How To Shower Without Getting Hair Wet? [8 Ways To Keep Hair Dry In Shower]

You may face situations when you just need to shower but avoid getting your hair wet. Hair bathing and maintenance can take a while. But you have no extra time to do so. At that time, you feel upset. Don’t worry! It is simple. This post will solve your issues of taking shower without wetting your hair. Let’s address the topic first:

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How to shower without getting hair wet?

Simply cover your head with a shower cap, use a simple shopping plastic bag to place your hair in it, take a bath with a handheld shower, try a shower stick to keep your hair dry during taking bath.

Hair bathing and maintenance can take a while. But you have no extra time to do so. At that time, you feel upset. You can take a bath avoiding your hair being wet by taking a couple of simple things.

To take a perfect shower with a dry head, keep reading carefully!!

Is It Possible To Keep Your Hair Dry While Showering

Hi, pretty girls! I understand this is a stupid query, yet I just can not seem to uncover the answer I sought. Since my hair is bleached blond and I’d prefer it to be stronger, I’ve been planning to cut off on how much I wash it. CO-washing is what I’ve practiced, but I’ve noticed it’s unhealthy for my tresses. I got hair products and it’s fantastic. I’ll enjoy doing so. There is each week remedy containing conditioner (leave-in).

It is controversial. I have extremely lengthy, thick hair that requires hours to complete alone, so keeping it soaked is always an investment of time I’d prefer to skip. I’ve noticed that using dry shampoo minimizes such a need to water it, and I still use it when I’m bathing it or want this to spiral (it’s naturally curly). I often simply wrap it up with a hairband and therefore don’t care if it becomes just a little soaked.

This is going to be quite a matter of personal taste. But it’s not realistic to even get my hair wet since I’m not intending on shampooing or air drying it. That is not a barrier for you, I still don’t get why keeping it damp would be hazardous.

Does Wetness Damage Your Hair During  Shower

Is it normal to wet your hair in your routine shower?

Yes, you are free to wet your hair up daily. Water itself will not clean oils or even much dust, but dry dust particles can. All sticky impurities and essential oils on your hair will be erased by using a relatively hard cleanser.

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Although we need hydration in our hair to ensure health, water can also be very destructive to it. Water, in reality, is much more harmful to your hair the further fragile it is. Because to the base of the moderately increased cuticle that is distinctive of wet hair, it can be more vulnerable to sticking.

8 Ways To Shower Without Getting Your Hair Wet

Consequently, you won’t wash your hair in shampoo except when it’s pretty filthy. Keeping your hair wet whilst bathing is okay unless your hair is indeed fresh, but it will mean you sound nasty and uncomfortable. Here are 8 ways to prevent your hair from water while taking shower:

1.  Cover Your Hair With A Shower Cap

Employ a shower cap to protect your hair from water. of your face. It thus shows a good result for those with relatively short hair. To move water out, cover the whole of your hair behind the shower cap.

2.  Tie Your Hair Before Wearing Shower Cap

If you have tresses, put them on with a headband while wearing a shower cap. Using braids or small snaps, fix the clip. Many shower caps didn’t stick to a head full of hair excellently, but tucking your hair properly before applying the cap will benefit you.

3.  Take Shower With Handheld Shower

Get quite a showerhead with a remote sprayer. You have command of where the spray reaches you, and also the speed and intensity at which it impacts you. Adjust the direction upon which your shower sprays on you. Slide it a little further over your head to maintain your hair dry when you’re bathing.

4.  Fit A Shower Stick In Your Bathrooms

Buy a Shower Stick. Shower Sticks are a long pipe which showers water straight at your body, skipping the head area and leaving your hair dry. It fit your standard bathroom fittings and contains a hook and spout that distributes water directly at your body, ignoring the head area and staying your hair dry.

5.  Hide Your Hair Under A Plastic Bag

If you may not have a shower cap, conceal your hair with a plastic shopping bag. Wrap the bag around your hair, snuggling it inside, and tighten it at the nape of the neck with the straps. Make appropriate tweaks for a precise and low-cost match-up.

