How to Get Rid of Strawberry Blonde Hair [5 Instant Ways]

Natural strawberry blonde hair color is due to malfunction of gene MC1R. This gene in redheads does not work to convert pheomelanin to eumelanin. As a result, pheomelanin builds up creating red hues in hair.

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This type of hair is lighter than red hair. It is a hybrid of red tones highlighted with a blonde. If you want this shade to dye your hair, make sure you’re fair and pale skin tone. It is a perfect dye choice with blue and green eyes.

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How to get rid of strawberry blonde hair?

The only way to get rid of this blonde shade is to use violet shampoo. It will balance the unwanted red hue tone. Other ways are using toner, dye, and bleach. The best dye to neutralize the red tone is a Green dye.

If it’s your natural hair color, you may choose hair dye. Keep the color mixing wheel in your mind. You can also get help from technology by posting your photo in the Loreal try-out app to check whether strawberry blond suits you or not.

How to get rid of strawberry blonde hair: 5 Ways

Strawberry blonde does not look cool to many of us. The red hue in this color is the thing that is disliked mostly. The good news is that you can change it no matter if it is natural or dyed using simple products.

Below are a few ways to cancel out strawberry blonde hair:

1-Use Purple Shampoo

If you’re trying to dim red, purple shampoo is all you need. It is the best strawberry blonde regime. It helps to change redness into blonde. If you want to turn red into orange, use this orange shampoo.

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It has special ingredients to turn your hair into a rich brunette tone. However, using shampoo will take time to get rid of red shade. It is not an option if you want to get rid of strawberry blondes instantly.

2- Go from Red to BLonde

Another option is to go from red to blonde. If you are frustrated with the warmth of the red color, you may try a hair color that could make the red light. You may go to strawberry gold and copper tones to get rid of it. If you want no more yellow, try this purple mask.

3-Bleach the hair

Bleaching hair in some lighter color best option. If your hair is hybrid brown and red, bleach works well. You may have permanent hair dye options and semi-permanent hair dye options. Remember bleach can damage your hair cuticle, don’t forget to use a hair protectant after bleaching hair.

4-Use Toner

Whenever you want to dim the shade of a certain color from blonde, toning is the best option. To get the desired result on dark color hair it is done after bleach. This Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme, Blonde Toning is the best cream if you want to get rid of this trouble.

5- Use Hair Gloss

If brassy blonde or red blonde is your natural hair color, you can improve its look by using hair gloss. It will shimmer your natural hair color to make it look cool and attractive. This toning gloss is one step ahead to make your hair free from red shades.

How to Get Red out of Strawberry Blond Hair

It is a common observation that girls with red blonde hair are not big fans of redheads. Similarly, girls with gray hair want to change the gray. The time comes in our life when all of us want to change our looks according to fashion and trends. Sometimes we just want to change it because we are fed up with our natural looks.

The best way to get out of the red is to neutralize the red tone. It is done by using toning shampoo. You can use green/blue toning shampoo for this. If you want to change the red color instantly, other options are dying, bleaching and toning. It is up to you to choose semi-permanent dye or permanent dye.

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What does purple Shampoo do to strawberry blonde hair

Almost every type of blonde hair reflects light differently. When it falls on the light blonde shade it brings cool hues to your complexion. But when it falls on red or brassy blonde, it enhances the warmth of red hues giving a burning sensation.

The function of purple shampoo is to burst the brassy blonde. It also provides long-lasting color care and color vibrancy. With just one use, it develops a cooler, brighter, and smoother look. In the case of dark hair color, it helps to balance the brassy tone.


How long does strawberry blonde hair last?

If strawberry blonde is your natural hair color, it will not go away with time. If it is a dye, it will start fading after 3 weeks. However, the lasting time of this shade varies with your hair washing routine. The more you wash, the faster it will go away.

What hair dye cancels out red?

According to the hair wheel, Green is the color that cancels out red. Blue neutralizes orange and

Violet fades away yellow. Whatever dye you may choose, follow the instructions on the package. Never exceed the prescribed amount, it may ruin your hair color badly.

Will purple shampoo get rid of red tones?

Purple shampoo is not to change or fade the red tone. Instead, it is used to balance it or smoothen it to give a cool appearance. It helps to neutralize warm red hue or orange color. It is a safe product to be applied on red strawberry blonde.

Last Lines

To summarize, strawberry blonde is not the favorite color for everyone. If you want to get rid of it use violet shampoo, tonner, and dye. It is important to choose the right dye color that could neutralize redness. To neutralize red, green dye is the best option.

It is a very complicated procedure to try it at home. I would recommend getting pro-hair stylist assistance. If you love your hair don’t apply dye more than 3 times a year.

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