My Hair Is Curly In The Front And Straight In The Back? [5 Reasons + Tips To Fix]

My straight hair is getting curly. OH, Shitt!! I hate CURLS in my straight hair.

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My friend advised me to wait…she said, it will get back in its original form with time.

But with time, it becomes a permanent mix-type hair pattern. CURLY ON THE TOP AND STRAIGHT IN THE BACK Since that time I have been battling to get the same type of hair on my head. But I am getting confused every upcoming day. This is the story of common people.

Perhaps your hair has a similar story. This post is for the hair journey of different types of models. Plus what are the reasons for this hair type and how to improve them?

Let’s start with the question:

My hair is curly in the front and straight in the back?

I have mixed types of hair. The top of my hair is curly and the bottom area is straight. The root causes of this type are genetics, hormonal changes, and other interruptions. For example, depression, weather, and unhealthy routines can also change the mode of your hair.

Your hair changes from time to time. It may upset you. But it is a normal thing. By understanding the real type of hair, you can improve and style your lovely hair.

Keep reading to know more about this interesting journey.

My Curlier Front and Straighten Back Story

Do you grow up with the same hair pattern of hair?

I was brought up with the curly top and when my hair grows longer, they become straight from the back. But this pattern remains for a long period. After that, my hair has never changed its structure.

It was all surprising. Now my hair type had its growing routine.

I was confused and started to search for the reasons. No sooner did I come to know that is a genetic issue. Now I stopped shying and hatting my hair. I just liked to have the same typed hair on my crown and back.

The bottom straight area of my hair was so soft and lovely. And this portion was my ideal part. However, the curlier top always made me sad. I always remain busy in finding ways to have an all curly or straight typed hair personality.

In figuring out the best way to have a single typed hair pattern on my head, I saw hundreds of hair products were available to solve my problem.

In this regard, I had a stock of many high-end products in front of me to benefit from like, curl spray leave-in conditioner, 2-in-1 shampoo, and conditioner, cleansing conditioners, moisturizer, leave-in conditioning cream and hair shiners, etc. It was not easy for me to choose the best one from them. So I decided to consult my hairdresser at first.

Then eventually I understand my hair’s nature and start romancing with them. I enjoyed doing all the possible ways to improve my multiple typed hair pattern in a better style.

With time, I get successful to change my natural hairstyle entirely. You will be surprised to know that Top Curly Girl Method Recipes proved to be my best friend throughout this amazing journey.

How Can My Hair Be Curly and Straight At The Same Time

Is it abnormal to have multiple personalities of hair?

It is strange to have curly and straight hair on one head but it is normal. This hair structure is due to genes. Curly hair genes can’t be fully prominent. They remain inactive until they wake up. They cause hair follicles to change hair texture.

This change in hair shape is also due to other factors like:

  • Genes Inheritance
  • Depression
  • Daily Life Routine
  • Imbalance Of Thyroid Glands

All these factors affect hair mode in their way. Your health has a profound effect on hair texture. If your thyroid glands are imbalanced then your hair pattern will be upset. As the thickness of hair decrease due to this issue, The essential thyroid cookbook is helpful to solve your problem naturally.

For all these reasons, it is a bitter truth that you have a variable of both curly and straight hair at the same time.

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Why Is My Hair curly On The Front And Straight At The Back?

What are the reasons for the curlier top layer and straighten bottom layer on your head?

Whenever your hair is curlier from the front and straightened from the back, you start thinking. You are wondering why this is so? Below we have listed the reasons for the curly front and silky back:

1. Multiple Types Follicles

It is scientifically proved that follicles are the producers of hair texture. It all depends on follicle shapes. For example, Round shaped follicles are capable of bearing straight hair. Oval-shaped follicles produce curly hair.

The horizontal oval-shaped follicles make the hair curlier. Yours has curly nature of hair because the follicles from the front surface Tune out by making curves into the dermis.

Whereas the follicles from the back surface of the head, tune out vertically into the dermis, then the hair will grow straightly. Now you have both straight and curly hair at the same time.

2. Genetic Inheritance

Having a curly and straight hair personality is quite natural. It’s a genetic gift. There is no way to change this hair texture forever. However, you can change this pattern for a specific duration.

There are many ways to straighten curly hair and so on. Many professional Hair salons are providing their services for you. Even your personal hairstylist can make your hair pattern as you like. A Parent Guide To beginning natural Hair Styling is for you to cover the basic curly, kinky, and wavy hair types of your lovely kids.

3. Imbalance of Protein And Moisture

If your front layers of hair are dry, you will get more curls in the future. Because curl typed hair needs a lot of protein and moisture. When they are not provided with a balanced amount of protein and moisture, they get bushy and dry. Commonly it happened when you apply unsuitable conditioners and shampoo.

On the other hand, when you apply protein and moisture properly on your bottom hair, you will get a straight and thick layer of hair there.

Protein Treatment is one of the best foods to maintain the hair care journey in a better way.

Beauty TIP: You can get great results if you use a keratin Deep Conditioning hair cap after coating the treatment.

4. Improper Ways Of Applying Heat

People having curl typed hair often use hair straighteners. They make their hair wavy and straight for a fixed time. In this way, they enjoy a pretty hair look in some functions.

But they don’t know the side effects of these heat appliers. You damage your hair with a substandard straightener. It happens when you use iron rods to fix your curls. You can use the best straightener for styling your curls in a better way. You can avoid it by washing, deep conditioning, and then start drying.

5.Effects Of External Pressure

When you are frustrated, your body pressure will affect the position of the cuticle layers. In this condition when you use iron rods on your crown to fix the curls. It will drag out your curls in the front rather than the back.

