Why Does My Hair Hurt after Wearing Hat? [7 Reasons]

Many professions demand the constant wearing of head gadgets such as military and bike riding. Helmets are very heavy gadgets compulsory for road safety campaigns. Hat wearers often complain that they feel pain in their hair after wearing a hat.

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If you want to know the reasons for hurting hair due to using head gadgets constantly, never skip this post. Here you’ll learn everything related to head and hair pain after wearing a hat.

Why does my hair hurt after wearing a hat?

The major reasons for hurting hair are compression headache, disturbance in blood circulation, and nerve pain. Other reasons may include tight ponytails, pulling hairstyles, and long-term braids. Sometimes weak follicles and sensitive scalp hurt while covering the head.

If you feel constant pain you need to check yourself for migraine or nerve problems. Keep reading to know the tips to avoid hurting covered hair below…

Why does moving your hair hurt after having a hat on for a while

It is a general observation of many helmet users that when they put off the hat and move hair in another direction, they feel pain. The reason is that hairs get used to one style under a helmet or hat. When you move hair after putting off the helmet, hair resists new movement. As a result, the cells of the scalp that are in the resting position start hurting.

One more reason for hurting hair is a change in hair styling after a long time. When you keep your hair in one condition under the compression of the hat of some head gadget, the cells in follicles don’t get fresh air or oxygen. They went into the sleeping stage. When you uncover the head and move your hair, the follicles return to their original position. It may hurt your scalp or hair.

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5 Reasons For Hurting Hair After Wearing A Hat

There are several reasons for feeling pain in the hair or scalp after wearing a hat. For example compression headache, pulling pain, long-term pony or braid style, scalp sensitivity, weak follicles, underlying illness.

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Let’s discuss the reasons for hurting hair in detail:

1-Compression Headache

The primary reason for hurting hair after wearing a tight head gadget is a compression headache. Whenever you put on tight goggles, hats, helmets, or headbands, the circulation of blood in the scalp is disturbed.

It builds extra pressure on the nerves. When this pressure is not released after a long time, you may feel pain. Sometimes you even feel pain when this pressure is released after a long time. It means nerves hurt when coming back to their original state. This hat is specially designed for those suffering from headaches.

2- Extra Pulling

Sometimes the pain is not like a regular headache, it’s just pulling pain. When you put a hat on your head, long hair is likely to pull under the hat to adjust the head under it. It causes pain or a pulling sensation.

Long hair is difficult to assemble under head gadgets. They are likely to pull easily and get pain underneath the scalp. So, don’t use tight bands, ponytails, and tight headcovers. Try to choose headcovers or hats made of flexible fabric.

3- Long Time Pony or Braid Styles

Hair may also hurt when you style up your hair in braids or ponytails for a long time. It is often observed that mothers tie the tight knot of hairs of little girls to avoid combing again and again.

It is not good as kids may not tell mothers that they are feeling pain in their heads. So, be careful when styling your hair especially if they are long. Never try one hairstyle for more than 2 days. Keep changing your hair and let them comb and massage daily.

4-Tight Head Gadgets or Hats

Nowadays hats come with a tightening band at the back. Many bike users and cyclists tighten up hats in fear of dropping them during riding. They seldom think about compression headaches due to the tightness of headwear. So, be careful, use a heavy helmet so it may not drop easily. But never try to tighten it around the head as it is painful.

5- Scalp Sensitivity.

Every individual is different in their habit and immune system. Some people feel little pain bigger. Some neglect even severe pain. Some people feel pain because they have an extra sensitive scalp. Such people should always avoid tight head gadgets, otherwise, they are likely to suffer from compression headaches quickly.

6-Weak Follicles

It may be the reason for hurting hair in those who have thin hair and facing alopecia. When your follicles are weak, they can’t endure the pressure of head gadgets. As a result, it may feel like pulling more than stronger hair. S, if you feel continuous pain in your hair after wearing a hat you need to check your hair health.

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7- Underlying Illness

The last reason could be some undiagnosed disease of nerves or something else. When you feel constant head plus hair pain after wearing or without wearing hair, you need to go to a medical expert. It may be some kind of nerve pain, migraine, or other brain-related issues. SO never ignore it if you’re constantly feeling pain around your hair or head.

Tips To Avoid Hurting Hair After Wearing Hat

The best tip is not to wear it if you feel severe pain every time. But there are many professions in which wearing a hat is compulsory and part of uniformity such as the military and police. In this case, you can try the following tips:

  • Don’t tight up against your hat
  • Never put on the hat for more than 1 hour.
  • Whenever you get a chance, put off the hat to release pressure on the head.
  • Use hats made up of flexible fabrics.
  • Don’t style up hair in a ponytail when wearing a hat
  • Avoid pulling hairstyles under a hat
  • Use hair moisturize before wearing a hat
  • Unleash the strap of the hat after putting on head


Does wearing a hat dry out hair?

No, it rather makes hair oily in summer. When you cover hair under a hat, sweat may not dry properly. As a result, hair turns oily. Covering hair too much for a long time may also initiate hair loss or alopecia. Your hair needs fresh air and oxygen to nourish the scalp. Wearing a hat constantly in summer can make hair oily.

Do hats hurt your hairline?

Yes, it does, it’s too tight. It also hurts if the hair under the hat is long enough and pulling constantly. Moreover, heavy hats like helmets and military safety helmets also hurt hairlines as they produce a lot of pressure on the head as well as hair follicles.

Why does my hair hurt after not washing it?

If you don’t wash your hair for a long time, the dirt around the scalp may turn into yeast. This may lead to infection on the scalp. It may also cause itching or bacterial infection along with dandruff around the scalp. It also makes the scalp sensitive to water. SO when you wash it you feel pain.

Last Lines

Listen, helmet wearers, be careful your hair is not safe under the pressure of the head. Just like humans, hair needs fresh hair for good health. Whenever you try to block the passage of fresh air through hair, your hair is likely to suffer.

Don’t ignore any symptoms of head hurting along with the hair. It may be a cause of some underlying illness. If your profession demands constant use of the head gadgets, keep your hat straps loose.