Will I Go Bald, If I Have Thick Hair? [Unbelievable Facts]

If you don’t get bald after having thick or long hair, you are the luckiest person…

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Don’t be relaxed if you have fast-growing hair…You have the same chances of getting bald as someone else who has thin or short hair.

Do you have a question: Will I go bald if I have thick hair?

In short, yes, you too can go bald if you try more hairstyles. Normally, people may shed 10% of their hair per day while combing or washing hair. It doesn’t matter how thick your hair is, the health of the hair follicle does matter. Moreover, if you inherit a bald gene you can go bald even with thick hair.

It is not necessary that if you have fast-growing hair you will not have to face the problem of shedding hair. Maybe you have a genetic problem of getting a bald scalp.

Make sure that you are aware of the reasons for hair fall. It will help you in the future to treat your hair in a better way.

The excessive use of chemical products, washing hair too much, your diet, and the wrong hairstyle may lead you towards unexpected baldness.

Let’s read this post carefully to know more about this awkward problem.

Can You Go Bald Because Of Long Hair

Do you have long and thick hair? Do you think you are safe from becoming bald? Baldness doesn’t depend upon thick or thin hair. There are many reasons behind it.

Some people may become bald despite having long and thick hair. On the other hand, thin or less hair may remain on your head for a lifetime and never fall…

Why? What is the logic?

Long and thick hair may cause baldness because it creates more stress and weight for hair. It causes hair fall as you make different styles of it without knowing if it is better for it or not. The hairstyle you adopt may increase the chances of thinning hair and hair fall.

But don’t think it is the only reason for your baldness. Long hair may give your scalp a bald appearance because of its length.

The solution for thin hair is that you can get a short haircut to give it thick look. So, if you think long hair may save you from the bald look, you are wrong….

Another reason for baldness is your age factor or genetic problems. So, you don’t blame your long and thick hair only for it…

How To Avoid Baldness (7 Magical Tricks)

Are you fed up with expensive hair products? Are you worried about how to save yourself from baldness? Keep away all these worries.

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We have some new and amazing for you.

Here are some cheap and natural ways that will make you free from such a ridiculous situation.

7 natural and cheap home remedies will avoid you from hair loss. These are onion juice, coconut milk, cider vinegar, egg mask, green tea, amla, and Greek clover. Apply any one of them on your scalp and see magical results in few days.

Yes, it’s true… Are you ready to meet 7 natural ways to avoid baldness?

Let’s start!

1.Onion Juice

This is one of the oldest and effective home remedies ever used for hair growth. Why is it effective?


It contains sulfur which increases protein in tissues and helps in the regrowth of hair. Don’t be irritated by its bad smell, it will soon run off after one or two massages.

How To Use: Take two slices of onion and mash them to get its juice. Apply it for about 10-15 minutes on the roots of your hair and massage it well. Wash it with a light shampoo. Don’t rub it hard. Soon you will see its magic results.

Note: You can also use potato in the alternate of onion.

2.Coconut Milk

Another amazing home remedy that you never think of is coconut milk. It has several benefits that will surprise you.

It is the best natural hair grower as it is rich in Iron, important fats, and potassium. It is good to use coconut milk for falling hair.

How To Use: Take fresh milk from the coconut. Don’t purchase the pack of it. Add half lemon juice and 4 drops of lavender oil in milk. Mix it well. Apply it properly on your scalp and leave it for 4-5 hours and then wash it properly.

Note: If you don’t have fresh coconut milk, you can use a pack.

3.Cider Vinegar

There are many health benefits that we can get from cider vinegar. The foremost advantage is that it reduces glucose and insulin.

The amazing service that it performs for us is that if you massage your scalp gently, it will maintain your PH balance of the hair and stop hair fall.

How to use: Add 15ml of vinegar into a cup of warm water. Apply it after washing your hair. It will not only increase your growth but also add extra shine to it. I am sure you may love it after watching its magical results.

4.Egg Mask

This is the quickest natural solution for hair fall. It is very commonly used for the regrowth of hair. Do you know eggs have high proteins that will be helpful in the establishment of new hair? Yes, they have….

It is also full of sulfur, zinc, iron, iodine, and phosphorus.

How to make an egg mask: To prepare an egg mask, take one egg white, one teaspoon of olive oil, and honey. Mix them well in a bowl and make a paste. Apply it on every corner of your hair and scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash your hair with cool water and shampoo.

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5.Green Tea

If you are health conscious, you must be in habit of taking green tea. What do you do with these used tea bags? Do you throw them in the dustbin?


I have an amazing use for them. As you know green tea has a lot antioxidant, that is beneficial for hair growth. So, apply warm green tea from used tea bags on your head and leave it for one hour. Then wash your head with cool water. You will see wonderful results in your hair.

6.Greek Clover Or Fenugreek

An old natural herb that is used for hair fall problems is known as Fenugreek. It has high levels of proteins and nicotinic acids. Diet with rich protein is famous for energizing your hair.

How to use: Take one teaspoon of herb and put it in a grinder with some water. Make a paste of it. Now add some coconut milk or oil and mix it well. Apply it on your head for half an hour and then wash it with light shampoo without rubbing hard.


It is a magical fruit that is full of nutrients. You can’t imagine how powerful is it. You can judge it only after trying it. Vitamin C in it may help to regrow your hair and stops hair fall.

How to use: Take 2 teaspoon of amla powder or juice and mix it with the same amount of lime juice. Apply it to your scalp and let it dry for a while. After that wash your head with warm water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is having thick hair good?

Of course, thick hair is always good but it could be trouble if your hair is curly and not straight. You have to do more work if you have such long and thick hair.

Do you think heavy hair cause baldness?

If you like too much hairstyling that makes your hair tight such as pigtails, it may bring you hair loss and later to baldness.

Can less sleep cause hair loss?

Lack of sleep may cause many problems. Insufficient sleep shows a negative impact on the body and causes a high level of stress. That finally causes hair loss.

Final Verdict

Here we summarize our journey of Will I go bald if I have thick hair….

It is natural for many people to become bald after reaching a certain stage. But many other reasons will make you bald at an early stage.

If you think your long and thick hair may save you from hair fall, you are wrong. Sometimes you make such styles that tight your hair too much and cause hair fall.

Hopefully, you must be fully aware of the reasons for baldness and the ways you can avoid such bad conditions.

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