Does Applying Conditioner on Scalp Cause Hair loss? [Reality-Busted]

Have you recently purchased a conditioner? Still, you are facing hair loss!

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Check how you are using it? Do you apply it directly on the scalp instead of hair? If so, you are the culprit for causing damage to your hair, not a conditioner.

This product is designed to apply on hair strands, not on the scalp. Using it in the wrong way can be damaging to your hair.

Read this post till the end if you want to learn more about using conditioners!

Go through the query: Does apply conditioner on the scalp cause hair loss?

Yes, applying conditioner to the scalp is damaging. It can disturb the production of natural oil from the sebaceous glands. It is recommended to apply conditioner along the hair strand starting 3-inch away from roots to hair tips. Using conditioner itself is not bad if you use it properly on hair, not on the scalp.

If you keep on applying it to your scalp, it will turn your hair oily and greasy.p

So far if you are using this wrong method of conditioner application, change it at once. Take a bit of conditioner on the palm and start from the mid of the hair to the end of the tips.

Does Applying Conditioner on Scalp Cause Hair Loss: Fact vs. Reality

Does applying conditioner really cause hair loss? The answer is a resounding NO.

It is a helpful product that moisturizes hair. It also promotes the growth of healthy follicles. Cleaning your hair, using it provides a healthy environment for hair to grow.

However excessive use may disturb natural oil production. It has nothing to do with hair fall. Overusing it may cause oily and greasy hair.

But you can’t say greasy hairs are unhealthy.

If you use it according to your hair type, it will never cause any damage or hair fall. Applying it after shampoo makes your hair look flat, style, and less entangled. If your hair is dense and hard to comb, it’s good to use it. For fine hair, it is recommended not to use it quite often. However, it’s Ok to apply it once a week.

Here is the perfect conditioner for fine hair. Use it if you want to make your hair thick without causing too much moisturizer.

Can Conditioner Damage Your Hair?

Yes Or No both, it depends on how you use it and what type of conditioner you choose.

If you are using a natural conditioner once a week, it’s OK. But if you are overusing it daily, it’s bad and damaging. Applying it daily can disturb the function of sebaceous glands, Its regular application can also make your hair look greasy.

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As we know, our hairs have natural oil that we may call sebum. This oil is produced by sebaceous glands located underneath the hair follicle. When we add more moisturizing products to hairs, we actually resist the natural function of sebum. It may stop or imbalance the production of natural oil. In this way, our hair may turn frizzy and dry or oily or greasy.

For dry hair, use a lightweight hydrating conditioner. For damaged hair, this conditioner is a good choice.

If you dye your hair, use this conditioner for color-treated hair.

How to Prevent Damage From Conditioner: 5 Tips

Despite many uses, we can’t say every type of conditioner is safe for every user. For oily hairs, using it daily can be damaging.

For safe usage of this type of hair product follow the tips below:

Only Use Gentle Conditioner

Nowadays there is a bundle of hair styling products available. Choosing the right one for your hair is a confusing task. Professional hairstylist recommends using gentle conditioners with natural ingredients. Read the ingredients section on the tag and make sure your product has zero chemical

Avoid Conditioner Having Sulphate

Sulfate is a cleansing agent that can damage your hair and skin. That’s why make sure your conditioner is SLS or SLES free. Most cleansing conditioners contain these chemicals. So, always go for a moisturizing cleanser and sulfate-free conditioner. For oily hair, you can use an oil-free conditioner for oily hairs.

Don’t Overuse It

Applying conditioner once a week is sufficient for normal hair. But if your hair is super- dry you can use it twice. Using it daily can disturb the level of natural moisturizer or sebum. If you want to make your hair look thick after conditioner, don’t rinse it thoroughly. Leave a part of it in your hair to add weight.

Don’t Increase the Amount

Only a few drops of conditioner in the palm are enough for your hair. But for long hair, you can take a bit extra. But don’t exceed its amount after every wash. Instead of increasing its quantity, don’t rinse it thoroughly. If you; leave a part of it in your hair unwashed, it will add weight to your thin hair.

Never Apply On Scalp

Remember conditioner is a product, not fit for the scalp. It is only designed to be applied to your hair. So keep it away from head skin. Start from half-length of hair and rub it to the end. If your hair is short just apply it on hair tips and wash.

How to Choose and Use Conditioner

Before using any product for your hair, test your hair type and texture. If your hairs are thick, dense, and brittle use more conditioner.

If your hair is fine, silky and curly, don’t use it more than once a week. For oily hairs using it can add more grease to your hair. So, understand your hair well before using it.

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It’s better to use a cleansing conditioner for oily hairs versus a moisturizing conditioner.

Now the question is how much conditioner is OK to use? Never exceed the amount of conditioner. Always start with a small amount. If your hair looks weighty then stick to this amount. But if you see no effect of a small amount on your hair, you can increase it a bit.

Instructions to Apply Conditioners

To get better results from every application follow the instructions below:

  • Always apply it after shower
  • Don’t apply it to the scalp
  • Rub it along the strands within the hairs.
  • Apply it from half-length of hair to the tip of the hair
  • Rinse your hair 2 minutes of application
  • Wrap towel and let it dry
  • Don’t comb or blow-dry wet hair
  • Comb hairs when they are dry.

For stronger hair follicles, add a hair growth supplement to your routine. This supplement will make your hair healthier and thicker by nourishing hair follicles.

You can also check out our detailed article about: Can Wash Your Hair Every Day Cause Hair Loss?


Does conditioner make hair thinner?

No, it will make your hair look healthy. If you don’t rinse it thoroughly it can add weight to your hair. But it can also make your hair look greasy. However silky hairs look flat and sometimes thin with over conditioning.

Is it OK to apply conditioner on the scalp?

No, it’s not a good idea to apply conditioner on the scalp. It can make the roots of your hair oily. Furthermore, it can reduce the natural hydration process of the scalp. To get good results always apply conditioner starting from the mid of the hair to the end of the strand.

Can conditioner thicken hair?

If your conditioner has hair fuller or volumizing ingredients it can thicken your hair. But these ingredients are biotin, green tea, caffeine, and saw palmetto. The main thing that conditioners do is moisturize your hair and make them look healthy. Not all conditioners tend to add volume to your hair.

Can I wash my hair with just a conditioner?

Indeed you can wash your hair using conditioner only. However, some containers are designed for cleansing rather than moisturizing. If you want both cleansing and moisturizing effects using just conditioner, use a conditioner with a co-work feature of both. The side effect of a cleansing conditioner is that it can reduce the natural moisturizer of your hair.

Final Lines

It’s evident from the above post that the conditioner has nothing to do with hair loss. If you choose a chemical-free natural product, you can make your hair look healthier and stronger. Be careful before choosing any product, don’t forget to read ingredients and instructions to use.

Sometimes we don’t read the label carefully and start using conditioner for oily hairs on our dry hairs. The wrong choice of hair styling products has a bad impact on healthy hair. So be wise and knowledgeable in your selection. Stay healthy with healthy hair! Bye!

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