How to Stop Worrying About Hair Loss? [7 Tips]

For someone, the reason for worrying might be as small as losing hair. But for someone, the reason for stress is genuine like the stress of losing a job, the stress of bad health, the stress of mishap in life, or something else. Are you among those who are worried about hair loss?

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If so, you need to address this stress to control it. If you don’t do so, it may turn into a phobia or anxiety called trichophobia. This phobia may lead you to more hair fall.

So, read on how to stop worrying about hair loss?

It’s possible to control stress due to hair fall. All you need to do is to stay positive, think less about losing hair and more about growing it back. Try to boost your confidence by convincing you about the benefits of hair loss or bald head. If nothing helps, consult the mental health profession.

Hair loss affects almost all men at some stage of life. If you accept it as a natural process you can free yourself from emotional stress. Keep reading to know more tips to stop worrying about hair loss!

Can Worrying About Hair Loss Make It Worse

Yes, worrying too much can make the hair fall problem even worse. You will get your hair back after a few days or weeks or months. But if you continue going with hair loss depression, anxiety and stress, you may suffer from a hair falling condition called Telogen effluvium.

In this condition, hair fall or hair growth occurs in different areas at different rates. As a result, bald patches appear at the crown or hairline. So stop worrying as it is not a solution to your hair problem. Worrying too much will increase your cortisol level which is a stress hormone.

When this hormone level disturbs the normal range, it may cause different problems like acne, sleep loss, hair fall, and many more. Stress or anxiety may not directly affect hair loss condition but indirectly it is contributing factor that slows down the hair regrowth cycle

How to Stop Stressing About Hair Loss: 7 Tips To Overcome Hair Loss Anxiety

Losing hair and not worrying about it is a big deal! It’s natural to worry about anything that you are losing. Similarly, it’s natural to lose something without getting back. The same is the case with hair loss. Almost everyone will have to lose a few hairs or more hair at a certain stage of life. It’s hard to accept but there is no way to go without accepting.

Below are few tips to overcome hair loss stress, worry, or anxiety that may help you if you are on the same line of losing hair:

It Is Natural and Happens With Everyone in Life

Losing hair is natural and happens with every man or woman at a certain age. If you think more about it in a natural way, you will stop worrying soon.

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It’s not something strange that’s happening to you alone. You are not the one who is facing hair loss. There are so many in this world that is going bald or losing hair. So stay positive and think less!

Shaves Head Is Trendy

To boost your confidence after losing hair, it is important to encourage you. You can encourage yourself as being bald is not a physical limitation. You can still stay confident with a bald head.

There are many anchors and public figures who are bald. If they can face the public without hair, why can’t you? Whenever someone asks you about your bald head, make fun of him by saying the shaved head is trendy and goes on.

Living Without Hair Is Cost & Time Effective

If you think open-mindedly, you may feel hair takes most of your time, attention, and money. You spend thousands on buying products to regrow your hair. Sometimes you may get your hair back or sometimes you may not. If it’s genetic pattern baldness, there are few chances to regrow your hair.

Every time you stand before the mirror observing the results of products you are using to regrow your hair. If you get no results, you may fall into depression. If there is no hair, no depression, and obviously no time-wasting. You may feel your head free of the weight of hair or anxiety. Stay calm with hair loss as it’s cost-effective.

Controlling Hair loss Is Frustrating

When a man suffers from hair loss, he puts all his efforts and spends money to regrow his hair. Unfortunately, he fails to regrow it. This may add to the feeling of depression and frustration in his mind. He may think why after spending so much he is not gaining his hair back.

So, it’s hard to fight against hair loss. It requires a loss of money and effort. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will get your hair back for a lifetime. You may suffer from hair fall again after stopping costly medicine and hair care routine.

So, it’s much better to take it normally. It does not mean, not to try something to stop hair fall. Obviously do your efforts but don’t expect a lifetime or overwhelming result. If you don’t get these results, you may fall into depression. That is far worse than hair loss.

Divert Your Focus on Other Issues Despite Hair fall

A problem is a problem until we think of it as a problem. When we stop thinking abruptly, it may not look like a huge problem as we think. At the initial point of hair loss, anxiety is natural. But when we focus more on hair fall stress, it becomes even bigger.

Even there comes a time when we only think about hair fall, nothing else. Suppose you lose your hair, you may lose your anxiety as well. You may have more time to think about other issues that are more productive. During and after hair fall it is important to divert your attention to other production issues. If you don’t do this, you may have to suffer from unseen anxiety.

Keep Yourself Busy In Hair Regaining Efforts

This is the most effective way to overcome hair loss. When you live with a feeling that you are doing something to get your hair back, you live with hope. Instead of spending much time worrying about hair loss, do something productive. Ask your doctor to suggest medicine to stop hair loss. Focus more on your hair care routine.

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Spend a few minutes on scalp messages daily. If you are lazy at messaging yourself, you can use a derma roller or handheld scalp massager. The sense of doing something for your hair back will help to overcome hair loss depression

Think Less about how people will react to your lost hair

Stop thinking

“What do people think about your baldness?”

“How people will react to your bald head”

“How your girlfriend will react to your shaved head”

Thinking like this will make you suffer more in inferiority complex

Instead, think

“I damn care”

“Whatever you think is not my concern”

When you start thinking like this you will ignore others’ negative comments. Most girls damn care about the baldness of men. It’s just you who cares a lot. So stop thinking and start ignoring.

People Also Ask

How do I get over the fear of losing my hair?

Only mental health professionals can help you to get over the fear of losing hair or trichophobia. The most effective ways to get over this fear are cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy. In CBT, the patient is encouraged to overcome the fear by changing thoughts and feelings.

In other words, it is a way to change your approach towards the problem by staying positive about its outcomes. In the second method of exposure therapy, the patient is repeatedly exposed to a feared object or situation. In the end, patients develop the courage to cope with it.

Can you stop worrying about hair loss?

If hair loss is due to the age factor it will never end. So you can’t stop worrying about it as it will go on till death. But if hair fall is temporary due to other reasons like malnutrition and hormonal balance, it will go away. When you take care of your health and nutrition, it will make a huge difference to your hair’s strength.

As a result, temporary hair loss will go away. However, if hair loss is due to genetic factors, it may turn into baldness. So, worrying about it is natural and you can stop it only if you are willing to fight against your hair loss phobia. Otherwise, you may suffer from lifelong anxiety.

How do you mentally deal with hair loss?

There are several ways that you can adopt if you want to deal with hair loss.

  1. Change your focus whenever you think more about your falling hair.
  2. Ask your hairstylist to suggest a style for your hair to hide your hair loss issue
  3. Hiding bald spots with wigs or hair extension provides temporary relief in public
  4. Consider therapies like talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and exposure therapy
  5. Thinking more about regaining your hair back soon.

Will hair loss from anxiety grow back?

Yes, hair loss from anxiety is temporary. You will get your hair back within a few weeks to a month. But if you feel continued anxiety called trichophobia, you should consult your doctor. Or when your hair fall continues for more than 8 weeks it’s time to visit a dermatologist.

The Ending Thoughts

Lastly, it is possible to stop worrying about hair loss. If you don’t stop the stress feeling at the initial stage you may suffer from trichophobia. This phobia may lead to more hair loss or bald patches.

So keep your thoughts positive during anxiety. If it’s out of control, consult mental health professionals or try therapies.

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