Putting Ash Blonde Over Bleached Hair | Beginner To Advance Process

Many girls are big fans of bleaching hair. But when they try it, they feel it does not suit their complexion. The reason is that bleached hair is not for everyone. It looks awesome on a fair complexion with curly hair.

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To turn bleached hair into ash blonde is another adventure. Many girls after trying bleach go to the parlor and ask hair experts there to change the bleach into ash blonde.

In this post, you’ll learn everything about putting ash blonde over bleached hair.

It is possible to put ash blonde over bleached hair, but keep the bleach color light up to level 8 or level 9. After bleaching, choose the right tonner and mix it with the developer. Apply it evenly on hair and rinse the hair thoroughly when it is done.

Going from bleach to ash blonde is all a game of choosing the right color and right product. Tonner makes the bleaching effect different. It may also turn reverse to your expectation if you chose the wrong tonner.

When to Put Ash Blonde over Bleached Hair

The ash-blonde tone makes fair complexion and blue eyes ashier. This tone is not suitable for every complexion. If you are planning to try it, get the advice of a hair expert. Otherwise, it may result in a color change or hair damage.

Only a cool-toned complexion is the best option to choose ash blonde hair. For warmer looks and complexion, a golden or honey blonde hair color is the best fit. Take a look at the mirror and then decide whether it suits you or not.

You need to bleach your hair properly before going for ash blonde. Keeping the natural pigment of your hair color in mind, choose a lighter bleach shade of level 8 to level 10.

Can you put ash-blonde over bleached hair?

If you are done up with bleach and now your plan is changed. You want to add ash blonde color over the bleached hair. You are worried about how this color mixing will behave. At first, the question is whether it is possible to put ash blonde over bleached hair.

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Can you put ash blonde over bleached hair? Yes, you can but consider two factors for better results. The first one is the color of bleach you‘ve applied to your hair, the second one is the natural pigment left in your hair after bleach. The result of applying ash-blonde over-bleach will not always be the same every time.

How to Put Ash Blonde Over Bleached Hair

If you want desired results, it’s better to go to some hair expert rather than try yourself. To go from bleaching to putting ash blonde, you need to have certain items and follow the steps below

Items Needed:

  • Ash-blonde toner
  • 10 or 20 volume developer
  • Rattail comb
  • Plastic bowl
  • Tinting brush
  • Gloves
  • Processing cap

Step -1 Put Skin Protectant

To avoid staining use stain barrier creams around the hairline, neck, forehead, and ears. Put on protective gloves and a stain protector to keep the dress from staining.

Step-2 Bleach hair Lighter

Lighten up your hair with bleach up to level 8. For dark-colored hair, you can go up to level 9 or 10. Wait for at least 1 hr to get the bleach set on your hair before toning.

Step-3 Divide Hair in Partition

Divide hair into 3 to 4 sections using a tail comb. If hair is thick go for more than 3 sections. Clamp the hair in each section after entangling. This type of partition is necessary to apply toner equally in all areas.

Step-4 Mix Toner & Developer

Mix the toner and developer according to instructions given on the toner. For semi-permanent dye. It is recommended to use 10 volume developers. For permanent dye, use 20 volume developer

Step- 5 Apply Toner On hair

To apply toner on hair, use a tilting brush. To saturate it well in hair use this comb. Constantly comb the hair from roots to tips. It will help the tonner to reach out to every hair. Start combing leaving i-inch hair from roots.

Step-6 Leave It To Dry

Now leave it to dry according to instructions on the box. Some tonners need 3 to 5 minutes to generate results, while others take 5 to 10 minutes

Step-7 Check It for results

You can check the results during the procedure. To see it, wash out the small section and let it dry with a towel. If the results are desired, you can stop waiting anymore.

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Step-8 Rinse Toner

Now rinse the toner thoroughly. Don’t forget to apply conditioner on the hair to retain hair moisture. You can also use hair moisturizer if your hair is too dry.

Can you put medium ash blonde over bleached hair?

It is important to choose the right ash blonde toner after bleaching hair. To get the best result, always bleach hair lighter at level 8. For medium ash blonde, lighter bleach is a good option. Some ash blond tones require a lighter tone of level 8.

Can you put medium ash blonde overbleach? It’s fine to put a medium ash blonde toner on as it’s lighter. To get the required result the tone of bleach should be more light than darker. The light yellowish tone gives a good result when blended with medium ash blonde.

Hair experts always recommend reading instructions before going for a dying procedure. For darker hair tones, you may need to bleach twice to get the exact ash blonde tone. Needless to say, it is highly damaging to bleach twice a week.

Dos & Don’ts Of Putting Ash Blonde Over Bleach

Toning already bleached hair into ash blonde is relatively easy. If you keep the bleach color lighter the results would be much better. To get desired results, follow the below dos and don’ts:


  • Apply toner fastly after bleach to avoid patchy spots
  • Try to cover all hair in with a toner
  • Saturate the toner evenly with constant combing
  • Rinse thoroughly with water after applying toner
  • Put safety gloves and dye guard before toning


  • Don’t let chemicals of toner stay in the hair
  • Don’t try to change the measurement given on the packaging
  • Don’t apply toner to the scalp
  • Don’t go near heat before rinsing toner

Last Lines

Yes, it is possible to put ash blonde over bleached hair. But you need to follow the instructions given on the tonner package. If you mix the wrong color of tonner you may not get desired results. One thing more, the natural color of hair and the color of bleach you chose matter a lot.

It is easy to dye brown hair in ash blonde. First, light up them with bleach and then apply a toner. Beware if you mix the wrong shades you may also get blue, orange, and green colors of hair. The best option is to go to a hairstylist whenever you want to change the color of your hair. Don’t do it yourself, it is a complex procedure.

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