How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair 6 Inches? [Estimated Time]

Many females desire long hair. To increase length they are ready to do everything they can do. But what does science say about hair growth rate? Is it different from what you think? After trying so many products should you hope to get hair long enough? Hopes are still hopes but facts are something different.

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Let’s read out how long does it take to grow hair 6 Inches long?

On average it may take one year to grow hair to 6-inches in length. Normal human hair grows ½ inches per month roughly. However, this rate varies with gene, overall health, age, sex, and diet. Male hair grows a bit faster than females.

If you think you can grow your hair to this length in weeks, or months, you’re wrong. That’s why a hairstylist recommends thinking more about hair health than length.

How Fast Does Hair Normally Grow Per Month

Hair growth starts inside the follicle. We’re born with a total number of follicles that initiate hair growth. In our head region, more than 100,000 follicles are present. With age, some may stop working to conduct baldness. It’s our cells inside the follicle that control the phenomenon of hair growth.

But science is silent on the phenomenon of how we can speed up hair growth. More research is needed to discover the fast growth of natural hair.

According to studies, average human hair grows normally ½ inches per month. It means to grow hair 6 inches long, it will take one year. However, this number varies with factors like age, genetics, stress, diet, and time of year.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair 6-Inches: 5 Factors

It takes about a year or more to grow hair 6-Inches. As hair grows ½ inches a month, that becomes 3-inches around 6 months. And ultimately 6-Inches of growth will take place in 12 months or one year.

However, it’s a rough estimation or average estimation of the number. You can’t say this number or this growth is for everyone. Several factors affect hair growth weekly, monthly, or over the year. These factors are gene, age, hair type, overall health, and diet.  Let’s discuss these factors in details

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Factors Affecting Hair Growth

The hair growth rate is different in different individuals. It depends on factors like genes, health, hair type, diet, and age. If your hair is not growing ½ inch per month, there might be one or more factors responsible as described below

Genetic Factors Or Family History

Your hair type, color, and texture depend on genes. In male-pattern baldness, genetic history plays a vital role. Your hair is more like your mum, dad, or grandparents. If someone is bald in your family, you are likely to have more chances of baldness. To control this type of baldness, use hair regrowth treatment for men.

Age Factor

Hair does not grow at the same rate at all ages. After the 30s and in some individuals after 20s hair growth slows down. Some follicles stop functioning like normal and stop hair growth. So aging is a crucial factor that can affect hair growth. Use this intensive growth serum if you want to keep hair loss with age.

Hair Type

If your hair is light, fine, or thin, you are likely to suffer from hair loss quite early. For dense hair, hair fall is less common. That’s why it’s recommended for a fine hair type to take great care of your hair. Use this clinically tested product for hair thinning in both men and women.


Malnutrition is one more factor that affects hair growth rate at any age. The best way to get vitamins and nutrients is to eat a balanced diet. Many companies promote multivitamins and supplements for hair growth. However, they do not make hair longer yet improve hair strength.

Overall Health Condition

Many times undiagnosed disease and stress can also stop hair growth before aging. It’s important to address the hair loss issue if it’s more than 8 weeks. Consult your doctor if you are facing unusual hair loss. Maybe it’s related to your overall bad health conditions.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair 6-Inches Male?

Generally, male hair grows a bit faster than females. It may take less than one year to grow 6-inches long in females. Hair follicles grow faster between 15 to 30 if the overall health of a person is good. After this, the growth rate slows down.

It’s not the only sex that determines the hair growth rate. Many other factors can affect this at any time. Moreover, thin and fine hair grows slower than thicker hair. Gene is one more crucial factor to speed up or slow down the growth rate. Though there is not an exact figure to tell how much male hair grows differently from females.

Can Hair Grow Faster Than 6 Inches a Year

Yes, in exceptional cases hair grows faster than 6 years. But in many cases, hair grows 6 inches on average. However, this is not an exact figure. The number varies with age, genetics, diet, and overall health conditions.

It is observed that hair grows faster in the earlier periods of life. With age, many follicles stop functioning. As a result, hair does not grow at the same rate at which they fall.

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Tips To Grow Hair 6-Inches Long In Less Time

There is no way to get inches of hair instantly. However, there are certain products, oils, and medicines that can really speed up this process. Let’s discuss the tip to fasten hair growth:

1.  Take Care Of Your Scalp

Hair grows under the scalp inside the follicle. If you take care of your scalp, you indirectly take care of your hair. The only way of keeping the scalp healthy is to message it. You can use head messengers or derma rollers if you are lazy at messaging.

2.  Use Quality Hair Products

Indeed, hair products like conditioner and shampoo do not affect growth rate directly. But they are good to keep hair clean and healthy. Try to use only shampoos and conditioners with zero chemicals.

3.  Take Healthy Diet

It’s the best advice to take a balanced diet for healthy hair. If it’s not available you can take a vitamin supplement. For healthy hair Omega3 fatty acid and Vitamin D is essential. According to studies Vitamin D is found effective to promote the growth of hair follicles.

4.  Cut Hair From Ends

When hair increases in length, hair becomes weak from the ends. It is better to trim hair ends. Hair Stylist expert trimming after every 2 months. But you can extend it to 4 months if you see no split ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a 2-inch of hair to grow?

It takes about 2 months or more to grow 2 inches of hair. As a hair strand grows ½inch normally per month on average. When you shave your head, hair-like fuzz appears after 1 to 2 weeks. But after one month this fuzz takes the shape of real hair. Within 1 month it grows about ½ inch to 1 inch in length

How long does it take a hair follicle to grow back?

Under normal health conditions, hair follicles take one to 2 months to grow back. However, it also depends on your scalp condition. For damaged follicles, the recovery may take up to 4 years. Moreover, in case of permanent damage, the hair follicles will stop growing back.

How can I grow my hair in 1 week?

Realistically, there is no way to speed up the hair growth rate. But there are certain oils and natural herbs that you can use to increase the growth rate. In one week you may only get hair like fuzz back that will develop into a 1-inch long hair after one month.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, hair growth is a time-consuming process. It varies from person to person. There are few lucky people with hair growth of more than 1-inch in a month. But there are many people with no hair growth or less than ½ inch growth in a month.

The best advice is not to focus on hair length more than health.

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