How To Highlight Hair at Home Without foil [5 Steps]

Are you worried about the heavy budget of your hairdresser who confuses you about your style or hair color?  Are you also sick of the long waiting hour in-salon? Some stylists are very rigid in their opinion and stress their clients to adopt a new fashion especially when you consult about your new hair color.

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Sometimes you need freedom of choice of color which is only possible at home. You have all the things to highlight your hair but foil is not available at the point. In this situation, a question can come to your mind: How to highlight hair at home without foil

You can highlight your hair at home by using different products like a comb, squirt bottle, perforated caps, and clear plastic sheet. Techniques such as balayage, frosted highlight, and ombre can be done without foil.

You often observe the use of foil at the salon. Foil is a highly flexible sheet and can be folded easily. That’s the reason it is used to highlight the hair. During the coating of hair dye paste, the foil separates highlighted hair from non-treated hair. Don’t worry we have some easy and applicable methods of coloring the hair in which foil is not crucial.

How to Highlight Hair At Home Without Foil: 5 Steps

Once you decided to light your hair at home do some practice on some extension or your friend and collect all information about bleaching. During bleaching, you need contrast, otherwise,  the effect of highlight is not visible and all hair shows a monochromatic look. Thus purpose is not achieved.

Things you need at home For Highlighting

  • Highlighting kit
  • Hairbrush
  • Rubber gloves
  • A rat-tail comb
  • A section clip
  • Hair tinting brush
  • An old shirt
  • Towel
  • Color-safe shampoo or conditioner in case of dry hair
  • A bowl

Step-1 Preparation Before Lightening Your Hair

When you decided to highlight your hair at home some steps are necessary to do. Always choose the product of the reliable brand, for this consult some expert. Organize all the things in a definite manner that you do not face any difficulty during the process.

Step-2 Choosing of Hair Highlights

The first requirement of this process is a choice of bleaching or dye product. Though you have great freedom to select suitable dye at home but remember you are not an expert. So always be careful and wise to pick the product. Color shades should be 1-2 grades less than your original hair color. If you select a contrasting color it will give you some odd look

You should also understand your skin tone or undertone, which may be warm, cool, or neutral. This will help you greatly in selecting shades.

Step-3 Streaking.

If you have decided to choose a contrasting dye, select streaking. Streaks should not be very close In this way they look pretty. Streaks should be close near the face to prominent the features of your face.

Step-4 Time to highlight the hair

If you try to highlight hair for some special occasion arrange it before two weeks. It is necessary to give some time as every dye takes some time to set. When your color seems to blend your natural hair it gives you the perfect look.

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Step-5 Process

  • Mix the dye in a bowl according to instructions on the highlight kit
  • Take a hairbrush and brush out your hair properly, remove all the knots and tangles.
  • Wear your rubber gloves and divide the entire hair into three sections.
  • Clip up half of the upper hair, take a thin section of hair on a small board, load it with a blond dye. If your natural hair color is brown it will create a beautiful blonde and brown mixture.
  • Repeat this with other sections and in this way cover the entire hair.
  • Leave it for the time indicated on the product.
  • Wash it and rinse all the chemicals properly.

Elegant Highlight Hairstyle Without Foil

Hairstylists adopt different methods and techniques to highlight and discover new and stylish hairstyles.  Balayage and an ombre is a type of hair-coloring technique in which there is no need for foil or a cap.

Balayage A partial highlighting of Hair

Balayage means sweeping. Its French origin indicates the sweeping movement of painting brush. The stylist used hand-painting and apply bleach on the strand of hair randomly. Balayage hair dye gives a more even and natural look to hair resemble just as rays of the sun

It is ideal for unwanted gray hair. The stylist target gray strands and highlight them. Non-gray hair gets separated from bleached hair.

A good balayage blends seamlessly from darker shades to lighter ones, giving beautiful soft color with no harsh line. Due to free-style painting, there is no need for foil or a cap

Steps for Balayage style

1-Follow the instruction on the box and make a well-mixed paste of dye.

2-Wear your gloves.

3- Section hair into three parts. Take the upper half of your hair and clip it.

4- Cover the tooth of the hairbrush with dye with the help of a hair tinting brush.

5-Add more quantity of dye to the tips of the hair than the roots.

6-When one side of the section hair is fully saturated flip the brush and run it to the back of the same section

7-Take another section of hair on the same side and apply the dye with a brush. You sway you’re running brush a little further up and down so that your balayage blends are achieved.

8-Remove the clip from the upper hair and repeat the same dying method.

