hard water, and heat styling tools. It creates a need for purple shampoo.

Natural blonde and even brunettes can get the benefit of faded tones of their hair. But remember it should not be replaced with your regular shampoo otherwise your hair color becomes dark and a purple hue appears in it.

How Long After Toner Can You Use Purple Shampoo

Your lightened hair is delicate and cool, needs much more care. No doubt toner makes it dashing and charming. However, It takes some time to retain and show its properties.

If you use purple shampoo just after toner, it strips off the useful color effect created by toner. It is better to wait one week and then use purple shampoo. It will extend the effect of toner.

Now you could start purple shampoo twice a week to keep your hair color fresh and smooth.

Can I Use Purple shampoo As A Toner?

You can. If you don’t have the time or Cash for a regular salon visit for toning blond, purple shampoo is a good choice. It can be easily used at home especially when you are in a pinch. Purple shampoo neutralizes the yellow undertone.

What happens if any other unwanted shades appear, the purple shampoo will not be as effective as in the case of yellow. So, purple shampoo won’t replace toner.

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Will Purple Shampoo Best Over Toned Hair

Most of the people who used purple shampoo certainly noticed that it can dry out your hair. This pigmented hair shampoo is designed to neutralize the color only but not moisturize your hair.

Purple shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair so that purple pigment is easily stuck to the hair strand. This will create a spell on yellow-orange tint and convert it into neutral or ashy blond. Hair looks dry and frizzy. Its best solution is to mix the moisturizing shampoo with purple shampoo.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo After Wella Toner

Wella toner is a famous brand. Do you know which shade of color is neutralized by Wella toner?

Wella toner is specially designed to balance the orange chunks of your hair

The process to apply Wella toner is very easy.

Use two parts of hydrogen peroxide and one part of Wella toner. Divide the hair into layers to perfectly tone the orange chunks of hair. Leave this product for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash with simple water. Never use any shampoo for washing purposes immediately after toner, Wait at least one week to set the toner, During this period nourish your hair with a hair mask or olive oil and coconut oil  to counter the chemical effects of bleaching agents

The use of purple shampoo enhances the cool effect of the Wella toner but only once a week. This will keep your hair color in the best order.

8 Tips For Blonde Hair About Toner and Shampoo

Blond hair is characteristic of less level of dark pigment Eumelanin. This pigment is increased with age so many adults are deprived of their original bond. Always be careful about your gift of childhood and adopt the following measures.

  • In dripping wet hair, purple shampoo shows less result, always use it when your hair is 70% dry.
  • You should wash shampoo contents in normal or lukewarm water. Hot water can lead to dryness and fade-out color of purple shampoo.
  • Bleaching and dyeing can cause breaking of your fragile locks and hair loss, so use a Hair mask for Blond hair
  • Get regular trims of your hair ends this keeps your hair healthy, even, and smooth.
  • Always wear a sun hat to protect your hair from UV rays
  • If your blond hair looks dull, the use of brightening treatment brings a twinkling shine to your hair. Hair brightening Mask also create the same effects
  • Before the purple shampoo and after the toner you should nourish your hair with coconut oil, olive oil,
  • After the use of Wella toner, only use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does purple shampoo work better the longer you leave it on?

Yes, it gives a more effective result but if you leave it for more than 30 minutes it will overtone your hair and you will get an unwanted dark hue. If you leave it for more than one hour, produce dry and fluffy hair.

Final Lines

Toner is regularly used by professionals as a necessary step in the hair lightening process. Purple shampoo is also a toning process. It is necessary to use both products stepwise. Purple shampoo is more effective when used after 3 to 5 days of toner.

If you also face the problem of multiple undertones that irritate you, you should follow our pattern and share your outcomes with us as this will not only increase our knowledge but also benefits the viewer.