How To Make Short Hair Look Long? (7 Crazy Tricks to Style Your Hair)

Hairstyles and trends keep on changing with time. But long and lustrous hair is always loved as a symbol of beauty and feminism. Hence there is no magic to transform your short hair into long and sleek hair overnight. You have to struggle hard to get your dream-length hair.

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Are you desperate to make your short hair look longer to complement your attire? How can you get the illusion of long hair with your short ones? If you are facing the same issue then don’t despair, be creative. Lots of options can help you out to give the appearance of long hair.

How to make your short hair look long?

We can do many things such as straightening our hair, using hair extensions, making double ponytails, and top knots. Moreover, other options are braids, buns, adding long layers or sideburns, adopting volumizing hairstyles, and parting hair from the middle to make our hair appear long.

Hair extension is the ultimate choice to get long hair without much effort. Hair with a darker shade and highlighted ends also appear longer. But if your hair is long enough to make a pony or bun then you only need to be artistic to adopt certain hairstyles according to your face and outfit to get the impression of longer looking hair.

Keep on reading to make your hair look longer and classy.

How To Make Short Hair Look Long in a Ponytail

Short hair does not offer you a lot of styling options, but some hairstyles like a double ponytail can help you to get fuller and longer-looking hair in just five minutes. To make an elegant and longer ponytail, you just need some bobby pins and two elastic bands.

Method to Follow:

Brush your hair and divide it into two horizontal sections, now collect your hair from the top section and make a pony with the help of a flexible hairband. Gather your hair from the nip and make another ponytail. Now diffuse the hair from the top ponytail to hide the lower ponytail by using bobby pins.

How To Make Short Hair Look Longer In a Bun

Top knots are the best to style and hide your short hair by giving the illusion of longer hair. A voluminous bun, donut, and many other updos are the easiest ways to make your hair longer looking. Even very short hair can give the impression of long hair by following high hairstyles

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Method to Follow:

When your hair is tied up in a bun, no one can guess the actual length of your hair. Use a sock or thick elastic pony tie to cover your hair in a ponytail. Then roll back all of your hair inside the sock or pony to make an extra volume bun. Fix your hair with bobby pins.

How To Make Short Hair Look Long for Guys

Men have equal rights to flatter their long hair. For men, it’s a bit difficult to wear hair extensions to get longer hair all of a sudden. But if they have a short bob or shoulder-length hair, many tricky hairstyles can help to fulfill the dream of longer hair such as high updos, double pony style, and donuts.

Guys with curly hair can straighten their hair to add on a few inches instantly. Adding spikes and puffs to your hair can also make your hair look longer. Use hair spray and gel to hold your hairstyle.

Boys with short hair can also use clip-in and sew-in hair extensions to get the appearance of longer hair.

Lots of hair products and hair supplements are available for guys to make hair long and strong. To get lustrous and long hair take good care and a well-balanced diet.

How To Make Very Short Hair Look Long

It’s not easy to hide your very short hair and get a fake look of long hair. If you have chopped your hair very short and desire to make your hair appear long for a special occasion, some styling tips and tricks can present your hair looking long.

The easiest way is to make a messy donut and cover the real length of your hair.

Adding long layers and framing your face with bangs can change your appearance and create the illusion of long hair. Parting your hair from the center flat ironing your hair by giving the ends an outward twist helps the very short hair to look long.

Apply root lifter or mousse to damp hair to add volume and enhance the length of your classy bangs and well-styled hair.

How To Make Short Hair Look Longer Without Extensions

Wearing hair extensions is the final solution to disguise your hair but what to do to pretend your hair looks longer without hair extensions?

Don’t worry, we can give you many crazy ideas but you have to be creative enough to present your hair as looking longer by making different types of adorable buns, topknots, and braids that can disguise your hair well.

Classy Ballerina bun or topknot decorated with beads are super-easy solutions to make your hair look long and beautiful. For girls having short hair, double buns, and milkmaid braids look awesome.

These hairstyles are good to start with dry shampoo and to keep your hair for the day-long; some bobby pins, beads, and hair fixer sprays are required.

How To Make Your Short Curly Hair Look Longer

Curly hair looks longer when relaxed or straightened because curls conceal the actual length of hair in coils. So one of the common methods to extend the length of curly hair is using a flat iron to stretch down or loosen the curls by using curl smoothing creams and gels. But don’t forget to use heat protectants.

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You can also try top buns, double ponytails, and box braids with added beads in the middle and at the end of the hair to increase the length of your hair. Different types of topknots and braided buns also work well to fake your hair length.

How To Make Short Hair Look Longer Naturally

Hence it’s not easy to style your short hair to get long-looking hair naturally. But many clever hairstyles can produce feelings of having long hair with volume.

But it is still possible to rock your short hair with numerous haircuts by framing your face with bangs, making high hairstyles, puffs, or backcombing with sideburns hanging freely.

Having hair cut with layers can create the impression of longer hair while a blunt haircut can show off the real length of your hair.

Curly hair looks short because of its texture. Removing the texture by straightening your locks is the simplest way to make your tresses look longer naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make short hair look good for guys?

Guys have to put more effort into styling their short hair. But hair styling gels and hair fixers can rock your hair. You can easily follow some trendy and amazing haircuts to enhance the beauty and looks of your short hair. Puffy hair from the middle or spike from the front also goes well.

How can you make your short curly hair look longer?

Curly hair looks short because of its texture. Removing the texture by straightening your locks is the simplest way to add on a few inches. Classy topknots, box braids, clip-in hair extensions, and buns of different types can help a lot to make your tresses appear longer.

How do I make my short hair appear longer in the picture?

The dark brown, chocolate, or black color of your hair and wearing a high neck or contrasting the color of your dress with hair can give the impression of longer tresses. You can center parting or pile your hair on the left side, or rock hair extension to make your hair appear longer and gorgeous.

Bottom Lines

Here we summarize our informative post: How to make short hair look long?

A variety of fabulous buns and tricky hairstyles can create the illusion of long beautiful hair. You can carry any classy hairstyle by waving the hair extension of your choice to make your locks look longer and gorgeous.

However, you can relax or flat iron your curls to increase the length of your locks. By highlighting the edges of your hair or wearing adorable hair accessories, you can disguise the real length of your hair and give the impact of long hair.

We have mentioned a myriad of options to intensify your beauty by making your hair look longer and elegant. It doesn’t matter whatever style or haircut you choose, confidence and believing in yourself matter a lot to complement your personality.