Does Bleaching Your Hair Make It Thinner? [Tips To Reduce Risk]

Getting started with a true story of four friends who decided to change their hair color for the event. One friend who has naturally dark brown colored hair applied bleach. Next week she felt less volume of the hairline. With time she could feel a visible scalp because of the constant thinning of hair.

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This made her think that bleach has done something wrong to her hair. If you’re in the same doubt read this post: Does bleaching your hair, make it thinner?

Normally bleaching on virgin hair does not show the drastic effects as on already bleached hair.  When you leave chemicals for a long time in your hair it causes thinning. Some other factors like age, stress, medication, and deficiency in diet also enhance the thinness of hair.

The light color of the hair has been in fashion for a couple of years. Common symptoms of hair fall, reducing the volume of hair, and growing grey hair can be easily observed in youth who are more interested in perming, bleaching, and dyeing hair.

What is the Science of the bleaching process?

Bleaching is a process of lightening hair with the help of alkaline and an oxidizing agent. These two chemicals are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and are mixed in 1:2. The first alkaline agent opens the hair cuticle which prepares a stage for an oxidizing agent that penetrates the hair cortex dissolves the natural color of hair and makes it platinum blond.

There are two types of bleaching processes commonly practiced in salons…

On scalp bleach:

This one is the most popular technique among hair stylists. The bleaching mixture is applied directly to the roots of the hair so roots become weak This causes great hair damage, the hair cuticle is prone to damage.

Off scalp bleach:

This technique is not only used for bleaching but also for dying the hair in different colors. In this bleaching, the chemical applied is slightly away from the roots. So it is less harmful as compared to scalp bleach.

Does bleach thin your hair?

There is much folklore about the use of bleaching that causes the production of thin hair. But this is not true. It is the genetics of a person that decides whether the hair will be thin or thick. If you undergo the experience of bleaching you feel that the volume of your hair is slightly more than ever before.

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However, this should not be positive because as bleach opens the cuticle of the hair, it becomes swollen and hair looks healthy. But after some time you retouch bleach a second time or third your hair is successively thinner.

Can bleaching make you go permanently bald?

For every man and woman thin, coarse hair is a nightmare. The final thought that comes to their mind. Can bleaching make us permanently bald?

Fortunately, the loss is not permanent as soon as you adopt methods which we describe in the lower section, hair will regain its beauty.

4 Other damaging effects of Bleach on light hair:

There are some other damaging effects of bleach that play an important role in the poor condition of hair. The result of all these is hair loss and grey hair at a young age. People who enjoy healthy hair should not do experiments on their hair. These effects are:

1-Dry hair

2-Brittle hair


4-Hair with split ends.

Bleached hair is also more porous, and therefore more vulnerable to other chemical and non-chemical hazards. These include everything from heat-styling with a blow dryer and tongs.

Which type of hair is more vulnerable to bleach

Perhaps you are terrified of the above horrible facts of bleaching but don’t be frantic. If you have strong hair you can light your hair without hesitation as it is in fashion. Three basic kinds of hair can be discussed here;

When strong, straight thick hair undergoes the bleaching process, they show no sign of thinner texture. If some roughness occurs, it can be cured by simple remedies.

But for thin light and silky hairs, bleaching shows adverse effects.

Chemicals destroy their weak strands easily. The protein structure of this hair loses its strength and they are prone to other physical factors such as sun, rain, and wind.

Already Bleached hair is also more porous, and so more vulnerable to other chemical and non-chemical harms. These include everything from heat-styling like blow-dryer tongs, to rays of the sun, and strong wind. Bleaching agents have strong harmful effects on hair protein, increasing manyfold each time the process is undertaken.

Patch test

If your skin is sensitive to the mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide solution, you should check it through a patch test. Any positive result indicates that an allergic reaction may destroy your hair. To avoid this some natural ways of lighting hair are also described below.

Can bleach destroy the volume of hair?

This type of hair treatment does not damage hair permanently. Bleaching does not make your hair thinner but actually, it is the texture of the hair shaft altered. Bleaching can make your hair coarse during the dyeing process. Your hair looks thinner but it is a destruction process that will start at the time of bleaching

The bleaching treatment also weakens the protein bond, leading to brittle hair. Its natural keratin

Is destroyed which results in structural destruction. Bleach strips natural pigment and oil which are responsible for strong and moisturized hair.

Other factors may cause weak and thin hair

Bleaching is not the only factor that reduces the thickness of hair. There are several other reasons responsible for this, such as

  1. Hormone’s imbalance
  2. Medication
  3. Intense physical and psychological shock
  4. Diet deficiencies
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 Tip to reduce the risk of thinning of hair in bleaching

Bleach contains chemicals and it’s always damaging. If you want to keep hair safe from the side effects of bleach follow the tip below:

Use of natural lighting agent:

To avoid the danger of bad effects of bleaching, natural bleaching shows wonderful results. These are Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey chamomile tea, and cinnamon. These act softly on hair and change its color without damaging it. The use of these naturals is very easy. First, wash your hair. use warm water,  apply one of these lighting agents and leave to dry.

7 Easy steps to prepare your hair before bleaching

When you decide to take a bleaching session some precaution may reduce the thinning issues of hair. These cares may save the future of your hair. Grooming of personality is your right. Be confident and adopt the following measures.

1- First of all take a careful look at your hair and be honest. If your hair is thin, rough, fragile, and dry don’t use bleach but incase of healthy hair you should prepare for further steps.

2- Lock up all your heat styling gadgets like a blow drier, straightener at least for one week.

3- Make greasy hair with some oil

4- A hair mask will prove to be best after this for deep conditioning your hair.

5- Don’t wash your hair before bleaching. Oil gives a protective barrier for your hair from damaging effects of chemicals

6- Consult your family doctor because he knows all about your genetics and gives you a precise opinion.

7- Always select the best hairstylist, do not experiment at home.

Proper washing of hair after bleaching:

Proper washing of hair after the recommended time of the hairstylist is necessary for the health of your hair. It is the only safe way to wash out all chemicals of bleach.


1- Does bleaching cause an effect on men’s hair?

Man’s hair is more sensitive as compared to females. The porous structure of hair leads to weak, thin, dry hair when they frequently use bleaching.

2- How to get thicker hair back after bleaching?

Yes, you can get thicker hair after bleaching, due to your hair cuticle rebuilds. You can use products to regain energy in your hair and help restore some gloss. These are Olive oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil, Almond oil. Use of sun protection, hair mask, and rice water also help you in this.

3-Why does my hair feel thinner after bleaching?

Perhaps you have already thin hair genetically and the bleaching process increases its fragile character but don’t be afraid and consult an authentic dermatologist for the treatment of your hair.

Final lines

Though in light golden or platinum blond you look smart and dashing you have to pay for this fashion. the price is the health of your hair. It is up to you, choose fashion or your healthy hair. What’s your opinion? I think if you use this treatment for some special occasions do not make it a habit. Otherwise, you will be frightened when you see the mirror in the future.