Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy? [Causes + Treatment]

Every person wants beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair. But sometimes when we wash our hair occasionally, we feel them so waxy and greasy.

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It is not because of hair wash. It starts in patches on your scalp. Is it normal?

How do you handle this situation?

It is very difficult but your little effort makes your hair the same as your dream.

You must be curious to know why does my hair feels waxy?

The main cause of waxy hair is extra oil produced from your scalp. Others are dandruff, hormonal problems, sebum, hair products, and sweat. Sometimes it happens naturally but mostly it is affected by some reasons.

Although, people wash and care for their hair by using different types of hair products. But in the case of waxy hair, it will be difficult to deal with it.

Don’t worry!

We have some easy tips to prevent this issue. Just read this post carefully to avoid waxy hair.

So, what are you waiting for?

Be quick to understand it.

Why does hair feel waxy: Reasons

Do you have waxy hair? Are you worried about your hair and want to fix this problem?

You can do it but it’s important to find out the reasons that create problems like waxy hair.

It is impossible to make waxy hair normal without knowing the cause. So, there are some main reasons for waxy hair listed below:

  • Sebum: The first reason for waxy hair is too much production of oil from your scalp which is called sebum. Use natural shampoo as a protective source of waxy hair.
  • Wash Hair Too Often: There is a common concept about washing hair is that it is helpful to treat greasy and oily hair. But actually, it’s not true. It will increase oil on your scalp. So, avoid washing your hair too much.
  • Hormonal problem: Most people with seborrhea do not have any fundamental health problems. Hormone imbalance conditions are the basic cause of oil production and then make your hair waxy and greasy.
  • Sweet: Many pieces of research prove that a sweaty scalp is a big reason for greasy hair. This can also add escalation to your hair.
  • Hair Products: Sometimes low-quality hair products damage your hair and make them waxy and greasy. Such as hair conditioner, unnatural shampoo, hair spray, styling creams, Gell, oils, foams, and low-quality hair masks.
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Some other factors that are responsible for waxy hair are listed below:

  • Wearing Scarves and Hats
  • Improper Diet
  • Use of Dirty Hairbrush or Comb
  • Use the towel of someone else.

Additionally, if you use too many oily products and do not clean your scalp daily, you can face a buildup of oil, dead skin cells, and a lot of sweetness on your scalp. That’s why your hair becomes waxy. Environmental factors also affect your hair health.

How To Treat Waxy Hair: 5Ways

After knowing about the reasons, now you can find out the solution to get rid of this problem.

Treatment for waxy hair depends on the fundamental causes. Change your hair care routine and control the lavish oil on your scalp. It can help you to fix waxy hair.

Let’s have a look at some easy and homemade remedies to prevent such problems.

Moisturize your hair with a mask:

Moisturizing your hair will help you to make your hair healthy and less greasy. Here is an easy method of the natural mask. Try it once a week.


  1. 1 banana
  2. 2 TBS yogurt
  3. 1 TBS honey


Blend banana and add yogurt and honey to it. Mix all of them properly and make a mixture. Now apply this mixture to your hair from top to bottom. Leave it for about 30 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner. It is the best mask for your waxy hair.

Selection of Shampoo

Use an approved shampoo according to the advice of your dermatologist. Choose a type of shampoo which has limited oil and also suits your hair.

Always wash your scalp with this shampoo after wearing a helmet or hat and after taking exercise. This is important for your hair health.

Avoid Styling Products

Styling products are also a big cause of waxy and greasy hair. They produced oil on the scalp and damaged strands of your hair.

Hair straightener and dryer create heating to your hair. They can give you sleek and shiny hair but they make your hair greasy and waxy faster than before.

Use Conditioners Carefully

Conditioners are an essential part of our daily life. That’s why you have to choose a conditioner carefully according to your hair type.

Conditioners also make your hair oily and waxy. Apply conditioner only on your hair ends not on the scalp and avoid using daily.

Always try to follow the instructions given on the product.

Avoid silicon products

Use of silicon products that make your hair smooth and silky also damage your hair. They produce too much oil on your scalp and become a cause of waxy hair. The most common silicon that you can find in many hair products are listed below:

  • Dimethicone
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Amodimethicone

So, read the ingredients of hair products before purchasing them, and don’t get silicon.

Natural Remedies For Waxy Hair

For each type of hair, it is good to apply natural things because they have no side effects and work better than any chemical product.

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Here we are going to tell you some popular natural tips that will help you to reduce waxy hair problems and are also easily available:

  • Tea tree oil: It reduces greasiness from your scalp and helped to settle your itchy scalp and then remove dandruff.
  • Green tea: For many centuries people use green tea for healthy and shiny hair. It works for reducing extra oil from your skin and making it moisturized.
  • Coconut oil: It is the best oil for oily hair. It lifts the extra oil from the scalp and ends of your hair at the same time.
  • Apple cider: This is weird, but You know it works for your hair as a miracle. Before washing your hair leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it properly. It is the best way to fix your waxy hair.
  • Aloe vera: It is the best jell for fixing your hairstyle. It saves your scalp from environmental factors and makes your hair smooth.
  • Tomato mask: Mash a tomato, add a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey and mix it well. Apply it to your hair before washing it for half an hour. It is the best mask for your greasy hair.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a natural tonic for your hair and scalp. It works as a bleach. It cleans your scalp from all bacterias and dandruff properly.
  • Baking soda: That is the best powder for your waxy hair. It reduces extra oil from your hair.

Follow these tips and get magical results. Select any one of them that you think is suitable for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hair feel waxy after showering?

Do you know, the use of many hair products and frequent use of shampoo makes your scalp sticky and then you feel waxy hair after showering.

How can I reduce my greasy hair?

Wash your hair with warm water and clean your scalp with a natural shampoo that has less oil.

Are waxy or greasy hairs normal?

No, It is not a normal condition for your hair health. That is damages your hair faster. That can be a cause of hair loss and itchy scalp skin.

Final Words

Anyhow, we can say that your hair health depends on your lifestyle and your proper diet. You can get healthy and shiny hair by following the above-mentioned methods. Try to find the right one for your hair.

Finally, if you change your lifestyle and use natural food or tips, it will make your life easier and healthy. All problems will be solved automatically.

Good luck with your hair and be sure to share this informative post with your friends if you love them.