Why Does the Hair on The Back of My Head Grow Slower? [Reasons + Proven Ways For Fast Hair Growth]

Do you feel that the front part of your hair grows faster than the hair on the back of your head? Do you want to know the reasons for the slow growth of your hair? Are you looking for proven ways to promote your hair growth?

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This post can help you to find out the reasons for the slow growth of your hair at your nape, including easy and proven ways to grow your hair fast.

Why does the hair on the back of my head grow slower?

The hair on the back of your head can grow slowly because of your family history, aging, hormonal fluctuations, limited intake of food, lack of proper hair care and physical excursion, unusual stress traumas, and underlying scalp diseases.

Your hair can grow at a different growth rate in the various places of your head. But regular head massage, preferring nutritious food and hair vitamins, practicing sports, yoga, using growth serums and root stimulators, can help overcome all hair issues and grow your mane fast and evenly.

Read on to be fully aware of what steps and ways you can follow to fix your mane.

Why Does the Hair on The Back of My Head Grow Slower:  4 Prime Reasons

The hair on the back of your head grows slowly because of many reasons but inheritance, stress, increasing age, and poor dietary habits are the prime factors.

Lack of physical activities, increasing age, smoking, and poor hair care practices are also responsible for this uneven growth of your hair.

The main reasons are as follows:

1- Family History

Hair color, texture, density, and hair growth rate, all is predetermined by your genes. The slow hair growth on the back of your head may be due to heritage. You might be inherited most of your hair characters and problems from either side of your parents.

But no need to get depressed, many tips and tricks can help you to increase the growth of your hair on the back of your head.

2- Stress Traumas

The main reason for uneven hair growth is stress, the worst enemy of your hair and health. Long-term stress or sudden mental shocks like surgery, loss of your loved ones, injuries, childbirth, etc. affect your hair growth.

Long-term stress and anxiety increase the levels of DHT Hormone, which causes the hair follicles to contract. So, your hair enters the resting phase which slows down the growth of your hair and causes a thinning or sudden loss of hair.

Relieve stress by good planning and managing your time to live a stress-free happy life.

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Devote a little time to stress-releasing activities like physical excursions, yoga, massage therapy, or walking to relieve stress and traumas. This would help to grow back of your hair fast.

3- Limited Intake of Food

Balanced food is crucial for the normal functioning of your body. Taking limited food results in nutritional deficiencies, eating disorders, and malnourishment. Despite investing in hair growth, most of the stored protein is utilized to carry out the vital functions of your body.

Due to protein, iron, and other nutritional deficiencies, and eating disorders your hair enters into the resting phase before time and stops growing or start falling.

Like other disorders, hair growth on the back of your hair can be triggered by taking a balanced diet, treating nutritional deficiencies, and eating disorders.

4- Underlying Scalp Diseases

It’s crucial to know what’s happening below the surface of your scalp. Sometimes you ignore underlying scalp issues like fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, and dry itchy scalp. Your hair may grow slowly or even stop growing and start falling because of these hair problems.

If you want to get healthy hair, even and rapid growth of your hair then it’s very crucial to identify your scalp issues and treat them accordingly.

6 Proven Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Evenly and Rapidly

Your hair can grow at different rates in the front and back parts of your head. Sometimes this difference in hair growth is minimal and not a matter of concern. But visible uneven hair growth can make a huge difference and bothers you a lot.

Here are some proven and natural ways to pace up your hair growth at your nape like:

  • Good Food. Good food is crucial to maintain the health and growth of your hair at its normal. Any nutritional deficiency can cause loss of hair and impaired hair growth.
  • Hair Vitamins. If your food fails to treat your all nutritional and vitamins deficiencies, take good hair vitamins to support hair growth.
  • Head Massage. A highly recommended and effective way to trigger hair growth at your nape is massage therapy. Whether do it yourself or get professionally done, it is equally effective. Head massage increases the flow of blood and feeds your hair follicles from the inside and encourages hair growth at its max.
  • Black Castor Oil. Black castor oil is an excellent oil to moisturize, nourish and grow your hair. It can help to stimulate hair follicles at the back of your head and result in fast hair growth of your mane.
  • Rosemary Oil. Explore the magic of Rosemary essential oil to stop hair thinning and pace up hair growth. A few drops of rosemary oil can do wonders to stimulate hair growth evenly on all parts of your head.
  • Aloe Vera and Coconut oil mask. Aloe vera is excellent to stimulate hair growth and fight scalp problems. Use Aloe vera and coconut oil masks to grow your hair evenly and faster.

What Should You Do For The Even And Rapid Growth Of Your Hair At your Nape

If you love your hair and want to resolve hair growth issues, you have to make a plan and be consistent. Hair remedies and treatments will take time to work on your hair. You need to stay positive and be patient. Let’s check these points below:

  1. Understand your hair type, the needs of your hair, and identify your hair problems if any.
  2. Choose the hair products according to the type and needs of your hair. Prefer products with organic and natural ingredients.
  3. Select quality products and keep on experiencing new products on your hair to get the best for your hair.
  4. Always select sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free shampoo and conditioners for your hair.
  5. Wash your hair less often, no more than 2-3 times a week to maintain your hair moisture and avoid breakage.
  6. Opt for pre-shampoo treatments like oil massage and protein masks to encourage hair growth and fight scalp issues.
  7. Deep condition your hair twice a week and lock in the moisture and nutrients by using cold water as the last rinse. It will help to revitalize and nourish your hair and promote hair growth.
  8. Opt-out the excessive use of heating tools because it would damage your hair and inhibit hair growth. Use heat protectants and a blow dryer with a diffuser.
  9. Do not forget night-time care by infusing in scalp massage and sleeping on the silk. It would help to grow your hair faster and evenly.
  10. Explore the benefits of essential oils to make your hair healthy thick and longer naturally. Geranium oil and tea tree oil are amazing to battle with dandruff, irritation and make your hair thick and long.
  11. The use of hair growth serums and root boosters helps to grow your hair fast and evenly.
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Don’t hesitate, talk to your doctor to get medical treatment if these natural methods fail and you still have serious hair issues.

Most Asking Questions

How to grow hair fast at the back of your head?

Head massage is an effective way to feed hair follicles by supplying more blood and nutrients, distributing your hair’s natural oil, and moisturizing your scalp. Scalp massage with oil accelerates the hair growth process. Regular massage will help to grow hair fast on the back of your head as well.

Why does the hair on the back of your hair grow slowly?

Your hair can grow at different growth rates on the front and back of your head. Poor diet, low blood circulations, high levels of stress and anxiety, genes, scalp issues, and lack of hair care contribute to the slow growth of your hair at your nape.

Last Lines

Many people complain of uneven or irregular growth of hair on different parts of their heads. Usually, this difference in hair growth is not significant. But if it affects your hairstyle or the beauty of your hair, you should find ways to resolve this hair issue.

By involving in stress-relieving activities, meditation, and massage therapies especially head massage can help to lower the stress levels and the production of DHT hormone, the prime culprit of slow hair growth.

Wholesome nutritional food, good hair care practices, avoiding harmful chemical products, use of natural products, hair vitamins, etc all contribute to healthy shiny hair and fast-growing mane.