I Cut My Hair and it Won’t Grow Back | (Facts & Reasons U Should Know)

Many people complain that barbers cut hair roughly. Now they are very frustrated about whether they will get their hair back or not. When we’re habitual of long hair and we cut it short, it takes time to accept that our hair is gone.

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But once you accept it, the journey becomes easy.

Get calm and read? I cut my hair and it won’t grow back.

Whether you cut hair deliberately or accidentally, it will grow back. However, growing hair back to a certain length takes time. It will not happen overnight. You will have to wait for this process patiently. Sooner or later it will regrow.

In case your hair stops growing, there are many reasons given below in this post. Don’t forget to read the reasons as there is a solution for a number of your hair problems in the details.

Will My hair grow back after I cut it

Yes, why not. Sooner or later your hair will regrow. It is a natural process. As soon as you are healthy, your hair follicles are active, nothing can stop your hair from regrowth. However, the regrowth rate varies with different factors such as genes, age, overall health condition, and diet.

You need not worry about cut your hair. All you need to do is to wait as it is a time taking process. Normally it may take a month or 2 to grow 1-inch hair on your head. When you shave your head, after 1 to 2 weeks hair-like fuzz will appear. It will take the shape of true hair for up to 1 month. This growth rate varies from male to female. But, surely, you are likely to get your precious hair back one day. Stop stressing yourself and wait patiently!

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Why won’t my hair grow after I cut it?

If you’re confused after cutting your hair that it won’t grow back, you’re wrong. Remember hair will regrow as it is a natural process. The growth rate might vary due to factors like age, diet, hair type, and genes. But sooner or later it will grow back.

If in any case, your hair has stopped growing, there are many reasons. Let’s discuss the reasoning of why your hair won’t grow after hair cut:

11 Reasons Why Hair won’t Grow After Hair Cut

It’s really frustrating when you do everything to boost hair length but you always see your hair at shoulder length after months of cutting. I know the feeling. Below are few reasons to explain to you why your hair won’t grow after cutting or stopped growing:

1- Hair Breakage

The most common reason for not growing hair to a certain length in the past is breakage. When the hair reaches a certain length it becomes weaker in a few people. After getting wet it may break or fall. That’s why many people fail to observe notable growth after a haircut.

Normally an average human hair has a growth rate of ½ inch per month.  It means hair will grow 6-inch per year. This is reasonable growth and one may feel this change in length. But if the hair is weaker and suffering from hair loss or breakage it will never hit this optimal growth rate per year.

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The main reason for this breakage is poor hair care routine, overprocessing, excessive use of blow-drying tools, and many more. If you won’t change your habits your hair will never grow over years and years.

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2- Dyeing Or Over- Processing

The main reason for stopping hair growth at a certain length is over-processing. Sometimes for temporary looks enhancement, you use hot tools, dyes, and chemical products to your hair. It may cause frequent breakage and hair problems. Dyes, especially artificial dyes, are responsible for lifting hair cuticles.

When cuticles are damaged, hair may break at any point easily. That’s why it’s not advisable to use frequent chemical dyes, hot products for your hair. If coloring hair is necessary, try 100% ammonia-free natural hair color.

3- Frequent Use Of Hot Tools

Using hot tools like blow dry, straightener, curler, and ironing is very bad for hair health. It promotes breakage and reduces the growth rate.

If for any reason blow drying is necessary, use a cold air setting. When you frequently use instruments on your hair, the natural moisture level of hair is disturbed. As a result, hair dries off and breakage starts. It’s important to give rest to your hair to help it recover from hot tool damage.

4- Over styling

If you are fond of too much styling on your hair, you won’t grow your hair to a certain length. Tying hair in a tight bun, or tight beards may stop the growth rate. Moreover, many hairstyles cause extra pulling. This makes the follicle weaker and triggers growth. Loose styling is advisable if your hair is not growing. Ask a professional hairstylist to help you style your hair according to your hair type.

5- Split Ends

If your hair is not growing after months of cutting, check the hair strand for split ends. If hairs are weaker at the end they may divide into two ends. This further initiates breakage at the end and stops the growth rate. It’s good to go for trimming at the ends to fix this. Moreover, try this ghD advanced split end therapy and enjoy healthy hair.


