My Husband Wants Me To Cut My Hair Very Short [Reason & Solution U Should Know]

Long and silky hair is a dream of many women. They are willing to do whatever they can to get Rapunzel’s hair. They try different shampoos, conditioners, hair growth essential oils, herbs, and whatever they can. Long hair is a symbol of feminism and women love it.

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Many women are more possessive about hair. They don’t want to cut it for no reason. Suppose there is a woman who has long, healthy, and shiny hair. But her husband dislikes her hair. He wants her to cut it short.

If you’re in the same boat and your husband has the same demand, don’t forget to read this post.

What to do If my husband wants to cut my hair very short?

First of all your hair is your possession. Your husband has no right to demand such a thing as to cut it or not cut it. If he is doing so, ask him the reason politely. If he is suffering from an inferiority complex about your long hair, try to boost his confidence. If the reason is that he is impressed by some short haircut girl and wants you to do the same. Tell him that maybe shorts do not suit your face. It’s better to convince him politely.

Between husband and wife, there are so many things that happen. Sometimes husbands try to impose their decisions on wives. That’s not the right thing. They should try to know what their wives like for themselves.

Is It OK For Husband To Ask a Wife To Cut Her Hair Very Short

It depends on how the husband tries to convince his wife. If he puts on his dislike for long hair and asks her wife to cut it. His wife will never agree and the debate will end in a fight. If he tries to convince her by saying that short hair suits her face more, it’s better to go for shortcuts. In this way, the wife will never get angry.

In this fashionable world where many trends are upcoming. The desire to stay fashionable and up to date is becoming more prominent in many people.

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When someone’s husband is impressed by a girl,  he tries to make his wife like her. In this attempt, he asks foolish things such as wearing this top, wearing this frock, and so on. Not only this, he sometimes suggests colors that his wife should put on.

When the wife tries to give importance to her husband’s likes and dislikes, she actually loves her. But man has different psychology. He wants to impose his decision on women sometimes to show his dominance. This attitude is forbidden.

Why My Husband Wants Me To Cut My Hair Very Short

If you are curious to know the reasons for this request from your husband, read below. There are numerous reasons for this desire. Maybe your husband is impressed by some girl whose hair is cut short. Maybe your husband is having a bald head and he feels complex when he sees your long hair. Maybe he wants to show his dominance over you.

Keep reading to know the reasons for this demand:

5 Reasons Why My Husband Wants Me To Cut My Hair Short

First thing is to know the reason. For this, as a wife, you’ll have to go deep into men’s psychology. For your ease, I‘ve pointed 5 possible reasons for this demand or somehow wish:

Maybe He wants to make you Look stylish & Trendy

Stay positive, maybe your husband wants to make you look trendy. He is doing so as he is bored of your same hairstyle over years and years. So, take this request positively and ask the reason. If he wants to make you look fashionable it’s OK.

Maybe He Wants To Show His Dominance

If we see the negative aspect of such desire, it might be male dominance. In matrimonial relationships, males often try to impose their likes and dislike on females. It’s a very negative thing. If the reason is that, never go with your husband.

Maybe He is Impressed By Some Other Girl Having Short Hair Cut

In young couples, the reason behind this desire is getting impressed by some other girl. Maybe your husband meets a girl in the office with fashionable looks, shorts and lots of make-up. He wants the same from you. In this case, it’s good to talk to your husband about short-bobs that don’t suit your facial features.

He Feels Inferiority Complex From Your Long Hair

The most common reason behind this stupid desire is complex. Sometimes the husband is bald and the wife has healthy long hair. Whenever they go somewhere people taunt their husband’s baldness. This makes him suffer from complexity. To get rid of it he tries to cut her wife’s hair short.

Maybe he wants his wife to focus less on her hair

In many cases, it is seen that wives are extra conscious about their features and hair. They spend a lot of time and money on styling hair. This makes the husband frustrated. That’s why they ask them to cut it to save money and time. If you’re doing so, try to manage your time well.

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What to Do If Your Husband Wants You To Cut Your Hair Short.

Should you say Yes to your husband’s silly desire of cutting your hair? What to do if the husband is insisting you cut your hair?

It’s better to stay calm and ask the reason. If he has some logical reason then it’s OK. If he fails to explain why he wants this, never try to do a haircut. Once you fulfill his silly desires, he will always try to impose his decisions on you. That’s negative and not a good practice for matrimonial relationships. Always try to make decisions with mutual understanding.

You can also say to your husband that “You have not desired him to go bald. What if you desire him to go bald, will he go? So, If he can’t go bald with your desire, why should you cut your hair if he desires.”

For next you can follow these tips:

  • Stay Calm
  • Ask reason
  • Follow logic
  • Stay Happy

That’s the formula to avoid little issues in relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cutting your hair symbolize?

It symbolizes differences for men and women. For women, it symbolizes a sense of empowerment, self-expression, and liberal thoughts. Moreover, it also negates feminism. For men, cutting is a regular cleaning ritual. They do it to look decent and clean.

Should I  cut my hair really short?

It’s not a good idea to cut your hair too short. If you do so, it will become difficult to style it. Instead, go for medium shorts or bobs up to shoulder.  If hair is cut too short, it will stick everywhere.

What are the benefits of cutting your hair short?

For both men and women, cutting hair short has countless benefits. Lets readout:

  • Time-saving out of over-styling
  • Money-saving over hair styling accessories and products
  • Enhances healthy hair
  • Reduce pulling hairstyle headache
  • Changes hair styling routine
  • Changes your hair texture

Why do I want to cut off my hair?

There are numerous reasons for cutting hair. The most common reason is you want to change. You are bored of your old looks. Other reasons include hair thinning, hair falling, and split ends. If you trim your hair regularly, you can get rid of  split ends

Bottom Line

At last, love your hair and husband both. Don’t fight for such little issues as cutting or not. Let your wife decide what to do with her hair. Respect one another’s opinion.

If your husband insists you cut your hair, handle him politely. Talk to him to know the reason. If there is any logic then consider it. If not, don’t go with him. Give space to relations and don’t impose your decision on others. That’s the key to a happy life after marriage!