9-Leave the dye according to time in instruction

10-Wash it with color-safe shampoo

Winsome Ombre Hair Color

Ombre is a gradual shading of hair color that combines darker roots with lighter ends. The Ombre comes from the French word that means shadow. In past, it is two colors style having a sharp division between dark roots and lighter ends. In the modern trend, there is a very nice transition from darker to light

What to do.

  • Prepare highlight paste with powder and developer in 1to1 ratio. Take an old towel, spread it on your shoulder and in the front part properly.
  • Divide the hair into two parts. Half hair should be on your left side and the remaining half on the right side.
  • Take lower 6 inches of hair on the right as well as on the left side. Apply bleach paste on it properly and wait for 15 minutes. Check it, if it gets a lighter shade then cover 4inches of upper hair on both sides with highlight material and wait for the next 10 minutes. Repeat the process for every 4 inches until you reached your required length.
  • Bleached on the upper half with great care as with little mistakes you can stain your neck or face.
  • After the last stroke wait for 15 minutes then wash with a sulfate-free shampoo

After drying you can see gradual lightening of color from roots to ends in your hair. In such an easy way you can get the best ombre without foil at home. please try this and share your experience

How To Highlight Your Hair At Home With Cap

If you have a low budget or have some time problems, you can also light your hair with the help of a cap at home in an easy way. Here we discuss a very popular style that gives you a modern look. Let’s try

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Frosted Highlights with cap

This hairstyle is done with the help of a special cap. This cap has numerous holes through which hair is pulled out. A dye can be applied easily and a perforated cap keeps separated the bleached part from the rest of the hair. Finally, you get excellent textured highlights that mix into your natural hair color homogeneously.


  • Prepare dye mixture according to the direction
  • Fix your highlighting cap and rubber gloves.
  • Now start pulling sections of your hair through holes with the help of a hook
  • When completing this placement, start to apply your prepared paste thoroughly. Load the dye equally from roots to ends.
  • After spending mention time, carefully remove the cap. Wash off the dye with a safe product

How to Highlight Short Hair Without foil

Highlighting short hair at home is not difficult but tricky. You can adopt two methods to apply the bleach on short hair

1-With comb

2-By using a squirt bottle applicator

Highlight through comb;

Comb technique is not very common often gives messy results. You can use a wide or medium tooth comb it depends on how close or far your highlight may be. While using comb you should keep three things in your mind, go wider, highlights only the top layer of the head,  if the mixture  will apply in under layer it can stain the rest of the hair easily

Steps by step method

1-Mix 30 developer volumes with bleach powder in a bowl.

2-Dip your comb in the mixture and run this comb in your hair evenly start from roots to end of the hair

3- Leave this mixture for 20 minutes and then wash

Highlight through squirt bottle applicator

Squirt bottles often come in a highlight kit. This technique is a little bit more difficult than comb because with the comb several highlights were done in a minute but with this bottle, you have to do one by one. The bleach mixture should not be thin as it may squirt a lot at once. During its application you should sit still otherwise it may fall on your clothes and bleach them.

Stepwise procedure.

1-Take 30 volume developer and mix it bleach powder and mix this in bottle thoroughly

2-close the bottle and put its applicator on it. Tightly screw it to close

3-Apply product in roots to tip of hair in line.

4-Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash.

Can a Plastic sheet replace the Foil?

Yes, the use of plastic sheets and foil is quite similar. So, you can use the plastic sheet instead of foil due to the following reasons

  • It is highly flexible like foil
  • It can retain heat which is helpful in the lighting process.
  • You can check the change of color as it is transparent
  • Color remains fixed and bleeding of color is not occur
  • It keeps separate the bleached hair from non treated hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you highlight your hair without foil?

You can use plastic wrappers instead of foil. If you have short hair use of comb and squirt bootles to help you in the proper spreading of highlight paste. In front of the mirror, you can use paste in different styles to get perfect results.

How can I highlight my hair naturally without foil or a cap?

You can use the following products which are easily available in your kitchen. For using these products there is no need for foil or cap.

  • Lemon juice
  • Saltwater
  • Apple cider
  • Applying cinnamon and honey mask
  • Use of Vitamin C in your hair

Bottom Line

Feeling proud that I have offered you many ways and unique techniques with which you can light your hair at home without foil. Though dyeing is best when under the supervision of an expert. But experimenting with colors is itself fun. You have freedom of choice of color, style, and ideas at home.

The use of natural products like lemon, apple cider also allows you to light your hair without any foil or cap Please try it and share your precious experience with us.