How to Make Your Hair Stay Down For Guys? [5 Effective Tips + Natural Method]

A lot of men may face the experience of combat with their hair. They often meet failure because of uncooperative hair.

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It is because they use the wrong tips to set hair.

Are you thinking about getting rid of hair? How? Do you want to become bald?


That is not the right solution.

How to make your hair stay down for guys?

It is not an easy task. There are many hair products, tools, styling products, and hairstyles that will help you to make your hair stay down. Natural methods are easier and safe. You can also use hair spray and gel for this purpose.

It is not as simple as you think. You have to do hard work. Not all the above techniques will work. It all depends upon your hair type.

Do experiments and select the one that suits you. If you don’t want to use gel or spray, there are other alternatives to them.

Let’s dive into this post to make your hair flat and stay down!

How To Make Your Hair Stay Down Naturally

As a guy, you often face the problem of standing hair. It is because of the grain of your hair. So, If you want to make your hair straight and stay it down, here is a natural solution for this issue. It is easy to apply and the most effective.


  1. Gram Flour
  2. Coconut Milk

How To Use:

Take two tablespoons of gram flour. Mix it with coconut milk to make a mixture. It should not be too thick or thin. Now apply the mixture to your scalp and start massaging gently. Leave it on your head for ten minutes.

During this time period, your hair will absorb the tincture of flour and coconut milk. Wash it with water that is not too hot or cold. Because high temperature will bring damages to the hair. For magical results, you can also add milk cream to the above mixture. It will make your hair stay down for the long term.

Try it and get a beautiful look by laying down or straightening your hair.

How To Keep Your Hair Stay Down Without Using A Gel

Many guys use hair gel to set down their hair. No doubt it is a good solution to make flat your hair, but it gives your hair a greasy look and hardens your hair.

All of us have hair conditioners in the bathroom. Guys mostly use them after taking bath. Here we are going to mention an easy tip to lay down your hair without using gel.

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Always use a Leave-in conditioner or smoothing serum to flat your hair. Apply a small amount of one of them to your hair and cover all the roots and hair. Wash it after some time completely.

Now use a flat iron to keep your hair straight along with a comb. Serum and conditioner are helpful to make your hair stay down without showing any sign of these products.

5 Tips To Make Your Hair Stay Down

It is an embarrassing situation for guys to have scattered hair as it leaves a bad effect on their personality. So, to avoid such problems they try different methods like hair spray or hair gel. Here we have some alternatives….

You can use the right hair accessories, heating tools, water, styling products, and the perfect hairstyles to make your hair flat and stay down. Especially, guys can adopt any one of the above tips.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on these tips:

1.  Hair Accessories

In markets, you can see a number of hair accessories. Many guys purchase and wear them as a trend or a fashion or as a seasonal need.

They perform a great role in keeping hair lay down. If you think, they are just a part of your dress, you are wrong. It is a very easy and effective way to make your hair stay down.

Many men use headbands not only as a fashion but also to keep their hair flat and straight. On the other hand, some use hats, bobby pins, many other accessories.

Hats are a big source of making your hair stay down but they will cover all your hair and you will not show them.

So, if you like hair accessories, it is the simplest way to keep your hair flattens. It is said that if you remove the hat, your hair remains flat for a long time but it may not look good.

Anyhow, it is not a bad idea.

2.  Heated Tools

There are many different heated tools to keep hair straight and flat. Such tools provide heat to your hair to make them stay down. Hairdryers are one of them. You can use it to keep your hair in a place. A flat iron is also used for this purpose.

Heat will make it possible for your hair to lay down in the way you comb it. Keep in mind that apply heat-protective spray before using such tools as it will save your hair from any damage.

Also, comb your hair properly when you are using a hairdryer or flat iron. Generally, these tools are time taking but show results immediately.  

3.  Water

Water is an essential part of our life. It has a number of uses about which we know very little. Do you know it may help you to flat your hair?

Simply, a little amount of water is enough to make your flat. It is more effective when you wake up and find your hair dry and rough. There is no need to take a shower again and again. Just wet your comb or brush and run in your hair.

The easiest way to make your hair wet is to put your head under a sink for few seconds and make hair wet. A spray bottle may do this more easily so it is very popular among some men.

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Now comb your hair to make them lay down accordingly, as you want. It is natural to do it and it has no side effects.

4.  Styling Gadgets

Some guys don’t like to use artificial hair products. As they think such products are not suitable for them. If you are not one of them, you can try some products that work in place of hairspray or gel.

Hairstyling products may provide your hair less shiny appearance and stay it down. Though your hair looks no shinier, these products are much better than gel or hair spray.

To get some extra shine you can use oily products or wax. It is not easy to wash them out but your hair will remain flat and shiny.

There are many hair creams that are easy to use and give your hair a straight look. Now you can keep your hair down without any trouble.

5.  Perfect Hairstyle

Here is another way for those who want to get their hair lay down temporarily. How?

Let me tell you!

For this, you have to cut your hair and get a perfect hairstyle. So, your hair can stay down in a better way. It all depends upon the type of hair and the style you select for your hair.

It is necessary to get desired results to have such a haircut that gives your hair a natural look of stay down.

If you have the correct hairstyle, there is no need to try any one of the above methods. It is easy to manage short and perfect cutting of hair.

The French crop is a very famous hairstyle that keeps your hair flat and straight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my hair lay flat?

There are different ways to do that. The most used methods are hairspray, hair gel, and a hair straightener.

Why won’t my hair lay flat?

It happens because of many reasons but dry hair is the major reason that stops your hair from laying down flat. Dry hair absorbs moisture from hair and gets a frizzy look.

How can I make my hair stay down naturally?

For this purpose don’t wash your hair daily. Adopt the habit of washing hair every 2-3 days. As daily washing wash away all the natural oils from hair.

Final Thoughts

Finally, here we conclude our post about how to make your hair stay down for guys.

Most men face the problem of standing hair because of their hair cut, dryness, and hair texture.

We have tried to cover all possible ways to keep your hair flat. But it is not essential that if one method will work for someone also work for you.

You have to choose the one that works for your hair type. An experiment is necessary as it will teach you which one is good for your hair.

Never feel hesitation to ask about your problem from a professional barber. He will guide you better. Stay connected for more updates.

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