Is It Normal For Hair To Fall Out When Combing? [Reasons + Tips To Reduce Hair Fall When Combing]

Have You noticed a handful of hair in your comb after combing? Has it made you depressed? Of course, many of you have the same feeling after seeing a lot of hair fall while combing.

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If you have the same problem, then you are in the right place. This post will focus on natural hair loss during combing and also focus on how to overcome this issue.

Is it normal for hair to fall when combing?

It is Ok to lose 50 to 100 hairs daily. This is a part of the natural hair growth process. Hair grows for a specific period of time. When its resting stage begins, it sheds and grows again after a few months. Telogen is called the resting period of hair growth.

Surprisingly, millions of people today are suffering from excessive hair loss in the world. Which is the result of acute illness, genetic issues, poor nutrition, tough hair styling, and harmful hair products.

Let’s explain the natural hair loss in detail, scroll down to know more.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal While Combing & Brushing

What is the normal amount of hair loss while combing?

On average, hair loss of 50-100strands is natural on a single comb. This certain amount of hair loss is a part of the normal human body regenerating process.

You get upset when you see a lot of hair strands on your comb/brush. Actually, you don’t know the reason that these hairs have already been disconnected from follicles. Your comb is just collecting the removed hair from your scalp. Calm down, it is ok.

However, you can improve hair loss by the tips below:

  • Avoid combing harshly, it can harm the hair and cause thinning. Use a wooden comb.
  • Apply conditioner or serum to fix the tangles in tangle typed hair. Detangler is useful.
  • Consult your dermatologist, in case of unhealthy hair loss.

Is It Normal For Hair To Fall On Every Comb

Don’t be scared, if you are losing 100 or more hair strands in a day because it is normal. And you are lucky. In the case of tight hairstyles like ponytails, your hair fall may cross the average line during combing every time.

You can stop your hair loss by adopting the tips below:

  • Apply massage of Vitamin E Oil on the bald area.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep your scalp hydrated.
  • Wash your hair twice a week with a good shampoo.
  • Use a soft pillow with a silk cover.

Is Hair Loss While Combing unhealthy

What is healthy hair loss while combing?

Scientifically speaking, 90% of hair follicles continue growing. At the same time, the remaining 10% are resting. After resting at a specific time, they start growing. In this way, 50 to 100 strands of hair fall in daily routine combing. And this hair loss is called healthy hair loss.

When you notice chunky hair after brushing, the amount of hair loss is more than 200 hairs daily. Then you are going towards unhealthy hair loss. Now it is alarming for you. This is the right time to consult your dermatologist.

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What Are The Reasons Of Hair Fall While Brushing

After coming to know about healthy hair loss, it is necessary to understand the reasons for abnormal hair loss. Let’s look at the causes for serious hair loss :

Chemical Products

When you don’t differentiate between normal and severe hair loss, you start to apply some unnatural conditioner products. It can hurt your hair and cause thinning. Which results in baldness.

Deficiency Of Protein

Hair is almost a protein. When your body doesn’t receive its proper amount, then your hair gets brittle. Due to the deficiency of protein, unhealthy hair loss occurs. It happens when you take fast foods and drinks. The food you are taking has no protein, minerals, and nutrients.

To remove it, you should take protein-rich food. Try protein supplements for hair growth.

Lack Of Vitamins & Biotin

Sometimes, unhealthy eating routine results in hair thinning and then hair fall. If your body is not getting the proper requirement of vitamins, B, C, D, E, B3, and B7, you should take its supplement with the consultation of your dermatologist. These vitamins are necessary for the health of hair. For better growth of hair,

How To Overcome a Lot Of Hair Loss While Combing

Although you can’t stop your hair loss entirely. However, you can overcome a handful of hair to pull out easily when combed. Here is how to reduce the chunky hair fall while combing:

Step1: Remove The Nutritional Blockage To The Hair

Naturally, our scalp generates sebum oil. This sebum oil is responsible to carry nutrients to the hair properly.  Let’s use the tip to fix it:

  • Remember, low PH shampoos plus conditioners lock your scalp. As a result, sebum oil excretion is blocked. Your hair can’t get a proper nutritional diet.
  • So, always wash your hair with a soap that is rich in PH. After washing, massage your wet hair by using a cotton fabric towel for just 5minutes.

