Is Lotion Good For Your Hair? [5 Easy Steps To Apply It]

Having thick, healthy, and shiny hair must a big challenge for everyone. If you try to understand the type of your hair and take proper care of it, it may become so easy for you.

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No matter how long hair you have, the fact is that it must be beautiful to look at it. To maintain your hair you must use different types of hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, gel, and hair cream.

Hair lotion is also one of them. But do you know Is lotion good for your hair?

Let me explain it!

Yes, if it’s high-quality hair lotion (not a body or face lotion). Apply it according to instructions given on the product,  see the immediate results that you want. It also controls hair fall as well as sets frizzy hair. It will help you to deal with greasy and oily hair.

If you read this post with great interest, you will get amazing info about the works of hair lotion. Here we try to explain some easy steps to apply lotion properly on the scalp.

In this way, you will be able to see magical results. Through this post, you will also learn about the right time and dosage to apply a hair lotion. That is an important point to know.

Let’s enjoy the post and get more knowledge.

When Can You Use Lotion For Hair

Do you apply any hair product even when you don’t need it?

Have you ever thought about its side effects?

Anything that you use unnecessarily may bring faults instead of benefits. We recommend it for your hair.

Now, it’s important to know when you should use hair lotion?

Sometimes you notice thinning hair and become worried about what to do. At that time you must think about applying some good quality shampoo.

No doubt, it is a good solution but for early-stage only. If you are facing a severe hair loss or thinning problem severely and your hair falls more quickly than before, hair lotion does its best to cure this issue.

This problem is mostly seen among ladies who are facing visible hairline and sometimes baldness problems.

A lotion works like a supplement especially for the regrowth of the hair. It may become hard to get new hair if you inherit hair loss from your forefathers.

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But it is not impossible.

You can apply it by adding shampoo or some other hair product according to the given recommendation.

You can make a timetable to apply hair lotion like this:

  • Apply lotion frequently if you have a big hair problem. Follow the instructions of the product carefully.
  • You can fix a specific time for using the lotion. For example, if you apply it in the evening then continue this routine and use it again at the same time. If you want to use lotion before going to sleep, follow this pattern later.
  • If you don’t want to follow any specific routine, there is no problem. You can use hair lotion whenever you want.

How Does A Hair Lotion work

It’s very simple to understand the function of hair lotion if you ever use a body or face lotion. Just like your face lotion, hair lotion is also used to moisturize your scalp and block the prons.

It is also helpful to saturate your hair strands and make them healthy.

Despite many other products, hair lotions remain in your hair for a long time in each phase of growth.

It works magically, especially for dull, dry, and falling hair.

Let me tell you an amazing benefit of hair lotion. It saves your hair from the side effects of hair loss from heredity. It will also set your hair without using a gel.

How To Apply Lotion To Treat Hair Fall

Do you apply hair lotion without following the proper method or step?

If you do so you are making a big mistake and becoming an enemy of your hair. Because it’s a serious matter you have to understand better.

Don’t use any product without reading its instructions and follow them strictly. There are some easy steps to follow for better results of hair lotion.

Let’s read them step by step!

Step 1: Separating Hair

It is the most important step because when you apply any hair product or lotion on combined hair, it will work on some parts and leave the other. So, divide your hair with a comb to apply lotion properly on each part of the scalp. It is best to divide it into two parts.

It will save your hair from getting a greasy look as it works better on the scalp. You can use a dropper for this purpose.

Step 2: Choose The Right Amount

The quantity you use for your hair or scalp depends upon the part that you want to treat. It will also vary on the type of lotion you select for your hair.

The dosage of the lotion may be different for the whole scalp and the limited affected area. If you feel your scalp completely moisturize it means you have applied enough dosage.

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It’s better to read the instructions mentioned on the product and follow them carefully.

Step 3: Apply The Lotion

Now the most important part starts. Use the lotion only on the area where you find thin hair. If you feel the problem is more serious and your hair falls more quickly than before, it means you have to apply lotion on the whole scalp for better treatment.

Again and again, we are informing you to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer because it is very crucial.

Step 4: Absorb The Lotion By Rubbing It

After placing the lotion on the thinning parts of the scalp, start rubbing the lotion with your fingertips gently.

Let it be free to absorb on the scalp properly. It will take only a few minutes. It will give you the best results if you absorb it in the right way. After that make a style by using any styling product without any fear of removing lotion.

Step 5: Wash Hair

This is the last and final step. Leave the lotion for at least 3 hours on your scalp before washing your hair.

If you remove it earlier, it will not do its job in the right way. While washing your hair, don’t use too hot or too cold water. Rinse the lotion with warm water and then apply a good quality shampoo.

There is no need for shampoo if you have already mixed lotion in it.

Most Asking Questions

Does lotion help to grow hair?

Yes, it does. It makes it possible to grow hair in each growing phase. Your hair starts to grow for a longer period and also reduces hair fall.

Can I use hair lotion every day?

It is not suitable to use any hair product on your hair daily except water. Same in the case of hair lotion. You can’t apply it more than twice a week.

Can I mix a lotion with other products?

If you use lotion to treat hair fall, it will work better when you mix it with any hair product like shampoo. Try to use the products that have equal or the same range of ingredients.

Final Verdict

Have you read the post without skipping any point?


That’s good because you are unable to treat your thinning hair with a lotion perfectly. It must be clear to you that we are talking about hair lotions that are available in the market according to your hair type.

If you are facing any scalp issue or allergy, there is also hair lotion in the stock to treat such issues.

Just relax and tell your near ones about easy steps to apply a hair lotion.

Share your experience with us and we aren’t shy to tell you something else if you know about it.