How Long Does Straightened Hair Last? [Type & Time]

Women who visit hair experts for straightening often inquire about the longevity of this procedure. They know it includes harmful chemicals. They are concerned about hair damage and don’t want to expose hair repeatedly to the same procedure.

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If you’re into hair straightening treatment, don’t skip this article. Here you’ll learn all types of straightening hair with the exact time to last.

Get started with: How long does straightened hair last?

Normally it takes 3 to 5 months for straightened hair to go back to normal. Temporary straightening lasts from 3 to 4 months, while permanent takes 4 to 6 months to end. Ironing or thermal straightening will go away within 3 days or after one wash.

Natural hair straightening at home is the safest process. But it will not last long. If your hair is too light and thin, try keratin instead of ironing or straightening devices.

How long will hair straightening last for

Hair straightening is a complicated procedure used to flatten hair to give a smooth and sleek appearance. The main purpose of this technique was to change the curl into pin-straight hair. Many people with naturally curly hair don’t like curls. Sleek and silky hair styling always attracts those who have oily and wavy hair textures.

The time hair straightener takes to end depends on different factors i.e, curl type, straightening procedure, washing routine, and products. Sometimes daily showers and chemical shampoos fade the effect of straightening creams.

It is genetics that decides your hair shape mainly. If the pore of the hair follicle in the scalp is oval, hair will be curved or curled. If the pore is round, the straight hair will come out.

Types of Hair Straightening & Lasting Time

There are 4 different types of straightening methods based on the tools and products involved. The most dangerous one is ironing. Almost all types of straightening are damaging to hair except using natural products or herbs. Although it does not give results as other chemical-based products deliver, yet it is harmless.

1- Straightening through Tools

Many types of straighteners are available nowadays. These are tools that work like iron. With the help of heat, they straighten curls and make hair straight temporarily. With just one wash, the hair will return to its previous shape. For instant straightening, experts recommend these hair straighteners.

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2- Straightening Through Chemicals

How long does chemically straightened hair last? Many straightening creams and hair straightening kits are easily available at cosmetic stores. These creams contain chemicals to apply half-inch away from the scalp. It makes hair straight temporarily, not more than 3 months. The lasting time of straightening cream depends on how often you wash your hair.

3- Permanent Straightening

This type of straightening is done by hair experts. They apply chemicals and other heating tools together. It is difficult to do it yourself. It is a complex time taking process. Its cost varies from $50 to $100. Like its name, it’s not for lifetime straightening of hair. It will also go away after 6 months. However, it lasts longer than temporary straightening.

4-. Keratin Treatment

It is the so-called safest way to reduce curls and make hair shiny. Without reducing the keratin layer on the hair strand, it serves to volumize hair. However, it is false to think this procedure is chemical-free. It adds volume to hair also and lasts from 3 to 5 months. Its cost varies from $150 to $200.

5- Homemade hair straightening Kit

How long does home straightened hair last?

The most natural way to straighten hair is to use natural products to straighten up hair. Coconut milk and cornflour tend to reduce curls naturally from hair. It has zero side effects on hair. However, the effect of natural straightening creams will last just within one wash or after one week.

How long does permanent hair straightening last

Many hair experts at salons and parlors use the term permanent hair straightening. Beware, it does not mean for a lifetime, it will end soon after 6 months. Nothing can serve as a permanent hair straightener, nor a product or tool.

It uses chemicals that will lose their strength after every hair wash. Comparatively, it takes 2 months more than temporary straightening creams to last. Semi-permanent products last 3 to 5 months, while it ends up to 6 months. In less curly hair it may end more than 6 months.

How long does Japanese hair straightening last

Japanese hair straightening is more like a flat perm. This procedure is carried out with the help of a special solution that breaks down the bond of hair to keep it pin-straight. At first, the solution is applied to the hair in a certain amount and let saturate in the hair. It is then rinsed and blowdried. In this procedure, a neutralizer is used to lock hair in the desired shape.

How long does it last? It lasts more than 3 to 5 months on less wavy hair. For more waves or curl, its lasting time is 3 to 4 months. The lasting time of this procedure depends on your hair wash routine and hair texture also.

How long does home straightened hair last

If you are not a pro, you can use a home straightener kit and do it yourself at home. It lasts up to 20 weeks. It is easy to use and gives a keratin treatment-like effect. With just simple 6 steps you can get pin-straight hair. These steps include straightening shampoo, straightening cream, post-straightening hair mask, and a Sulphate-free post-straightening shampoo.

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The good thing about a home straightening kit is that you need not go to the parlor. In covid days, it proved a real blessing when the salon was closed.

How long does straightened hair last on curly hair?

Many girls with curl often ask hair experts: how long does straightened hair last on curl? Straightener lasts more than 3 months on curly hair with fewer waves. While on curly hair with more waves it lasts before 2 months.

Similarly for oily hair, it makes end up before 3 months. If curly hair is with thick texture, it will also go away sooner than 3 months. Curly hair with thin hair texture may have to take more time to return to curls after straightening.

If your hair is more curly than normal, you need to try this straightener. It gives instant results and less damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your hair go back to normal after you straighten it?

Yes, hair will soon return to normal even after ironing, straightening creams, or frying. As soon as the hair is wet, it will come back to its original curl. No matter how much heat products you use, straightening is always temporary. Many salon and beauty experts claim that they can straighten your hair permanently. It’s just a publicity gadget with a straightening of 6 months.

Can straightening your hair make it permanently straight?

Nothing can make your hair straightener for a lifetime. It is a pre-decided factor to have curly hair or straight hair. When hair grows up it is impossible to keep them in any shape for a lifetime. However, you can try temporary straightening cream and producers to keep hair in your desired texture for up to 4 or 6 months. Even permanent straighteners never last more than 6 months.

How often should hair be straightened?

It mainly depends on hair type and hair straightening methods. The expert recommends hot ironing once a week and straightening cream once after every 3 months. Overall it is not recommended more than 3 times a year. Your hair needs time to recover to its natural form when straightening creams last. Most of the time, it may get frizzy or lose natural shine forever after applying straightening creams again and again

Last Word

Now you know the right time of lasting your straightener type. If you are using chemical-based straightening cream, it may end from 2 to 3 months. Straightening through tools will last with washing. A homemade straightening kit will last for 20 weeks and an herbal straightener will last for 2 weeks.

The ending time of the straightener also depends on hair type and texture. If hair is too curled, the straightener will last early. I would end up the article with advice not to apply too many chemicals on your hair. It can damage your hair for a lifetime.