My Hair Stands Up When Cut Short [Amazing Reasons + Tips To Set Them Up]

A short haircut is very famous among men and women like faux-hawks and crewcuts. But it may cause frustration when your hair stands up after getting up in the morning.

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Short hair also stands straight after removing a hat or a scarf. How do you feel when you have to face this situation?

It must be ridiculous to see standing up hair when you spend a lot of time setting them. Are you thinking of making them straight?

How do you do that?

Here comes a thought in your mind.

My hair stands up when cut short! Then what?

There are many reasons that make your hair stand up when you cut them short. The main reason is a positive and negative charge of electricity that is created in your hair. It happens mostly in dry hair. Because of these charges, your hair tries to push back against each other, and as a result, your hair stands up at the bottom of your head.

But there are many other people who like sticky and standing-up hair. For this purpose, they adopt some artificial methods like hair dryers, hair gel, and some kind of conditioners.

There are also some tips for those who think that standing up hair may not suit them. So, if you want to know more just take a cup of tea, sit in your garden or lawn, and enjoy this informative and interesting post.

What Makes Your Hair Stand Up

Have you ever faced the problem of hair standing up after having a short haircut? How ridiculous is it?

It may also happen when you get up early in the morning. You must think about the reason behind it. Why does your hair stand up when cut short?

I have the answer.

Normally, this situation occurs because of uniform electricity. It means your hair gets a positive or negative charge. When your hair gets the same charge, it tries to go far from each other. As a result, they stand up.

You can understand this concept through an experiment. Take a balloon, blow it with a pump and tie it properly. Don’t blow the balloon too much. Now rub it on your head in the opposite direction of your hair. See the magic… your hair stands up immediately.

It happens because of the positive charge that your hair gets from the balloon. You can also notice it when you have a short haircut and take off your wool hat.

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But it happens only in winter because in the summer season sweat will help your hair to be set up properly.

Why Does Your Hair Stand Up Because Of Electricity

Here comes a question in your mind: Why does your hair stand up because of electricity.

You must be confused about it. Are you curious to know the answer?

Just hold your breath to read an amazing answer.

Most of us have Static Electricity in our hair that is the main cause of hair standing up.  There are some atoms found in your hair that are wrenched off. When you wear a scarf or hat, they show repulsion.  The removal of electrons stands up your hair on your head.

As you know similar charges push back each other while inverse charges captivate each other. That’s why when you wear a hat your hair gets attracted to the negative charge of a hat and stands up.

You have to face such a situation usually on dry days because hair can’t get humidity from the air and becomes dull and dry.

Dampness in the hair can block the charged effects of hair and a scarf or a hat. So, dry hair can’t do this activity and stand up straight on your head.

Tips To Stop Your Hair Standing Up

Are you feeling irritated because of your hair that stands up unwillingly? Do you think standing hair gives you a bad look?

Want to get rid of them.

Don’t worry! Here are some easy ways to prevent standing up hair especially when you have a short haircut. So, have a look at them.

  • Rub your hair gently with a dryer sheet before going to sleep. You can also apply it to your pillow and brush.
  • Use hairspray or a light conditioner to moisturize your hair. It will prevent your hair from standing up.
  • Apply moisturizers for static hair. It will reduce the chances of standing up hair and also minimize hair breakage.
  • Here is another simple tip. Make your fingertips wet with water and smooth your hair. It will balance the negative and positive charges of your hair.
  • Use a spray on your brush or comb before using them. It will help your hair to avoid standing up.
  • Mostly, dry hair faces this problem. So, prevent your hair from drying up by using quality conditioners.
  • A metal comb will help you to reduce static hair as it is helpful to remove electrical elements from your hair to comb.
  • Some experts say that hair dryers help remove negative ions by shrinking water molecules and making your hair smooth.
  • Here is an easy home solution. You can use a Coconut or Avocado hair mask to make your hair moisturize. It will prevent your hair from standing up no matter if you have a short haircut.
  • Always use cotton, wool, or silk-made scarf, or hats as they have no electrical charges. Avoid polyester or nylon products because they create static hair.
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4 Easy Tips To Make Short Hair Stand Up

Some people think that short hair looks well when they stand up but their hair can’t. If you are one of them and want to know the solution, this part is for you.

Here we listed 4 easy tips that will help you to make your hair stand up as you want. Let’s read them!

  • At first, wash your hair as clean hair can easily be set up. Then dry your hair gently with a towel.
  • Take some amount of good-quality hair gel on your palm and start massaging your scalp with your fingers from front to back. Keep the focus on the roots which you want to stand up to.
  • Now take a hairdryer and make your hair dry from the back to the front of your head. Continue this process for 5-6 minutes. This can make your front long hair stand up straight.
  • When you dry up your hair, brush your hair in a wavy direction. For this purpose, a round brush is best. Brush your hair upward and backward. You can also brush your hair during dry-up your hair.

Just try the above-mentioned tips and have beautiful-looking short hair that stands up in a proper way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hair stick up when cut short?

Your hair stands up because of hair texture. Hair grows in a direction and gets a shape. If you brush your hair against that direction it will stand up.

Can I use hair spray daily?

Yes, you can…Hair spray will not harm your hair until you use it after washing your hair regularly. There is no need to wash it again after using a spray.

Why is my hair dry and curly?

There are many reasons for dry and curly hair. Dehydration and dryness of the scalp are the main causes. As they absorb a lot of moisture and keep your hair dry and frizzy.

Bottom Lines

Finally, we are at the bottom of our interesting post about Hair standing up after having a short-cut hairstyle.

It may be an irritating situation to have sticky hair always, especially when you wake up. There are many ways to get rid of such a problem that we have discussed above in great detail.

As you know stores are full of artificial products to avoid sticky hair but it is important to select the quality product that suits you. Despite these, we have mentioned some easy home solutions that will show results in a second.

So, try them and share your experience with your friend who is worried because of stick hair. Stay connected for more latest updates!

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