How to Deal With A Balding Boyfriend? [12 Dealing Tips+ 7 Magical Solutions]

Many men are facing the challenge of becoming bald or hair loss. What happens if you meet your boyfriend after many days…. OMG

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What is it?

You can see his scalp easily. It is prominent among thin hair.

What a surprising moment for you.

Here you think: How do you deal with a balding boyfriend?

Generally, it is a challenging task for you because it is not as easy as you think. At first, you have to find out if he is ready to talk about it or not. Then assure him that you have no problem with it. Make him happy by telling him that he looks more handsome in it. If he wants to get rid of this issue, help him.

Before talking about baldness, make sure that he will not become aggressive or harsh. Some men may be sensitive regarding their thinning hair. So, be careful, a single word may dishearten him.

You can help him by searching out tips to get rid of hair fall and guide him to follow these methods.

This post is a complete guideline for such men. So, let’s start reading with great care and interest.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend He Is Balding

Do you have a boyfriend who is balding? How do you tell him about his baldness? It must be an embarrassing situation for him.

Now, what to do?

You can make this situation easy by using intelligence. How???

Let me explain!

Don’t talk about his baldness directly. First, give a suggestion and check his expressions and the reaction. Don’t be straightforward and start humoring. Start conversation normally then gradually talk about it.

If he already knows about it, your work is easy. You can advise him to take care of it more to avoid complete baldness. You can search for effective ways to get rid of it.

Guide him about taking fast hair growth products. Once you are able to talk about it, it is best for both of you to discuss this issue openly.

12 Easy Tips to Deal With A Bald Boyfriend

Many ladies feel embarrassed to have a bald boyfriend or a partner. But actually, they shouldn’t do so. It is said that baldness suits many men. There are many men who adopt it as a fashion.

Do you think your boyfriend is facing the problem of baldness naturally? Or there may be some genetic problem and sometimes it is because of some disease.

Now the question is that how do you deal with it?

There are many ways to help you in dealing with a bald boyfriend Let,s discuss some of them:

  • This is the main step you have to take very carefully. It is not as easy as it sounds. At first, it is important to know if your boyfriend wants to talk about it or not. Maybe he becomes aggressive while discussing this serious issue.
  • Now, listen to his opinion carefully and then give your suggestion. Maybe he is in fear that you may leave him because of it. That’s he doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • At this stage, you have to ensure him that he is not balding. So, you can make him mentally prepare for his baldness. If he doesn’t know, tell him gradually and help him to fight against it. Take him slowly from rejection to acceptance.
  • Ensure him that you have no problem with his baldness. You are ok with it. If you tell him you don’t care, it brings great relief for him.
  • Don’t make the mistake of comparing him with others. Especially with a person who has long and thick hair. It may feel him embarrassed.
  • When you find him compromising with this issue, you can make a joke to please him. But be careful, it will also hurt him if he may not accept it completely.
  • Praise him from time to time unnecessarily. Admire his habits and other activities. It will divert his attention.
  • Try to praise his physical appearance like his smile, his way of talking, his eyes, and also admire his dressing.
  • If he may start wearing a cap or hat to hid his baldness, stop him to do so. Make him sure that he may look good without these accessories.
  • If he is at an early stage of balding, you can help him to adopt the right hairstyle. It will hide the balding part of the scalp.
  • If you think it impossible to grow back the hair, you must advise him to have a complete shave. It looks better than the scalp with less hair.
  • It is very important to make him stress-free. As you know tension will break the roots of the hair and the hair starts falling quickly.
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How to Help Your Boyfriend To Avoid baldness

About 40% of men face hair loss or become bald under the age of 30. Many men are facing male pattern baldness because of genetic problems, wrong hair products, lack of vitamins or proteins, and unhealthy food.

Whatever the reason is, here is the question: how do you get rid of it. If your boyfriend is facing such an issue, it must be important for you to help him in this matter.

Some magical tips are listed below to make it easy for you. Let’s start reading!

  1. When you see the sign of baldness, ask him to contact a doctor and start medication at once.
  2. If you don’t want to take medicine, here is another solution. You can use a laser comb that is the most effective way for preventing baldness.
  3. Hair products play a vital role in the growth and fall of hair. Check the products of your boyfriend and change them. There is a need to change them.
  4. Avoid excess use of hair gel and chemicals. Use a mild shampoo and a conditioner that is specially made for hair loss. You can use a hair growth serum to stop hair fall.
  5. Stop him to take a hot shower as it damages hair badly. Always use normal water not too hot or cold, for a bath. A hot shower is harmful to the natural oil of hair that helps it to grow properly.
  6. Anti DHT shampoo is the best formula for hair fall. It battles against hair damage and helps to regrow the portion of the scalp, that will be empty from hair.
  7. Make it a daily routine to take a head massage. It will improve blood circulation and help the scalp to produce natural oils. Do this process gently. There are many quality scalp massagers available in the market. It will also reduce stress.
  8. The last stage is hair transplant. If no one of the above-mentioned tips proves effective, then the transplant will essential. Consult your doctor about it and get a better solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do men start balding?

Usually, a man begins to bald at the age of 30-40 years. It can also occur during the teenage after maturity but in very rare cases.

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Can baldness be cured naturally?

Yes, it can be cured naturally. Rosemary oil is considered the most effective natural method to get rid of it. It will help your hair to regrow fastly.

Do all men go bald?

No, not all the guys or men go bald. It may happen only to those who get it genetically bald family, because of carelessness about hair, and unhealthy food. Some men have good and thick hair at old age.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you are fully aware of the process of dealing with your bald partner or boyfriend.

At first, you have to understand the psychology of your partner whether he is ok with it or not. Then try to deal with him according to his thoughts. Make him sure that he is looking good in this appearance.

Praise him to make him happy and bring him out from stress. Don’t hurt his emotions by making fun of his baldness.

Make him sure that this look suits him better. So, there is no need to change himself for others. If your friend has the same problem, share this post with him, and don’t forget to comment on it…