How To Avoid A Mullet When Growing Your Hair Out? [Experts Advice]

If you have a mixed length of hair(shorter or longer), like to grow it longer, and prevent a mullet? Of course, you are exploring a powerful theory of growing longer hair without a mullet. This post will focus on all the ways of growing longer hair and also avoiding the mullet.

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How to avoid a mullet when growing your hair out?

There are many ways to avoid a mullet while growing out your hair. By following the tips of experts you can get longer and uniform hair. For example, Dixon’s stages, Rodney Cutler tips, Obry suggestions, and Linares strategy to hide an awkward stage in between the hair growing process.

Many experts share their experiences to skip the awkward stage in the middle of the hair growth journey. Let’s read their advice to know all about the challenging process of growing out long hair in a professional way.

How To Avoid A Mullet: Dixon Way To Grow Out Your Hair

Because hair sprouts lower from the rear of the head than it does from the front, there’s a significant chance you’ll wind up with a hockey mullet throughout the development phase.

Dixon advocates consulting your hairdresser for a haircut in four to six months to avoid this. Simply confirm they just cut the bottom cutting at the front and will merely extend the unpleasant times. Normally, a guys hair grows out in the following way:

  • Have an exact and fine short hair cutting.
  • Stupid middle phases of hair growth.
  • Overall fine and perfect long haircut.

Natalie Rose Dixon explains the reasons why guys fail to grow out their hair without producing a mullet. This popular hairstylist gives you a guideline for preventing a mullet while growing out a pixie. Here is how to follow his  tips in steps:

1.  Thinning The Hair

If you have a straight-out style of hair growth Dixon advises you to thin out your hair by a hairstylist. In this, your hair gets more volume for styling smartly. Otherwise, your hair looks improper on your head. When your hair gets a thinned shape, you should style it by applying your choice of products. This way enhances your hair’s smoothness along with your ears.

2.  Use Hair Products Crazily

Sometimes your front hair goes forward, again and again, applying creamy or paste-type products to stop it slippery. According to Dixon formula, when your hair sinks backward in a natural way, immediately use some cream or pomade to avoid it from an irregular look. You should also prevent it from frizz and flyways.

3.  Trim The Back Every 4 to 6 Months

During the hair growth stage, when the growth rate of the backside is less than its front side. Dixon explains that the better way to avoid this is to trim the back portion of your hair for 4 to 6 months regularly. Remember, you should apply this technique on your backside only. If you do this with your front part, you have to face the awkward results.

4.  Use Elastic Hair Band Near The Hairline

In case, where all the above recommendations fail, then try an elastic hairband near your hairline. Wearing it around your neck will prevent disturbing hair locks on your face. It would keep your face from falling out your hair on it. Also, your hair remains out of sight with this band.

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If you don’t like to accept all of these tips, then cover your head with a hat. Do this until you get the required results.

How To Grow Your Hair Long:  Rodney Cutler Suggestions

If you want to grow your hair long in a natural way, there is a chance of a mullet every time. So we are sharing amazing advice to grow your hair with a smart look. Rodney Cutler explains how to increase your bangs and hair strands. You can get your hair long without looking awkward during this growing hair-out period.

Rodney teaches us the following tips to avoid a mullet:

  • Avoid a mullet by styling your hair around the nape of the neck firstly during the growth of your top hair.
  • After growing out of this look, you find it heavy, now allow the hair around your neck to grow out.
  • When your top hair goes heavier, you should trim it after 6 weeks regularly.
  • Ask your hairstylist to mix up the layers of your hair, which is helpful to mingle the top and back portions of your hair.
  • In this way, you can get a structure and choppiness in your hair.

How Many Times Should You Get Haircuts While Growing Out Your Hair

Many of us follow the misconception that a regular haircut is needed to increase the growing out level of our hair. However, it is necessary to get rid of your brittle strands, and split ends before starting to grow your hair.

Before starting the journey of getting your long hair, you need to trim the irregular and split ends to maintain the fresh and fine health of your hair. On average, the hair growth rate is half-inch/month or six inches/year.

How Much Hair Should You Want To Lose During Trimming

For trimming the fourth portion of each quarter, you may lose one complete inch of your hair in a single year. So ask your hairstylist to focus on trimming your dusty hair ends only. This means removing the split ends with a light snip. It’s level should remain1/8th or 1/16th of a single inch of your hair. In this way, your hair loss will never increase more than half or 1/4th inch in a year.

Dusting and Trimming Hair Tips: Pam Advices

Honestly speaking, everyone gets shocked to lose an unwanted length of hair after visiting a hairstylist. Because you feel that he trimmed the length of your hair against your expectations. Mostly your stylist is trimming half or more inches of your hair.