Step2: Selection of A Suitable Comb And Combing Precautions

Let’s discuss the general tips for proper combing:

  • The selection of the best comb depends on the nature of your hair( thick or thin, lengthy or short) and hairstyle.
  • Use the comb with a soft tooth, sharp tooth is bad to comb.
  • Never comb aggressively, comb your hair with concentration and carefully.
  • Don’t think about other matters during combing, it can damage or break your hair.
  • Avoid vigorous combing, it can enhance excessive hair loss.
  • It’s not good to comb wet hair, before combing, dry your hair with a fabric towel and massage with a little oil. Now combing is safe and easy.
  • You should not comb against the direction of your hair.
  • Traction baldness is caused by vigorous combing in the opposite direction.
  • Repeating the combing too often can hurt your hair follicles and scalp.
  • Combing twice or thrice in a day is enough.
  • Keep your comb neat and clean before or after using it. Use a hairbrush cleaner tool.

Step 3: Comb Your Hair In A Proper Way

Guys, the biggest mistake is that people often start brushing with wet hair. It causes breakage. Because wet hair is so soft that your comb may easily pull them from the roots.

Follow the right way to comb:

  • Firstly, start combing from the lower part of your hair.
  • Then comb the above area of your hair. Doing so will cause a little breakage.
  • Now detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Tip: Never start combing on the scalp directly.

Step 4: Always Use Your Own Comb

Usually, people don’t care about using each other’s comb. Your hair may get a fungal or bacterial infection by using other people’s comb. To reduce hair loss during combing, never allow your family members to use your personal comb. Make a habit of using a separate comb/brush. It can also save you from lice.

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Step 5: Easy Way To Untangle The Knotted Hair

If you have long tangled hair, you should massage your hair with some good hair oil for 2 hours. Then shampoo your hair. After drying, comb your hair, it’s free from Knotts now. You can also use a tangle gripper for detangling your hair.

If you have tangles in short hair, you should start combing from the bottom hair, then comb on the upper part, and so on softly. It could be easy to unlock your hair tangles. Use a wide-tooth comb for this.

What Are The Reasons Of Hair Loss And Hair Shedding While Brushing

First, try to understand the two different terms of Shedding Or Hair Loss:

Hair loss is the stoppage of hair growth. You can’t get your hair without treatment.

Shedding is the daily loss of a specific hair, it is temporary, you can suffer this issue by facing some pressure or disease. However after some period of time. Your hair starts regrowing.

Now look at the roots of such shedding or hair fall:

Genetic Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia is an inherited issue. Both females and males can become their victims. Male suffer a receding hairline. But female hair goes toward thinning. It occurs as your age increases gradually. Try treatment to solve this issue.

Wrong-Way Of Combing

If you start combing from hair roots downward, it puts more pressure on your scalp. As a result, you notice a chunk of hair in your comb after combing. The right way to comb is from the middle part of your head to downwards. Then move your comb to the roots, if you have no knots in your hair.

Wrong Time of Combing

Sometimes, you comb your hair after applying some treatment in the form of a cream, paste, or serum, it may affect your hair badly by increasing hair fall or breakage. You should rinse with your finger for any type of hair styling application.

Combing Wet Hair

Wet hair is sensitive to comb because they are at their weakest stage. That’s why when you detangle your hair with a comb, it may increase hair breakage and hair loss. To remove this, firstly, you should apply conditioner, detangle your knots with your fingers softly, then comb your hair with a broad-toothed wooden comb before going to wash your hair. And it’s normal to see your scalp when hair is wet.

 Back Combing Your Hair

Some people comb their hair in a backward direction, from roots towards the bottom. It may increase the volume and texture of your hair. When someone uses this tactic regularly, it may cause damage to hair follicles by destroying the quality of your hair. To avoid it try light sprays of hair, you may get the same look without any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it right to comb wet hair?

It’s not ok to brush wet hair, because it may cause a greater breakage. In replacement, you can use a Tangle Teezer. Your hair can feel soft and you can easily unknot your tangles.

Should comb pull out your hair?

Your comb just collects the hair that has already disconnected from its roots. However, the normal amount is 50 to 100 hair strands. If your comb collects a chunk of your hair, it is serious.

Can frequent combing cause hair fall?

Combing thrice a day is sufficient. If you comb your hair again and again frequently, you may put tense pressure on your hair cuticles. This traction can lead to hair loss or breakage.

The Final Line

Now it is clear that daily breakage of about 50 to 100 hair strands is natural. However, this amount may increase gradually with age.

When you face depression, severe illness, or an accident, it may result in an excessive hair fall. Most people regain their hair after a few months.

However, when you notice an abnormal hair loss, you should take it seriously and consult with your dermatologist to treat this issue.