6.  Set Your Direction Under Your Shower Sprayer

I can stand nearly halfway underneath the sprayer without washing my hair soaked. I can indeed snap it up and sling it around my shoulder in my hand.

7.  Use Dry Shampoo To Clean Hair Without Water

Here are some things to practice during those times when bathing your hair isn’t a choice. Use Hair extensions, dry Shampoo, hair buns, or ponytails, Brush your hair with a hairdryer, then shape it. It is a water-free strategy to clean your hair.

8.  Make A Homemade Waterproof Shower Cap

You can make a cheap and powerful anti-water cap with your kid’s old bag. Its strips will work as a hair bun around your neckline and forehead. With proper cutting and ideas, such waterproof shower caps work amazingly to keep your hair dry.

Why Should You Take Wet Hair Proof Shower

Frequent times of not bathing can promote accumulation on the head, hurting hair and helping prevent it from regenerating,  It may be easy to fight if you have irritating dermatitis or a rough scalp. Yet, this may cause extensive trouble to your head or locks.

You should use a water-free shower for the reasons below:

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1.  Wet Hair Make Your Scalp Greasy

You can water your hair daily. Although, you should not wash it each day. Nope, not employing moisturizer will not enable your hair to be greasier. Excessive conditioners are accused of making the hair oily. Dry shampoo, including baby products, can improve.

2.  Getting Wet Hair Daily Cause Dryness

The amount of water you use relates to how dirty and nasty your hair is. If it’s been a bit scorching out, you should tend to keep it dry or even just rinse it with tap water. The hair will heal when you will not soak it in the washing, and you may clean the moisture out afterward. In this way, excessive washing makes your hair dry.

3.  Daily Hair Shower Destroy Your Texture

Whenever you shampoo day after day, your hair will only become brittle. A fresh, nutritious scalp stimulates hair care. In the final, filthy hair doesn’t sprout any sooner than tresses, so you really should have a clean scalp and shiny strands. They’ll look and sound fantastic because they’ll be stronger as well. So avoid extra hair wash.

What Happens If I Wet My Hair In Daily Shower

I shower every day, even several times. For a long time, I’ve washed my hair all the time. Thereafter, I ceased showering my hair down only a few years ago. I shampoo the nape of my head each day, my complete head once a week. What for? I honestly don’t know of any cleanliness or hair-care considerations, but somehow it works.

Honestly, I feel that if you’re severely harming your hair, it will be sufficient to ensure a fair bit of mistreatment owing to its physical endurance. Damage means losing your hair if your genes are fragile. It may or may not improve!

Most Asking Questions

What would you do when you don’t want to wash your hair while you shower?

Start covering your tresses with something like a shower cap or clip them away with a bobby pin on occasions when you take a bath without washing your hair. Put your hair dry when bathing and cleansing your neck and face if you’re using a clip.

Is it okay if I wet my hair throughout the shower but don’t wash it?

Neither washing seems to be as quick and easy as pinning your long hair in a washcloth or shower cap since you shower, retaining it dry all through your shower, based on how rough your hair is. Whether it senses as though it needs a proper shampoo, wash it but never use any shampoo as well as moisturizer

Is it genuine that wetting your hair nearly every day tends to encourage it to grow?

Can water assist hair growth? Honestly, there’s no proof to suggest that putting water on your hair will make it grow faster. So even though you might be tempted to wet your hair every day or spritz it using a spray bottle, you’re not making it grow any faster than usual.


Although there is no risk in often wetting your hair without bathing, some users love not to do so. Hope you figure out how to keep hair dry since showering in the above post. It’s pretty simple actually. So, shampooing your hair each day is optional and not encouraged.

Washing your hair with fresh water can often be adequate to renew your hair daily.

Thus, you won’t have to wash your hair using shampoo except when it’s particularly messy. Letting your hair wet during showering is okay if your hair may still be clean, and that will keep you feeling disgusting and nasty.