Hair Stylist PAM suggests the tips below:

  • You should cut your damaged splits carefully by using a fine set of scissors. Do this before their condition is worse.
  • Just start trimming near the breakage or destroyed splits will help you to avoid the mullet.
  • Follow the bi-annual or quarter Search & Destroy the ends along with DIY(do it yourself) will help to decrease the fresh hair growth loss. As a result, you will grow out fine hair.

How Much Time Does It Take To Sport A Mullet?

It depends totally on the length of your back hair to begin your hair growth journey. As you know, the hair growth rate/month is half an inch. When you want 4 inches on the backside to get a shape of mullet, then it takes eight months to sport a mullet.

If you want to trim the backward mullet, then you should do it with your sides too. Without shaving the back similar to the sides, you should calm down for the growth of your hair slightly. It will take a few months to come out of your side portion of hair.

5 Ways To Avoid Awkward While Growing Out Hair In Males

It is hard to grow out your hair with equal length and grace because your hair is not equal in size from all sides. But the challenging thing is how to stop the awkwardness during the process of hair growth.

Here we have enlisted the 5 professional ways to skip a mullet in men:

1.  Set Your Hair Length Goals To Make A Foundation

Always plan your required hair length before growing them. This way you have a mindset about making your foundation or lengthen your hair.

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According to Obry suggestions:

  • Prepare the goals for your hair length.
  • Choose the best hair salon to start your hair growth journey.
  • Take some photos of your required haircut and ideas to your stylist.
  • You should also listen to your barber’s advice.
  • An expert barber will suggest the haircut according to your lifestyle, business, and social circle.

2.  Length Should Be More Uniform Before Starting Your Haircut

Obry shares his experiences to get the dream of growing out your hair. He recommends taking care of the following things to prevent an awkward phase during your hair growth journey:

  • Cut your hair shorter to start the process.
  • Changing the haircut is a long and challenging task, because of the trend of fade haircutting.
  • Often, barbers don’t leave more space between the front and side areas of your hair which is not enough for a super change.
  • OBRY advised undergoing a shorter hairstyle with an even foundation. As a result, you will get the front and sides at a regular level.

3. Maintain The Cleanliness Of Hair Edges To Avoid A Mullet

No doubt, hair grows on its own. However, you can get a graceful personality for your hair by improving the quality of fresh hair. LINARES schools us how to maintain the growing out hair:

  • Take care of the cleanliness of the edges of your hair regularly.
  • Converting the hair into a specific length is a long process.
  • Brushing- back hairstyle is a time taking task which is done with great patience.
  • To get the desired length of hair, you have to undergo an awkward stage.

4. Learn The Hair Styling Techniques Of Lengthy Hair

In the case of styling longer hair, Linares says, “Preparation is everything.”

Linares suggests the following tips to maintain your long hair without a mullet:

  • Longer hair can disturb your activities, so maintain them by style them in the proper way.
  • To set the graceful personality of hair, apply the proper basic hair products along with a blow dryer.
  • Prefer the facilitating products that can get dry when applying to wet hair.
  • Use Creamy, paste, or pomade type last touching products to fix your long hair for a long period. It will give a finishing look to your hair.
  • Hairstyling depends on your hair texture. For example, thin hair needs styles that increase the room for your hair. While curls need flat ironing to define the curly type of hair.

5. How To Increase The Hair Growth Rate By Using Products

Don’t believe in the myth that certain products can faster the hair growth rate because they can’t grow your hair within a few minutes like a magician. However, applying some outside and inside hair treatment products will improve the hair growth rate and quality. It may also avoid you from being awkward in-between hair growth phases.

You can get good results by adopting these caring tactics:

  • Take a healthy sleep of about 7 hours daily. It will relax your cell-producing factories which results in healthy hormones. Use a comfortable pillow.
  • The frustrated atmosphere may disturb your body’s cell system. In turn, you may get hair breakage and become thin.
  • Harsh and uncomfortable styling braids, headbands, ponytails will damage your hair and cause hair loss.
  • Making a habit of scalp massage with some oil twice or thrice a week will fasten the blood circulation to the hair cuticles. It will stop hair thinning.
  • A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet is helpful to increase the standard of your hair.


If you are taking the plunge to grow out your hair without an awkward mullet during this process, then you should try to uniform the length of your hair. You should learn to know the ways for how to get the needed length of hair without sporting a mullet.

Guys, mullet may end up with your long hair. You should never let your hair grow longer in a natural way. It is a long journey of patience and effort. Are you ready to get the dream of longer hair without undergoing a mullet? The above post can be a magic pill for your dreams.