How to Go Bald Permanently [Step By Step Process]

As a guy are you facing the problem of hair fall? Do you have a thinning hairline? What is the solution?

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You must be advised to shave your head completely.

Are you still worried about the aftermath scenario of shaving your head? The reason must be tiny hairs that grow very soon and look bad.

Do you want to know how to go bald permanently?

Let me tell you precisely.

Going bald is not a big problem. To make this permanent is actually what you have to deal with. Three main ways will help you to get a bald head without shaving it. You can use hair removal creams, wax, and a sugaring paste. All these are the quickest ways. There are also 8 easy steps to get this look forever.

It is the most trending fashion for guys to have a bald head. It is said that bald guys look more attractive and sexy…

Woo! Sounds cool…

So, it is not enough to be bald but also try to maintain your baldness permanently. This post may cover all possible ways that will help you to do this.

What are you waiting for…

Let’s read it deeply and get what you want.

3 Ways to Get Bald Head without Shaving It

Some men are worried about having problems while shaving their heads. If they do it at home, they get injured because of a little mistake. If they take the services of a barber, it may be expensive for them, as they need to shave their head many times a week.

So, what would you do?


You can follow the easy tips to get a bald head without shaving it. These 4 easy tricks are listed below:

1.  Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are easy and the best way to get bald heads. They work equally for the head as they work on other parts of your body. But it may prove harmful if you use a low-quality product.

It is simple to use. Just apply a required amount on your head, leave for some time until it works properly. The chemicals found in the cream break down the proteins of hair and remove the strands when you clean the cream from your head.

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You can get the same perfect results as you may have after shaving your head.

2.  Waxing

It is a tricky way to get a bald head without shaving your scalp. But what do you think, is it a comfortable way or not?

Generally, techniques for waxing your head are much similar to the ways of waxing your chest. Before trying this way, you must know the length of your hair. ¼ inch length is ideal for waxing your head. But don’t forget to trim your hair before starting this process.

There are two types of wax: Hard wax, Soft wax. You can choose the one which you want. Hard wax doesn’t need any strips to use. Just apply on your head, it makes a strip itself after it becomes hard. Now, you can pull it off easily.

On the other hand, soft wax requires strips. Before using it, heat it and apply a layer on your bald head. Now, take strips to remove the wax.

The main benefit of waxing is it removes hair from its roots.

 3. Sugaring

It is a famous natural method to get a bald head without shaving it. It works like wax and is very similar to it because it has sticky material that grips on hair and pulls it off from the root. To make a sugaring paste, you need some lemon juice, sugar, and water. Mix them all and make a paste.

You can apply this paste at room temperature and there is no need to warm it. When it becomes hard, pull it off against the direction of hair growth and remove the hair.

Strips are not necessary for it as it itself makes a layer like a strip. The benefit of this paste is that it may not cause irritation or soreness to your scalp.

8 Easy Steps to Get A Bald Look Permanently

It is a common problem among men to become bald slowly. Hair loss or thin hairline breaks their personality so they want to get rid of this problem permanently.

If you find that there is no possibility to grow your hair back, you must think about removing your hair completely. But how do you do that?

There are 9 easy steps to get a bald look permanently. If you left a little behind it looks bad. So, follow these steps carefully.

Step-1: At this stage, you have to buzz down your hair entirely. It is best to go to the barbershop for this step. But, if you have proper clippers at home, you can do it yourself.

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Step-2: Take a good-quality razor that should have clean and sharp blades. It will help you to clean your scalp and remove all tiny hairs.

Step-3: Now wash your scalp with a little hot water and let it absorb water. By doing this, your tiny hair becomes soft and easy to remove.

Step-4: Use a shaving foam or gel and apply it to your entire scalp. Be sure not a little space is left behind. Leave it for a minute on your head.

Step-5: Here you must be very careful because a little mistake may harm you. Start shaving in the direction of hair growth. Don’t press the blades too hard on your scalp as it will cut your scalp. If you find a little hair later, shave again in the opposite direction. Don’t forget to apply shaving gel again.

Step.6: After shaving your head, wash it with cold water properly. It will open the pores of the scalp and make the skin soft after shaving. Clean your head with a soft and clean towel and make it dry.

Step-7: Now, use post-shave moisture or balm to make your scalp protective and also soothe it.

Step-8: This step is very important as it is the time to maintain your bald scalp for the future. To keep your head bald permanently, make a routine of shaving your head regularly. Always use a new blade or razor to avoid any rash or allergy.


Can you go bald permanently?

Yes, you can. It is not a difficult task. There are many natural and artificial methods you can adopt for this purpose. Laser treatment is the most common among them.

Is being bald attractive?

According to some studies, bald men are more attractive and prominent than others. They look powerful in comparison to other average men.

At what age does balding start?

Generally, there is no certain age for baldness. It may start at any age. Normally, you start losing your hair as you enter adulthood. It may starts between the 10’s and 20’s.


Hopefully, this post will prove helpful for you and guide you properly about how to go bald permanently.

It is easy to get bald but difficult to maintain and hold this look permanently. This post also shows you more than one way to have a bald head without shaving it.

You have to choose the right one. If you do so, you will live with this look easily. Surprisingly, you don’t have to go to a barber’s shop again and again.