How to Grow Hair Faster After Shaving Head? [8 Instant Regrowing Techniques]

Shaved head in men is a very trending fashion nowadays. But do you know some men do it because they are the victim of thin hairline or hair loss?

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Maybe your close friend, your partner, or a boyfriend is also going through this phase. So, don’t make fun of anyone and try to help them out.

Do you want to know How to grow hair faster after shaving your head?

Growing hair naturally is a time taking process. There is no magical formula to get hair back within a minute. There are some home remedies to grow hair faster such as applying oil (peppermint oil, rosemary oil), using quality shampoo, having a scalp massage, and getting proper treatment.

It is not necessary to try all of them. You can make an experiment by applying one or two and choose the one that shows results.

Don’t hurry. Be patient!

Some tips may be time taking. You have to wait and be patient to get the desired results. Keep yourself away from stress and hair loss depression. This will also help you to get your hair back.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry Up!

Start reading this amazing post.

8 Instant Techniques to Grow Hair Back Faster After Shaving Head

Most men face the problem of hair fall. As a result, they soon become bald. To remove the remaining hair, many of them shave their head completely.

Can you grow back your hair after shaving your head? Yes, it is not difficult…. It needs only your attention and your hard work.

Several ways can help you to grow hair back very quickly:

  • Select a good quality shampoo or conditioner that contains natural ingredients, healthy vitamins like Vitamin A, and proteins.
  • You can also apply a scalp spray to get hair back quickly. It will not only increase the chances of healthy hair growth but also stop damaged hair from growing.
  • There are many natural oils and natural treatments that will help you to grow hair back after shaving your head entirely such as rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and aloe vera gel,
  • Select one of the above oils and start massaging your scalp gently. It is good to apply oil before washing your head.
  • Keep your hair away from chemicals when it starts to grow. Uncover them and get them heated from time to time.
  • When you get the length of the hair, keep it loose many times and avoid making a tight ponytail.
  • Take healthy food that contains protein, vitamins like B or C, and Iron. Avoid eating too much fast food.
  • When you go outside, cover your hair with a scarf or hat to make it safe from direct sunlight and harmful rays.
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Factors That Affect the Growth Of Hair After Shaving Head

It is important to know about hair health and growth because, without it, it is impossible to take proper care of it.

Some main elements play a vital role in the growth of hair after shaving your head.

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Change in hormones: Hormones affect a lot of hair growth. If you find some problems in hair growth or health, it means you are facing hormonal changes. Try to solve them quickly.
  • Lack of nutrition: Nutrition is very important for the regrowth of hair. If you don’t take proper food full of nourishment, it will create obstacles in the way of healthy hair growth. So, take healthy food with vitamins, proteins, and iron.
  • Medications: Sometimes we start taking medicine for the fast growth of hair. It leaves a bad effect on hair health and growth. Some other medicine also stops hair growth.
  • Stress and Anxiety: You often see that people who get too stressed and tense, face the problem of hair fall and can’t get hair back again once it falls. So, it is crucial to saving yourself from stress and anxiety for fast hair growth.
  • Pregnancy: It is noticed in many cases that many women get changes in hair while pregnant. As we know hormones are the key factor for hair growth and fall. But such changes are not long-lasting. After pregnancy, you can get back the health of your hair.
  • Thyroid Problems: If you don’t get hair to grow back fast after shaving your head, it means you have thyroid problems. You have to cure his problem first to allow the quick regrowth of your hair.
  • Hair Loss Pattern: Some men and women have a pattern of hair loss that means they have a visible scalp from the top or front. Such type of baldness stops hair from growing quickly. If you want to get your hair back, try to solve this problem by using home remedies.
  • Scalp Psoriasis: It is a type of disease. Basically, it is not the cause of hair fall. But when you scratch your head harshly, take stress, adopt chemical treatments, it will leave flaky marks on your head and affect your hair growth.

Advantages of Shaving Your Head

Many of us don’t like to shave our heads completely. It is a common thought that if we do it, it will break our personality and most of the girls do not like to deal with bald a boyfriend.

Do you think so?

If yes, you are wrong.

It’s time to change your opinion.

There are many advantages if you shave your head before having baldness. Some of the main benefits are listed below:

  1. The shaving head is beneficial for the good and healthy growth of hair. Whenever you find your hair becoming thin and falling out, you have to shave it completely. Soon you will see fast growth of hair.
  2. If you have a bald scalp, don’t be disappointed. Just look at other bald people who get high ranks in society. It is also a sign of leadership. If you want to get the look of bodybuilders or sportsmen, just shave your head.
  3. Don’t hesitate after shaving your head because it will reduce your courage and make you less confident.
  4. An interesting benefit of shaving your head is that it will save money. After doing so, there is no need to adopt different hairstyles and hair cut. So, you can save money that was spent on hair saloons.
  5. It is time-saving also. You don’t have to worry about washing hair and thinking about hair care. You will be free from all worries like that.
  6. As you know long hair sometimes creates problems with its care and maintenance. After shaving your head, there is no need to think about how to take care of it and how to make a hairstyle or haircut.
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Disadvantages of Shaving Your Head

Despite all its benefits and positivity, there are also some drawbacks and disadvantages of shaving your head. You must aware of all of them.

The most common disadvantages of shaving your head are given in a bit of detail. Let’s see!

  1. You can skin irritation, razor marks, and many other scalp problems after having a head shave.
  2. If you have an oily scalp, it may create some difficulties when you shave your head. As oily skin gets skin diseases and infuriation very soon.
  3. Now, here a bald person mostly needs a hat, a cap, or a head covering. It takes a handsome amount to spend on such accessories.
  4. Your head shape is very important to make your personality. If you have an odd head shape, the shaved head will not suit you.
  5. A shaved head has to face the sun more frequently than before. It will destroy your scalp skin and cause skin problems.


Is shaving your head bad for your hair?

No, not at all…shaving your head is not bad because it has no side effects on the growth of hair and its texture.

Do girls like shaved heads?

Normally, old-aged women like clean-shaven heads. As they look more attractive. This is an encouraging sign that many men start to lose hair later in life.

Is it possible to stop balding?

Yes, it can if it is not because of a genetic problem. You can prevent it by using natural tips, hair products, and some medicine in severe conditions.

Final Words

Here we conclude our interesting post on how to grow hair faster after shaving your head. You can make it possible by following the above-mentioned easy tips.

You’ll also find a few pros and cons that will help you to know whether shaving your head is suitable for you or not.

If you find nothing workable, you have to consult your doctor and get the solution. It is usually seen that medical treatments are not fully guaranteed. But you can try them.

Share this post with your friends who are bald and want to get hair back in the quickest way.

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