I Can See My Scalp When I Spike My Hair [3 Common Reasons]

Do you love spiky hairstyles? I know it’s trendy.

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I too like this style, but it shows my scalp.

What can I do?

Like my friends, I too want to look fashionable. Is there any product that can hide my scalp? Is there any way to make the scalp invisible for a few hours when I spike my hair?

Let’s start with the scenario: I can see my scalp when I spike my hair? Why?

Seeing scalp is unusual when you spike your hair. It means your hair is becoming thinner. You need to be conscious about your hair’s health. It may be the starting point of hair problems or male pattern baldness.

Thanks to hair styling products, it is now possible to hide the scalp. There are hair volumizers, root lifters, and sprays that are effective to pump hairs from roots. As a result, hair swells up to cover a larger part of the scalp. If you want to hide scalp in this style, pay heed to our tips below in this post.

Why I Can See My Scalp When I Spike My Hair: 3 Reasons

Whenever I spike up my hair, my scalp becomes visible. Should I be worried about this? There are so many reasons for scalp visibility when you spike your hair up.

The most common reasons are having short hair, male pattern baldness, and hair thinning. 

Short Hair

When your hair is short and sticks up all around the head, you are likely to show your scalp more and short hair makes your face look fatter. The short hair of about 1-inch long is likely to spike up easily when dry. Use this spiker hair gel if you love this style. It is the right product for the firmest hold and most hair types.

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Male Pattern Baldness

The scalp will never be visible with a spike-up hairstyle unless you are suffering from male pattern baldness. It is truly genetic. Almost 80% of male pattern baldness is caused by an inherited gene. If you don’t want to show your scalp anymore use hair fibers.

Hair Thinning

One more reason for scalp visibility is thin hairs. When you spike up thin hair, the scalp along the combing line becomes visible. If you are suffering from this issue, use a hair volumizer. This biotin hair thickening spray is a non-sticky and non-oily product that adds volume to your hairs. It makes your hair look heavy and thick.

Can You See Scalp through Hair

Wondering to know if everyone has visible scalp through hairs?

Not everyone can see the scalp unless they have thin hair or baldness. When a hair strand is thin the chances of scalp visibility are relatively higher than dense hairs.

If you want to see your scalp, you should lift your hair. Moreover oiled hair and wet hair also show scalp as they are fused together. With hair fall the skin under the hair also becomes visible. It’s really annoying for females especially.

Why Is My Scalp So Visible When I Part My Hair

Whenever you comb your hair, shower your hair, or oil it, you can see a bit of your scalp. Is it normal or something is wrong? If the scalp is visible for some time due to wetness or oil, it is OK. But if more scalp is visible even every time, it is a sign of hair thinning.

Why Is my scalp so visible when I part my hair? There are three main reasons for scalp visibility. Firstly, your hair is becoming thinner. Secondly, it is a major sign of male pattern baldness. Finally, it is the starting point of acute hair loss or alopecia.

If you are suffering from alopecia, use this alopecia amazing hair growth cream to reverse the symptoms.

How to Hide Scalp When You Spike UP Your Hairs: Tips

It is hard to hide your scalp naturally. Sometimes you may have to get professional hairstylist help when you have long hair. For short hair, it is pretty easy with the help of a few tips and products given below:

  • Use hair extensions of the same color as your natural hair is.
  • Use hair fibers to cover your head with long hair
  • Use cold water for a shower as it may swell up your hairs
  • Avoid hot air blow-dry. Set your dryer to the coolest air mode
  • Use hair volumizing sprays
  • Use hair pumps or root lifters to add some weight
  • Use hair styling accessories to cover up the most obvious part of your head.
  • Don’t spike your hairs when they are thin
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Is it normal to see scalp when hair is spiked?

Yes, it is normal if hairs are short about (1-2 inches in length). But for long hairs of more than 3-inch, it’s unusual or a symptom of hair thinning. When spiky hairstyles lift hairs the dense hairs are likely to cover the scalp more than thin hairs.

Is it bad to see your scalp?

Scalp visibility is a sign of hair thinning. When hair starts falling along the parting area and face line, it makes the scalp more visible. This type of hair thinning may further lead to weak follicles. So, try to control this issue at the initial stage.

Final Words

If you too want spikes, it’s better to get professional hairstylist help. Using chemical products can harm your hair. Experts never recommend excessive styling. It produces extra stretch in hair that tends to weaken follicles.

There are many other ways to impress your friends. You can do it without making your hair stand up. In the end, I would advise youngsters never to spike if you love your hair.