No one can neglect the importance of a balanced diet. If you are not taking enough Iron, Vitamin D, B Complex, your hair is likely to stop growing after reaching a certain length. To keep the follicles hydrated you need to drink enough water. You can get Vitamin B complex from a diet like avocado, legumes, eggs, and whole grains. Your hair is what you eat. So eat well and make your hair grow well.

7- Gene

The most important factor that can affect hair growth at any age is genetics. It’s your gene that decides how much length your hair can reach at a specific time. That’s why the growth rate is different in every individual. In some people, hair grows more quickly than 6 inches per year. In many people, especially males, you may see hair stop growing after the 30s to 60 s. It is due to the male hereditary pattern of baldness. If baldness is in your genes, you need to focus more on your hair care routine.

8- Scalp Condition

When the scalp is healthy, hair would also be healthy. If there is product residue build-up on your scalp, it may conduct dandruff soon. So wash your hair thoroughly.

Make sure that there is no shampoo or conditioner left on your scalp. Massaging your scalp is good for stimulating blood flow in follicles. If you are washing your hair in hard water, it is likely to build a mineral layer on the hair strand. It is recommended to wash hair in clarifying shampoo to clean your scalp out of any residue.

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9- Hair Care Routine

There are many cases in which a poor hair care routine is responsible for a slow growth rate. Not washing your hair once a week due to cold weather is a common habit of many people around us. Similarly, quick shampooing and not messaging at all is one more bad habit.

Moreover, the wrong use of conditioner on the scalp can also affect hair growth rate. Conditioner is to apply on hair length, not on the scalp. If you’re using it on the scalp you’re causing more damage to your hair. Similarly choosing hair cleansing products including sulfate as the main ingredient is the main cause of hair damage. Always use sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner.

10- Overall Health Conditions

When hair stops growing suddenly, it’s important to consider the overall health condition. Maybe you’re suffering from diabetes, polycystic ovaries, or some other rare disease. So ask your physician for a detailed diagnosis if you feel sudden hair loss.

In many cases, hair loss occurs with weakness that ultimately leads to some underlying disease. So regular physical check-up is necessary. Stress is another major reason that blocks hair growth. So keep an eye on both your mental and physical condition.

11- Age

Last but not least factor is age. Hair doesn’t grow at the same rate throughout life. When aging starts some of the follicles stop growing. This happens mostly in males. That’s why you have seen more bald males up to the age of 60s.  Nothing can reverse hair fall due to aging unless you take extensive care. Messaging really works as it makes dead follicles active.

I cut my dog’s hair and It won’t grow back

Yes, haircoat will grow back after clipping sometimes sooner or later. But, surely, it will regrow. However, the growth rate of the haircoat will depend on a hormonal level. In many cases, the growth of fur after clipping is relatively slow.

Numerous factors are affecting the regrowth of a dog’s fur after clipping:

  1. Temperature Changes
  2. The overall health of the animal
  3. Breed of animal
  4. Hormonal imbalance
  5. Diet pattern
  6. Bacterial infection or ringworms

If there is an unusual delay in the regrowth of the dog’s fur, go to the vet. He knows the reason and the right treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cutting your hair make it stop growing?

No, not at all, it’s a misconception. The reality is that cutting facilitates healthy hair strands from ends. When you don’t trim or cut your hair, it turns out to be weaker and split ends. If you want to maintain the length and health of your hair, it’s necessary to trim it from the ends after every 2 months.

How do you fix damaged hair that won’t grow?

To fix damaged hair, it’s necessary to focus more on the hair care routine. Use the right product as shampoo and conditioner, massage daily, and take a healthy diet. If nothing works and the problem continues to grow, ask your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Will my long hair grow back if I cut it short?

Yes, it will grow back, but you’ll have to wait. It’s just a moment’s task to trim or cut your long hair short. But growing hair to the same length may take months or years. There is nothing that can work like magic to regrow your hair overnight. So be patient!

Bottom Lines

It’s stressful to think more in a way that you won’t get your hair back. Be positive and think more about the ways to grow your hair after you cut it. If your hair is not growing, it’s time to see the doctor. Maybe there is a hormonal issue or some undiagnosed diseases which are affecting hair growth.