Can Washing Your Hair Every Day Cause Hair Loss? [Reality vs Facts]

You often hear that shampoo hair every day can make your hair dull and dry. But do you know washing hair frequently or daily will bring hair fall or not?

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It is a very complicated question that is mostly asked by people to their hair advisor….

There are different myths about washing hair. Some are fake and others are true. You have to find the right one.

Now, the most important question is: Can wash your hair every day cause hair loss?

Generally NO, but it’s truly dependent on individual hair type. Many factors determine how often you should wash your hair. These factors are your hair types or texture, your scalp condition, is it dry or oily, or the hairstyles you want to try on your hair.

It is your own choice how you should care about your hair. It is medically proven to wash your hair according to the above-mentioned factors.

Your journey of washing hair starts from oily hair to color-treated hair. The decision is yours…

If you want healthy, strong, and silky hair, follow the instructions of your hairstylist.

Let’s get your answer by looking deeply into this post…

Does Over-washing Cause Hair Loss

It is normal to lose a few hairs daily. But if you find a bunch of hair on your pillowcase or in your comb or your bathroom drain, it is an alarming situation. You have to take an immediate step to fight this problem.

There are different myths about whether you should wash your hair daily or not….

It is said that washing hair daily is not itself the main reason for losing hair. Many other factors are responsible for losing hair.

You must be thankful for the latest types of shampoo that may help you to recover hair fall. If you choose the wrong washing product for your hair, you will have to face the issue of shedding hair too much.

Excessive use of hairstyling tools like hairdryer, straightener, and heated tools make your hair damaged and end in hair fall if your hairs are dry because of daily wash.

Mental stress is also another reason for hair fall. Your hairstyle and the accessories you wear play a vital role in hair fall.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair (Important Factors)

Some people are worried about setting out their schedule for washing hair. They think that if they wash their hair, again and again, it will become healthy. But often they find their hair falling very quickly.

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Generally, strong and thick hair does not need frequent washing. In summer, we feel more need to moisturize hair. But if we adopt hairstyles to protect hair like french braids, we will take our hair without washing it for a long time.

It doesn’t mean leaving your hair without washing it for many days. It is necessary to wash your hair after 2-3 days. It will keep them healthy and clean.

Some important factors will help you to set a timetable for washing your hair. It will also guide you about the selection of the right shampoo for your hair according to its type.

Let’s discuss them:

Types of Your Hair & Washing Routine

Different types of hair have different requirements regarding washing time, care, and kind of hair products. Try to discover some main points.

Thick Hair: It is recommended by some experts that thick hair needs to shampoo after every 3 days. If you choose the best quality shampoo or conditioner, there is no need for excessive amounts.

Fine Hair: Fine hair needs proper care and has to wash every day. Oil can easily soak into fine hair. So, such hairs have to wash more than other types. For this, you can use a bulk size mild shampoo.

Coarse Hair: There is a recommendation for soak hair to wash it two times a week.  The shampoo you use for it should be moisturized or sulfate-free. It will keep your hair from damages. There is also some conditioner and mask to make your hair healthy.

Thin Hair: Thin hair needs more care as it is weak than other types of hair. As you have to wash thin hair daily, select a tonic that is specially made for the scalp. It will make your hair thick and strong. You can easily find a conditioner for thin hair in the stores.

Color-treated hair: You can wash them whenever and how often you feel a need for color-treated hair. But don’t use shampoo more than three times. Before using a good quality color-safe shampoo, you should have to apply a conditioner. It will help to leave the color on your hair for the long term.

Damaged Hair: Damaged hairs are difficult to treat as they need extra care and attention. Wash them two times a week as over washing bring more damages to them. Use a strengthening shampoo and a repairing mask for such type of hair.

Oily Hair: Often we wash our oily hair too much to reduce the amount of hair. But it is wrong. You have to change your routine and wash your hair only four times a week. First two days, just rinse your hair and use a conditioner. For the next two days apply a mild shampoo to wash your hair.

Dandruff in hair: If you have dandruff in your hair, you have to face many difficulties while making a hairstyle. To avoid it, use an anti-dandruff shampoo every other day.

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Condition of Your Scalp

Your scalp condition is essential for healthy, strong, and thick hair. It affects your hair condition too much.

Whatever you choose for your hair totally depends upon the scalp condition of any person. If you have a dry scalp that could not produce enough oil according to your hair needs, wash your hair a few times a week.

It will help the scalp to become healthy, safe from itching, and make your hair more healthy and shiny.

The oily scalp needs more washing schedule as it creates pimples on the scalp and near the hairline. So, you need to wash your oily scalp frequently as it will keep your hair healthy and look clean.

Your Hair Style

Most people wash their hair according to the hairstyles they are going to adopt. Your decision about how often you should have to wash totally depends upon your personal hairstyles. If you don’t like oily hair, you can wash them more frequently and make them manageable for several days.

On the other hand, if you have long hair and like complicated hairstyles, you must wash your hair very little as it helps your hair to spend less time styling them.

So, it can be said that your hair type or style helps you to decide how often you can wash your hair.


How often should you wash your hair if it’s falling out?

There are many concepts about it. Some experts say that it is ideal to wash your hair daily but don’t take a gap of more than 3 days. Basically, it depends upon your hair type.

How many hairs do you lose per day?

Normally, 50-100 hairs break down every day. But if you notice that your body starts shedding more hair than usual, you face a serious hair fall problem.

Can I wash my hair daily with water only?

First, you have to stop washing your hair daily. If you think it necessary to wash it, use cool water to save oil. Soon your scalp gets addicted to this routine.

Final Verdict

Here we conclude our interesting post about Can wash your hair every day cause hair loss?

Generally, it all depends upon your hair type and scalp condition. You should have to adopt a timetable according to these conditions.

If you wash your hair without knowing about them, you will have to face hair fall. In this post, we have mentioned all the important factors that will help you understand your hair and guide you in dealing with them.

Hopefully, you will find it informative and must share it with your friends who want to know the right washing period of hair.

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