Tips For Mix Type Hair: Multiple Personality Hair

Whenever you are going to style your curl and straight typed hair. You should take care of some important things to avoid damaging your hair texture. Below are some tips for you to Follow before styling your hair:

1.Proper Hair Washing Routine

When it comes to washing your mixed personality hair, take your hair type as curl one.

Keep the following things in mind when washing hair:

  • After wetting your hair, apply a little amount of sulfate-free conditioner, detangle with your fingers for some time.
  • Now wash your hair with some sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Apply it with your fingertips only on your roots. Rinse it with a shampoo massager brush.
  • It will reach the ends of your hair while cleansing and rinsing.
  • Now condition your hair again and shower them.
  • Use a Hair Drying T-shirt or microfibre towel to dry your hair, brush them with your fingers.
  • Use a detangling brush/comb for wet hair to set your hair.

2.The Air Drying Tips

Usually, when we take a shower, our curly mixed hair looks pretty. But we have to dry them to make some style. There are hundreds of ways to dry hair, but their advantage or disadvantage depends on how you use it. Here are some tips to help avoid hair breakage:

  • Use a good styler and dry your hair without touching them. A hairstyling tool organizer is a good choice for keeping all tools in a specific place.
  • If you want to dry your hair without getting late. Then the diffuser hair dryer is for you. You can use it by flipping your hair up and down. keep the heat volume low to avoid hair breakage.
  • A hooded dryer can also be a fast dryer for your hair styling.
  • Plopping is also a fast-drying method. But it is not for the more frizzy type. Use a good-quality microfibre towel for this purpose.
  • Putting Duckbill clips at the roots is also a fast drying process. The time for this drying process should be less than 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will damage your hair.
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3.Choose The Best Hair Products

Finding the best products for all beauties with mixed-type hair textures has always been a problem. It all depends on your hair type. If you have a misunderstanding about your real hair type, even the best product fails to improve your hair.

Don’t use products with heavy ingredients. Try the products that are thin and watery. Curly hair needs more moisture, so hydrating masks, and conditioners are a must for this type. However straight type hair doesn’t need deep conditioning products. Natural conditioners are good for thin and straight hair types.

By checking the porosity of your hair is also helpful in finding effective products.

For example, porous hair is much worse by using water-soaked products. Sulfate-free shampoos, natural moisturizing milk cleansers, tea tree oils are good products for low porous hair. You can learn all about it by studying

Styling Tips For The Half Curly, Half Straight Hair:  DO’S & DON’TS

Hi curl mix beauties, we have listed DO’S & DON’TS to help you style your hair type in a better way:


  1. Do apply a suitable amount of shampoo to your scalp. Start cleansing from roots to the ends of the hairs. Do this once a week. Use shampoo massage brush.
  2. Do use a microfibre hair drying cap or microfibre hair drying wrap to dry your hair.
  3. After washing, do fix your hair in a bun to get out the knots, do brush on wet hair with a wide-tooth comb/brush.
  4. It is a good idea to style damp hair.
  5. Do apply heavy products at the top layers of your hair.
  6. Brush the hair gently from upwards to downwards.
  7. Shake your hair slightly. Detangle them when they are damp. You can use a detangler brush for this purpose.
  8. Blow the diffuser at a low volume on your hair.
  9. Do fix them with your fingers in a soft way. Shake them slightly from the roots.
  10. Detangle with your fingers after applying styling products.
  11. To hydrate and define your curl in a better way, try a cocktail technique(mixing of 2 products). Cocktail products are helpful for you.


  1. 1.Don’t apply too much shampoo to your top layer of hair. The shampoo bar is also available for you. Stop throwing away the shampoo. To avoid this, try bottle applicators for applying shampoo.
  2. Don’t use a common towel to dry your hair.
  3. Never brush/comb on your dry curls.
  4. Hair should be damp but not dripping water.
  5. Don’t apply too many hair products to your hair. Apply a little amount of product, let start it from the long hair.
  6. Don’t pull the hair while brushing.
  7. Don’t try to touch your lovely dry curls.
  8. Don’t let the diffuser pull your hair.
  9. Don’t aggressively wave your hair.
  10. Don’t use detangling brushes and combs when your hair is applied with gel.
  11. Don’t apply only one type of product to your multiple personality hair.

Frequently Asking Questions

Why Does Only The  Front Of My Hair Have Curly Personality?

Most people in this world have mixed personalities of hair on the same head. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Sometimes it may change from curly to wavy and so on. It is due to hormonal problems or other disturbances to the hair texture.

Why Does The Back Of My Hair Be Less Curly Than The Front?

The reason is that the cuticles on the remaining area of your head have no firmly coiled nature. Which results in more curls in the front part of my head? Hot washing water and heat drying methods also affect the curl mode. I prefer powerful heat protection and heat detangler.

Do You Have A Mix Hair Texture Between Curly And Wavy Hair?

Yes, I have !! Because my hair is a mixture of two different types, straight and curly. Some parts of my hair are dry and curly while the rest is wavy, which is the favorite part of my head. Dry and curly areas need more moisture than wavy. So I have to use multiple types of products on my hair.


If your mixed-natured hair (curly and straight) is frustrating you, the above post will prove a gift for you. After reading this, you can know the main reasons for having such type of hair and how to improve this hair pattern. It is clear that people had a mixed pattern on the same head is quite normal.

It is a genetic matter. Although you can’t change your hair texture, you can easily make them better. After battling for your hair, I bet you will fall in love with your new lovely hair pattern. So, love your hair and do all possible things to improve your personality.

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