Should I Wash My Hair Before A Perm? (All About Perm)

Perm is an all-time favorite style to flatter your looks and to facilitate styling options. Permed hair looks gorgeous if it is properly done and cared for. Your hair needs to be prepared before getting a perm to obtain impeccable curls or a wavy texture.

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Can you wash your hair a day before a perm? Should you use a clarifying shampoo before a perm? Can you deep condition your hair before getting a perm? Many queries come into your mind if you want to get an excellent perm with assurance.

Should I wash my hair before a perm?

No, you should not do it yourself. Let it be done at a salon. Your hairstylist knows better how to prepare and shampoo your hair to get a good perm result with the least hair damage.

Over-washing can lead to more damage, hence incorrect washing and conditioning of your hair can result in a poor perm with undesired results. Make a pre-perm appointment with your stylist and plan well before commencing your journey of transforming your hair into beautiful curls.

Delve into the article to get fully aware.

Should I Wash My Hair a Day Before a Perm

It is good to prepare your hair before a perm. Washing your hair before a perm is mandatory but should you shampoo your hair a day before a perm?

No, you should not wash your hair a day before a perm, your stylist should wash your hair before starting a perm treatment.

Your beautician knows better how to wash your hair to get the perfect perm result

Can I Wash My Hair Before a Perm Black Hair

Knowing the basic requirements of a perm concerning your black hair is good before getting a perm service.

Can I wash my hair before a perm black hair?

No, you can’t do it at home. Your black hair will be washed thoroughly by your stylist to get the perfect wavy hair because cleaned hair is a must for having a perm service.

Oil and dirt build-up can stop your hair from accepting the perm lotion and the result will be loose curls or light waves.

Should I Wash My Hair After a Perm

Perming involves harsh chemicals to introduce a new shape with the help of curling rods to your hair. So, your hair needs good care to keep your curls or waves stay healthy and well defined. You can wet your curl hair after perm for that.

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Should you wash your hair after a perm?

No, you should not wash your hair for three days after a perm because it would damage your hair and disappear your curls. Your hair needs 48-72 hours to get fully adjusted to new changes and conform to the desired shape of a perm.

Washing your hair before the recommended time can dissolve your perm resulting in frizzy poodle-like hair.

Can I Wash My Hair The Day Before A Relaxer

Can you shampoo your hair a day before a relaxer?

No, you can’t wash your hair before applying a relaxer because it is a chemical-based process that can harm your freshly cleaned scalp and hair. Do not even pick, scratch, or scrub your scalp before a relaxer as components in the relaxer can burn your scalp.

Give your hair a break from shampoo and other hair products before getting a relaxer.

Your hair should be washed 5-7 days before a relaxer to counter down the bad effects of harsh chemicals.

How Many Days Can I Wash My Hair Before a Relaxer

Before going through any chemical treatment like perming or relaxer, you must know all the basic caring rules to keep your hair healthy and less damaged.

You can wash your hair a week before applying a relaxer to smooth your hair. A relaxer can’t be applied to freshly washed hair because it can irritate or burn your scalp and harm your hair severely.

You should not go with a relaxer If you have a broken or infected scalp. First, fix your scalp issues to protect your hair from further damage.

Should I wash My Hair The Night Before Getting a Perm

If your hair is not in a healthy state, you need to fix your hair before perm to obtain soft and bouncy curls. Should you wash your hair a night before a perm?

Not, because it can irritate your scalp and damage your hair. Hence your hair will also be washed the next day by your beautician before applying the perm lotion.

Washing your hair two times a day before getting a perm can over-processed your hair by bringing more harm.

How Many Days Before A Perm Can I Wash My Hair

Moisturise your hair with coconut oil two days before you headed to a salon because perm can make your hair dry and brittle

You can wash your hair with a PH balancing shampoo two days before receiving a perm, use a moisturizing conditioner and rinse your hair thoroughly. Towel dry or air dry your hair but don’t use blow-dry or any other hair product on your hair at least 2 days before a perm appointment. Unless the perm solution can’t penetrate and perform its function well.

Should I Use Clarifying Shampoo Before A Perm

To get better results from a perm, your hair should be cleaned. But should you use a clarifying shampoo before a perm?

Yes, but two days before getting a perm. Because before starting the perm procedure, your hairdresser will also wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, oil and product build-up.

Perfectly clean hair supports the perm solution to penetrate and set well into your hair strands to create a beautiful perm.

Should I Condition MY Hair Before a Perm

Should you condition your hair before getting a perm?

No, you should not condition your hair before a perm because it can act as a barrier and prevent perm liquid from penetrating deep into the hair strands.

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Though a perm is carried out with clean hair yet you can’t use conditioner before a perm. It can block the proper functioning of perm liquid.

Perm After Care ( 5 Ps are Important )

Before you consider having a perm, your hair should be in good condition. You have to be committed to giving special attention to your voluminous hairstyle. Follow some basic curl care to maintain beautiful curls or waves that last longer.

1- Prepare your hair

If your hair is damaged, perming can cause wreak havoc on your locks. Talk to your hairdresser and get assured whether your hair is ready to take on perm treatment or you have to delay till your hair recovers from the previous damage by using deep condition repairing cream.

2-  Provide Extra Care

Your permed hair requires extra care and hydration than ever before. Don’t forget to moisturize and deep condition your hair regularly to prevent breakage. But using lots of hair products can weigh down your curls.

3- Prevent Chemicals

Perm delivers excellent results on untreated hair. Don’t dye your hair two months before having a perm and one month after a perm. Because perming lotions and dyes contain harmful chemicals while high heat is used during the perm process can further devastate your hair.

4- Prefer Specific Products for Perm

After a perm, choose shampoo, conditioner, hair gel or mousse that are fit for your chemically treated hair to moisturise, nourish and define your curls. Permed hair requires special care while your regular hair products can’t protect your hair from damage and frizz.

5- Prevent Heating Tools

After a perm, hair becomes sensitive and more prone to breakage. Finger-comb your wet hair or use a wide-tooth comb. The use of blow dries and curling or straightening iron can destroy your hair resulting in thinning of hair. Be gentle with your curls to get damage-free long-lasting elegant curls.

Most Asking Questions

Should your hair be cleaned or dirty before a perm?

Your hair should be washed before getting a perm. Dirty and oily hair can’t produce good results from a perm. Washing your hair before a perm service can help the perming lotion to penetrate well into your hair strands and adapt properly to the desired shape of a perm.

Do I wash my hair before a perm?

No, don’t wash your hair because incorrect washing can lead to poor perm results. Your hair should be washed properly and thoroughly by your beautician before starting the perm process. Because perm rods are always wrapped to clean wet hair.

Bottom Lines

Here we summarized our post: should I wash my hair before getting a perm?

For better results of the perm process and to prevent irritation or burning, your hair should be washed properly by a professional at a salon.

If you want to transform your perm into beautiful tresses then your hair should be healthy, free from infections and well settled before proceeding with a perm.

Perm aftercare is equally important as chemically treated hair needs more care to prevent damage and to stay healthy. Some extra care and hydration are crucial for bouncy, elegant waves.

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