Will I Go Bald The Same Age As My Dad? [Genetic Facts]

Is your dad bald? What was his age when he lost his hair? Any ideas?

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Was he young or above the 50s? If so, it means you can inherit the gene of baldness from your father.

Bad news, there is about an 80% chance of earlier baldness if your dad had this.

Who loves baldness? No one loves a head without hair. What can you do to stop this if you inherit this in your family?

To answer all of your confusion, we’ve decided to pen down this post.

Don’t forget to read the main answer: Will I go bald the same age as my dad?

There are high chances of conducting baldness in males if they inherit the gene from either mother or father side. However, the right time of going bald may be different in different individuals. It is not a hard and fast rule that you will go bald the same age as your dad. But you are at risk due to genes.

Many factors can stop you from going bald despite inheritance. If you care about your hair and diet you can go with a head full of hair up to the 60s.

It all depends first on genes than on your diet and health conditions. That’s why not all of the kids of a bald father are bald at the same age.

Will I go Bald The Same Age When My Father Went Bald

YES, there is a great possibility to go bald at the same age as your dad. Scientifically, 80% of baldness is due to inherited genes from the father or mother. The responsible gene can transfer from the father, mother, or grandparents. So, you can’t blame your dad or mom only for your baldness.

It’s not always the case. Sometimes you may not go bald even with inheritance hair loss. Maybe you got the gene from your mother’s side. It all depends on genetic mutation from the mother’s side or the father’s side. In males, if a genetic mutation is caused by the father’s side, the risk of getting bald is greater.

But this is not a deciding factor to determine the right time of getting hair loss. This time may be different for different individuals.

Maybe a person with the inheritance of the bald gene goes bald in the 50s or 60s. Maybe a person with this gene goes bald in the earlier life of their 20s. So, the time may vary with different factors.

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At What Age Will You Go, Bald

Worried to know at what age will you go bald?

Generally, it is believed that baldness is associated with old age. It varies from person to person, gender, and age. In Males, it follows a hereditary pattern. It can start as early as the 20s or late as 50s or 60s. You can say there is no exact age of getting bald known so far.

The males with a hereditary pattern of baldness in the family are at risk of exposing it quite early. While some males may not show these signs even with the hereditary pattern.

Females show different signs of baldness. First, they suffer from hair thinning, then hair loss, and finally bald patches. If you want to calculate what age you will get bald, you can get a rough estimation from the baldness age of your father or grandpa. Don’t believe in this estimation, it is just a rough one!

Does Baldness Skip Generation

It may be an old and unscientific myth that baldness skips a generation. That’s why many people don’t go bald as their family members. If baldness is running in your family, you are at risk but it’s not the genetic standard that you will surely go bald.

If you are not bald as your dad it does not mean that baldness skips a generation. The scientific point is that maybe you inherited your hair gene from your mother’s side. That’s why you are not bald. If your father is bald as your grappa, he inherited the gene from his father.

Everything is possible in genetics. You can go bald even if you inherited DNA from your mother’s side. However, in cousin marriages, the risk of running genetic disorders is quite higher.

To treat male baldness this hair regrowth treatment is top of the list.

Do You Inherit Your Hair From Father Or Mother

Our physical traits are mostly inherited. Thanks to the success of genetics, we have come to know this reality. What about hair? Do you inherit your hair from your father or mother?

According to genetic experts, hairs are inherited from a father or mother. In some cases, hairs can also be inherited from someone else in your families such as grandpa, or grandma. That’s why you often hear such remarks as your hair color is the same as your grandpa’s. Your hair is as long as your grandma’s.

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Genetics runs in families. So, it’s unfair to flame your mother or father for your hair problems. Someone else in your family can also be the culprit such as your mother’s mom or your father’s dad. Clinical genetics states that

Multiple genes combine to form certain traits of our hairs such as thinness, color, and length.

4 Tips To Stop Becoming Bald With Age

Have you seen your father bald when you grew up? If so, you need to be conscious about your hair’s health. It’s true genetics wins the game but care precautions can beat genetics. No matter if baldness is running in your family, you can stop it with a few tips.

Here’s how you can stop bald spot with aging:

Take Extra Care Of Your Hairs

Care is the only thing that can stop your hair from falling with age. As you cross your twenties, you should pay attention to your hair volume. If they are getting light day by day it’s alarm bells of baldness. Use follicle growth serums and avoid chemical hair styling products.

Take Hair Growth Supplements

Keep a double check on your vitamin level. Take multivitamins and hair growth supplements to avoid bald spots before time. Eat vitamin-rich foods and avoid an oily junk diet. This hair growth supplement for men can help you avoid baldness.

Change Your Lifestyle

Sometimes it’s not genetics, it’s your lifestyle responsible for hair loss. Overeating or not taking a balanced diet is the main problem in youth these days. Try to create a healthy balance between your physical workout and mental workout. Screen addiction especially can kill your hunger badly.

Visit Dermatologists

It is a reality that very few people visit dermatologists unless they have healthy hair. They go there when the hair problem starts rising. They should visit a dermatologist once a year even if they have healthy hair and ask them to suggest how to keep the hair healthy for a lifetime. Though it is impossible it can help out in stopping baldness.

Final Lines

Genetics indeed has the power to make you bald, but it’s also true that your care can reverse the earlier baldness. Despite genetic truths, do care for your hairs. Many people think that they will get bald because of inheritance. They stop caring about their hair. This is not the right belief.

If you do the extra care of your habits, you can stop losing them earlier in life. Hair only needs care!

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