Water Fasting Hair Growth | 5 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

There are two methods of fasting known so far: intermittent and water fasting. In the first type, eating food and drinking water is prohibited for a specific period of time. But in the second type, you can drink water without eating food for restricted hours.

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The main benefits of this type of fasting are healing, detoxification, and weight loss of the body. With so many benefits, there come few drawbacks. Many people observe hair loss at the starting weeks of water fasting.

If you’re curious to know everything relating to water fasting hair growth, you’re at the right place!

Many people indeed observe hair fall at the starting week of water fasting. When the body adopts new changes in diet routine, it will go away. However, taking water only all day keeps follicles hydrated. But it’s not verified that this type of fasting promotes hair growth. More scientific research is required to prove scientifically the effect of water fasting on hair growth rate.

Moreover, hair loss for more than 8 weeks of fasting is not a good sign. But if it stops after 2 to 3 weeks, there is nothing bad. Contact your doctor if you observe prolonged hair loss.

What Is Water Fasting

It is a type of fasting in which a person drinks water only and eats no food. It is an effective way to reduce weight,  detoxification, and rejuvenation. When we undertake water only, its oxygen helps to reduce toxins from the liver. It’s not only fasting, it’s healing and cleaning of the body as well.

Water has no calories, When the body consumes only water, it burns fat more quickly. There is a direct connection between water fasting and weight loss.

However, you need to be well prepared and choose a good time to go without food. It’s a kind of therapy that heals up your body. By decreasing inflammation, it lowers down the sugar level of the body also. Staying on the water for too long also supports collagen in the skin.

How long should the water fast end? There is no fixed duration to end water fast. But medical science suggests that you can go on the water for 24 hours to 3 days. It also depends on your goal. It depends on how many calories you want to burn daily. It’s better or advisable to not extend the water fasting time above 17 hours.

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How Does Water Fasting Affect Hair Growth

Many people who are induced to water fasting complain of hair loss. It seems there is some kind of direct or indirect connection between hair loss and water fasting. Long fasting generates autophagy. But for hair, its role is a bit controversial.

Water fasting will only stimulate hair growth or rejuvenation when you take enough nourishment during eating hours (such as proteins). Otherwise, it will induce hair loss. This type of fasting may also result in psychological stress that affects hair badly. But hair loss due to water fasting is temporary. As soon as the body adopts current changes in eating or drinking routine, it will go away.

If you feel hair loss for more than 8 weeks, it’s important to stop fasting or contact your doctor.

Do You Lose Hair in an Extended Water Fast

When you water fast 15 to 17 hours daily, you are likely to lose no more hair than normal. However, extended water fasting of 24 hrs to 3 days may increase the risk of hair fall. During any type of fasting, the body economically uses energy and doesn’t waste it on non-essential functions.

But when you fast too long, the body considers hair non-essential. As a result, it will not consume enough energy. When your follicles try to get energy from the diet, it fails as you’re fasting. Your follicles stop functioning normally. If you take nutrients your body is lacking, your follicles will recover within 3 to 6 months.

‌5 Tips To Reduce Hair Loss In Water Fasting

Other than hair fall, there are so many potential benefits of water fasting. If you want to quit fasting in worry about hair fall, read the 5 tips below to go on for fasting safely

1- Make Sure To Drink Adequate Water

Many people don’t drink enough water during fasting. It’s advisable to take 1 liter to 3-liter water daily to start detoxification. When you don’t take enough water, the cells in your body may not function properly. You may suffer from dehydration. If you feel your hair is dehydrated, use this hydration hero’s gift set.

2- Sleep Well

The main disadvantage of fasting is sleep loss. When we don’t eat regularly, our body stops relaxing at a particular time. It is difficult for the body to adopt any change in eating routine. But for health, it is good to go for fasting. It’s better to address sleep loss seriously if you are suffering from it during fasting. It may further lead to psychological stress that is worse for your hair. Use a sleep mask to get better sleep during fasting.

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3- Take Balanced Diet

When it’s eating time, take a diet full of protein, vitamins, and other essential minerals. When you are on a keto diet, plan your diet properly. Don’t take in enough calories but make sure your diet plan is balanced. In this way, you can decrease symptoms of hair loss naturally. It’s always recommended to use hair loss supplements to avoid hair fall during fasting.

4- Avoid Stress

Fasting too long can increase the level of stress hormone or cortisol in your body. When you don’t eat much, your sleep disturbs you. As a result, stress increases naturally. Whenever you feel extra stress during fasting, check your cortisol level. If it’s too high, take a break.

5- Never Extend Water Fasting Duration

Extended water fasting above 18hrs is not recommended. Experts advise taking a break after every 17 hours a day during fasting. Many people extend water fasting up to 3 days to achieve weight loss goals. It’s not recommended to go without food for up to 3 days. It’s good to eat a bit after every 18 to 24 hrs daily and then go for fasting again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a water fast cause hair loss?

Yes, water fasting in many people causes hair loss. The reason is low blood sugar, calorie-deficiency, and sleep loss. Therefore, it’s advisable not to extend the fasting duration to more than 24 hours.

Can drink too much water cause hair loss?

No, not at all, instead it promotes hydration of hair strands. When cells inside the follicles are hydrated well they transmit energy throughout the hair strand. It is also helpful to initiate a new hair growth process. Dehydration of the scalp or skin may occur if you don’t drink enough water.

Can water make you bald?

If it’s hard water, it can make you bald. This is because hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium. When you wash your hair in it, it develops a film of minerals around the hair strand. As a result, the natural moisture of the strand blocks and turns hair dry. It further leads to hair breakage and hair loss permanently

Final Lines

To summarize, fasting can affect hair growth. In many cases, it’s a temporary hair fall that will go away within 3 to 6 weeks. If it’s persistent after 8 weeks, it’s time to consult a doctor. More research is needed to evaluate the cons of fasting.

If you take care of your diet pattern even in fasting, you may not lose hair. Sometimes low blood sugar or overall bad health is also the culprit of hair shedding instead of fasting.

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