Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss? (3 Easy Tips To Avoid)

Just imagine, how do you feel when you become bald after having the problem of hair fall?

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It must be a scary situation for those who love long and thick hair.

What do you think why do you face severe hair loss problems?

If you are a music lover and an addict to play games on PC, then you must be in habit of wearing headphones.

When you notice hair loss the first thought that comes to your mind is that it is because of headphones.

Is it true?

Can wearing headphones cause hair loss?

Honestly, it’s a misconception. There are many people who have been wearing headphones for many years but still have a head full of healthy and thick hair. But in some cases it proves true. However, If you wear headphones for a long time, it can cause baldness. The three main reasons for it are their tightness, heavyweight, and headphones without paddings.

If you think you are facing hair loss because of headphones, there are some easy tips to avoid this issue. On-ear headphones are responsible for this problem.

The best solution to avoid hair fall is to change your headphones if you are using them for a long time.

To get complete info about it, read this post properly and try to understand the myth about headphones.

Let’s start reading!!!

Why Do You Think Headphones Cause Hair Loss

It is the most common question asked by many headphone users. As you know, headphones don’t cause hair loss then why do you think that your headphones make you bald?

Or why do you put the blame for hair fall all on your headphones?

Let me tell you why such thoughts come to you.

Tight Fit Headphones

Sometimes, when you wear a headphone, you feel it very tight and fit. You often see complaints about it while shopping online.

Such problems occur usually with cheap and low-quality headphones because they have no pads to save your ear from hard parts. A good quality headphone never feels tight to your ear. It will be soft and stretchable.

That’s why when you use headphones; you feel headaches and sweet drops create in your hair. Because of it, your hair starts to fall and you think that headphones are the reason for it.

But there is no evidence to prove it.

Heavy Weight Headphones

Some headphones are heavy in weight. It is another reason that blames headphones for hair loss. This thought comes to you along with low price headphones that are hard and heavy.

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Such headphones create pain in your ear and make your head bend down when you use them. You can lose the tight headphone but what you can do with bulky headphones?

But it doesn’t mean, it will cause hair loss. It is clear from researches that wearing a headphone for many hours may bring sweet to thick hair and make your hair fall down.

Don’t stop using headphones but reduce the time of wearing them.

Headphones Without Packing

If you are using headphones without pads, or your headphones lost packings while using for many years, you are also included in such people who think headphones are a big reason for hair fall.

Pads are very important for both ear cups and bands. You can use foam in cheap headphones and leather for expensive headphones if you lost paddings.

A headphone that has a lot of plastic sweet your head too much and you get a hair loss problem.

Note: These are the reasons that create a misconception about headphones that they cause hair fall. But actually, it is wrong.

Does Headphones Increase Hair Loss

There is another myth about headphones that they are a big reason to increase hair fall. It is true.

What do you think?

Despite the fact that headphones do not make your hair fall out but it is true that they may cause an increase in hair fall.

Are you fond of music?

Do you like to listen to music while walking?

If yes, you must know that wearing headphones while walking can push your hair from the top. While doing so, your weak hair also comes in this pulling and pushing condition and thin hair breaks down as a result.

If you have dyed hair, it will also fall down because when you dye your hair, it may become weaker than the other.

How To Reduce Hair Fall Caused By Headphones

Having a hair fall problem is the worst thing for those who love their hair. Getting too much worried about hair and don’t know what to do????

Surprisingly, we have 3 easy and simple ways to reduce hair fall that is occurred by headphones (if you think so).

Make A Ponytail

Generally, headphones create hair problems when you leave your hair open. In this condition, they can easily push your hair and make them weak and thin.

To avoid such a horrible condition, make a ponytail of your hair especially when you use headphones.

Amazingly, it will stop headphones to tear your hair. Alternatively, it will make headphones take a slide from your hair. So, headphones can’t create any issue related to your hair.

Fit Headphones Properly

Be sure about the size of your headphone. It should not be too tight or too loose. If you take headphones according to your head size, they will not shake and disturb you.

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If you have to set headphones, again and again, you may get tension and stress. That will lead to hair loss.

So, buy a well-fitted headphones for your head and avoid hair fall. It happens only if you use them for many hours in a day.

Clean Your Headphones

Cleanliness is important for each instrument as well as for headphones. Like your keyboard and mouse, headphones also get germs from the air.

So, be careful to clean them regularly. Use medicated wipes for this purpose. Don’t skip any part of headphones including their cups and inner parts because it is connected directly to the ears and head.

Easy Ways To Reduce Hair Loss

If you are facing a hair loss problem, no matter what the reason is, you must want to get rid of such a horrible situation. As everyone loves his hair…

There are some simple ways to avoid it and get your hair back in a healthy and thick position.

So, let’s start reading the tips listed below:

  • The comb or hairbrush you use for your hair plays an important role in recovering from hair loss problems. So, always select a good quality comb or hairbrush for your hair.
  • The shampoo you use must be good in quality and suitable for your hair because a little mistake while selecting a shampoo or conditioner for your hair may damage them badly.
  • Don’t use products with high chemicals as they are harmful to hair and increase hair loss. Hair dyer and bleach are included in chemical products.
  • Always take advice from your hairstylist or a professional because he/she knows better about your hair than you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can gaming headphones cause hair loss?

It has been said that any kind of headphones can cause hair fall but it happens rarely. If you don’t take care of it in time, you will have to face a permanent hair problem.

How can you prevent traction with alopecia headphones?

It is one of the easiest ways to prevent hair loss occur by headphones. Just place the band of the headphone behind your head to avoid traction alopecia.

Can wearing headphones change the shape of your head?

Wearing headphones can’t change the shape of your head. If you wear tight headphones, it will leave a slight impression on your skull.


After reading this post thoroughly, it is clear that headphones don’t create hair loss no matter how many times you use them.

There are a number of factors that cause hair loss like genetic problems, food deficiency, improper care, and much more.

We have mentioned some easy tips to avoid hair fall that is occurred with headphones (if you think so). Just follow them properly and make you free from the tension of falling hair.

Share this post with your loved ones who are worried about their hair and want to get rid of hair fall.

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