How to Make Curly Hair Grow Faster and Thicker? [10 Instant Methods+5 Essential Oils]

Everyone loves long and thick hair. But getting Rapunzel-like hair is not an easy task.

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While you are in utmost desire to make your curly hair thick and long instantly!

Do you think curly hair takes more time to grow long and thick? Do you have hair problems like thinning of hair, fizziness, breakage, etc.?

Got worried about what to do?

Don’t worry we are here to answer all of your questions.

Here Comes a question: How to make curly hair grow faster and thicker?

Unfortunately, there is no magical formula to make your curly hair instantly thicker and longer. But few methods work such as regular scalp massage, balanced diet, trimming ends, hair supplements, and applying the right hair products. You can also use a hair volumizer and root booster to make them look thicker temporarily.

Most people don’t like their curly hair, and they try different products and methods to make them straight. Curly hair is considered more attractive than straight hair. So first of all, start to love your curl as they are.

Be more careful while buying shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. Always keep in view your hair type and prefer products with natural ingredients.

To get fully informed let’s dive into the article!

How to Make Curly Hair Thicker and Longer: 10 Instant Ways

The basic hair care routine for all types of hair is the same but when we talk about curly hair you have to be more conscious. The thickness of hair depends on genetic factors, a well-balanced diet, quality products, oil massage, regular conditioning, etc. Here are some methods that will help you to make your hair denser, thicker and longer.

10 surprising methods to make your curly hair thick are:

1. Regular Scalp Massage

Regular scalp massage is very effective to release stress, increases blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles. In the case of curly hair, oiling is very essential. An oil massage will combat dryness, add shine, and make them less frizzy. Do not forget to apply oil at least an hour before you shampoo your hair.

Almond oil, Coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil are superb oils to replenish and boost rapid hair growth. Avoid excessive oiling as it can cause swelling to your hair follicles and result in thinning of hair.

2. Use Sulphate Free Shampoo

Always choose a good quality shampoo with the right ingredients. Yes, sulphate, paraben and alcohol are enemies of your curly hair. Be careful, always buy Sulphate Free shampoo. Because Sulphate washes out all the moisture and good oil from your scalp and hair and results in breakage and thinning of hair.

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3. Avoid Daily Washing

Generally, curly hair is prone to dryness and damage, so wash your hair less frequently. Curly hair lacks shine and lustre and is difficult to detangle. Avoid daily washing because your curly hair will lose its natural moisture and oil. Never wash dry hair, use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. Coconut oil is a non-greasy oil, it will add a shine to your curly hair and make them more manageable.

4. Use Silicone-Free Deep Conditioner

Use a deep conditioner after every wash to moisturize your curly hair and hydrate your scalp. Regular use of conditioner may exfoliate your scalp, increase the growth of hair follicles, and thickness of your curly hair. Use a good quality Silicone-Free deep conditioner to get rid of brittle, frizzy hair.

Try to use a cold conditioner or use cold water to rinse the conditioner and to lock inside the moisture. Curly hair is often fragile, use fingertips or a wide-toothed comb to detangle your curly hair. All these will help to reduce breakage.

5. Well-Balanced Diet

A good and balanced diet can remarkably increase the rate of hair growth. A healthy diet enriched with Vitamin A, C, E, Zink, protein, biotin, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Fatty acids increase scalp health and boost up hair growth. When we limit our diet, our body goes under stress then a sudden decrease in hair growth can be observed.

6. Use Quality Hair Product than Quantity

If you want to make your hair thick and long then always select hair products cautiously. Use good brand hair products. Do not use too many products at a time because it may nullify their benefits. Choose the right product according to your hair type along with good and natural ingredients.

7. Find a Right Cut and Style

The Health and strength of your curly hair also depend upon your hairstyle. Curly hair is fragile and prone to breakage. When you style your hair, avoid pulling. Do not tie up your hair too tight. It may cause serious damage to your hair and result in thinning of hair or slow down the rate of hair growth. Don’t stick to a particular hairstyle, adopt the right cut and hairstyle to avoid extra pulling.

8. Sleep Habits

Do not sleep on a cotton pillowcase as it would cause friction between your curly hair. To avoid fizziness and breakage; use a silk or satin pillowcase, pile up your hair in a loose ponytail, or a bun. This will help you to get a tangle-free, good volume of your hair the next day.

9. Trim Split Ends

We can get the thickness of our hair back by trimming the thin and split ends of curly hair. So, regular trimming helps to retain thick, long and beautiful hair. Avoid excessive trimming. Trim your hair only when your hair needs it.

10. Avoid Heat Styling

Curly hair is more sensitive and prone to breakage. Avoid blow dryers instead let your hair dry in the air or use microfiber towels. Do not use heat stylers more often because your curly hair can strip off all the moisture and oil. Limit the use of heat stylers, it can cause serious damage to your hair follicles and result in less hair growth.

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5 Essential Oils to Make Curly Hair Grow Faster

Adopt natural methods to make your curly hair grow thicker and faster. For optimum hair growth, use essential oils to moisturize, nourish and replenish your hair. Essential oils are always used after diluting them in coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. A soft and gentle massage 2-3 times a week promotes the growth of new hair follicles, adds moisture and strengthens the hair from root to tip.

Here are some essential oils that do wonders for the rapid growth of curly hair.

  • Rosemary Oil is a wonderful choice to make your hair grow longer and thicker. Rosemary is a natural substitute for Minoxidil, which remarkably increases new hair follicles’ growth and strengthens the existing one.
  • Tea Tree Oil is the most beneficial oil for the growth of curly hair. Tea tree oil also disinfects the scalp from acne problems.
  • Lavender Oil is excellent for sensitive scalp. Its soothing effects heal up all scalp infections and result in rapid hair growth.
  • Geranium Oil adds shine to curly hair. It controls the overproduction of sebum. It also regulates hormones and fights hair loss problems.
  • Lemon Oil is widely used to increase the strength and length of curly hair. It helps to control dandruff and gives shine to dry damaged curly hair.


Does curly hair take more time to grow?

Curly hair grows in curls or spirals hence take more time to grow long. Normally, all types of hair grow up to half-inch per month. But curly hair is fused unitedly, hence they take more time to get down your shoulders and get noticed.

Does curly hair need more care?

Yes, curly hair needs extraordinary care and maintenance to keep them healthy, thick and long. Use of good quality products, regular scalp massage, deep conditioning, healthy and balanced diet, limit heat styling, etc, promote the growth of new hair.

How can I make my curly hair thicker and beautiful naturally?

A proper hair care routine, a well-balanced diet enriched with vitamin A, C, E, Folic Acid, Biotin, Protein, Omega 3 and Fatty Acids stimulates the growth of hair follicles and make your hair grow thicker and faster naturally.

Final Thoughts

Here we summarize our discussion on how to make curly hair grow faster and thicker.

Curly hair is somewhat problematic but there are many ways to make them grow thick and long rapidly.

Balanced food full of nutrients and protein, regular oil massage, proper hair care, limited use of heat stylers and chemical products, quality hair products and serums maximizes the growth of curly hair.

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