How Much Hair Should You Lose In The Shower [Normal Hair fall]

What do you think, you left only dirt behind you after taking a bath? No, you are absolutely wrong.

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There are clumps of hair that you see in the bathroom drainage after washing your hair. Is it normal? Yes, it is.

What happens if you find them increasing day by day? How do you know it is a normal sign of hair fall or an alarming situation? Stop! Are you thinking about counting them? Hahaha! You know it’s not possible.

So, How much hair should you lose in the shower?

Let me tell you!

Normally, a person, male or female, sheds 50 to 100 hair per day when taking shower or combing hair. This number can increase or decrease according to hair length or thickness. Short hair may fall less and long hair shed more. If you find more than 150 hair falling daily, it means you are facing a hair loss problem.

Don’t try to count your falling hair. It must be ridiculous. We have mentioned only an estimated figure. You can notice your hair just looking at them keenly.

You yourself can figure out whether your hair shedding is normal or not. After finding out the problem, you will be able to save your hair.

Let’s try to understand it more deeply through this post!

Normal Shedding of Hair In The Shower

Having long and thick hair is no doubt wish of everyone especially of young girls. The need is to take care of them properly.

Mostly, you notice clumps of hair in your bathroom hole or in your hairbrush. Don’t worry! It may be normal shedding of hair.

How do you feel if your partner starts complaining daily about your hair that he found on the pillow, on his dress, or sometimes on food items?

How do you know about the normal shedding of your hair or the alarming situation of the hair?

According to some research, normally a person has 250,000 hair on the head.

Averagely, a person sheds 50 to 100 hair per day. It may be changed according to your hair length. People with long hair may shed more than 200 hair. If they wash it once or twice a week, it may increase.

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You often notice hair fall while taking shower or combing hair. If you find them shedding too much, it’s an alarm. Just take quick action to solve it.

Causes Of Hair Fall While Taking Shower

Why does your hair fall down more when you take shower? Before finding the solution, you must figure out the reason behind it.

There are a number of factors that cause hair fall in the shower. The most common among them are listed below:

  • The main cause for shedding hair is stress and your mental situation. It is often seen that people with high-stress levels of tension have to face more hair loss problems.
  • Unbalanced food is another factor. Check out your eating routine and food and try to balance it. Avoid junk food and take health supplements with vitamins A, B, and E.
  • Improper care of your hair is a big reason for hair fall in the shower. If you don’t brush your hair regularly and don’t wash it after 2 to 3 days, you are killing your hair yourself.
  • Washing hair frequently also causes hair loss at a big level. Avoid washing your hair unnecessarily. Keep a gap of at least 2 to 3 days between your hair washing routine.
  • Some ladies face hair loss problems due to childbirth or hormonal changes. Such issues can be solved after a little care.
  • Some medications and illnesses also create hair fall problems like cancer, thyroid disease, and medicine for stress.

Keep the above-mentioned reasons in your mind before curing the problem. It will help you to come over this problem successfully.

How To Reduce Hair Loss In The Shower (4 Easy Tips)

Now you are fully aware of the reasons for hair fall while taking shower. It’s time to know could we handle this problem. There are many ways that may help you to fight this irritating situation. It’s difficult to follow each solution. To make it easy for you, we have collected 4 easy tips that are suitable for everyone.

1.  Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Your hairbrush or comb plays an important role in your hair growth and health. A prickle hairbrush or a comb with a small tooth never gives you satisfactory results. It causes more breakage and your hair falls down more than before.

Detangling hair tools contribute more than any other product in hair falling while taking shower. So, always take a wide-tooth comb for your hair, or a hairbrush made of natural fiber is best to reduce hair fall.

2.  Avoid Heat Styling Tools

We often discussed the issue that heating tools are a big source of damaged hair. That later causes hair fall. Through these tools, you may shorten your hair life yourself.

How much do you use a hairdryer or a straightener on your hair, it weakens your hair locks and makes them fall out. To avoid such a horrible situation, reduce the use of such heat styling tools and save your hair from shedding.

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3.  Don’t Use Rubber Hair Elastic

Hair elastics bands are an essential part of your hairstyles. You must be surprised to hear that a rubber hair elastic usually causes serious hair fall. Yes, it’s true.

Elastic bands grip your hair too tightly that your hair starts breaking. It may also weaken your hair roots. So, it’s time to change your hair products. Leave using rubber bands and choose hair ties to grip your hair gently. Hairbands made up of silk and cotton are best for this purpose.

4.  Save Hair From The Sun

Your skin is not the only part that you have to protect from sun rays. Your hair also needs the same care as the skin has because there are some harmful rays that may damage your hair as well.

As you know too much heat can harm your hair. Similarly, exposure to the sun also creates breakage to your hair and results in the shedding of hair. For protection, it is good to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat before going outside in the sun.


Why am I losing so much hair in the shower?

The main cause of hair fall while taking shower is that you often stimulate your scalp when you use shampoo or conditioner. Your already fainted hair gets stressed by this process and falls down.

How do you know if you are losing too much hair in the shower?

Normally you lose hair while taking shower or combing it later. If you find a lot of hair strands in your bathroom hose it means you are facing a hair loss problem. Take notice as soon as possible.

Is it normal to lose 200 hair in the shower?

According to experts, it is normal to shed 50 to 100 hair per day. Basically, it depends upon the thickness and length of your hair. If you have long hair, you may lose 150 to 200 hair.

Final Verdict

Hair fall is not an uncommon factor for both males and females. They usually face this issue no matter at what stage of age they are.

You often noticed hair shedding in your bathroom while taking a shower. It’s common because that is the only place where you can focus on your hair more keenly. When you feel your hair falling more quickly and largely than before, it’s time to be serious.

Be quick to contact your hair specialist and doctor to solve the issue. If you find more patches of your hair in your bathroom drainage, it’s an alarming situation. As soon as you notice it, try to handle it immediately. For this purpose, this post will help you be friendly.

So, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.