How to Get The Front of My Hair to Grow? [9 Super-Fast Tips]

Looking bald or getting hair loss? Not a good sign.

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While combing hair, do you get much hair in the comb?

OMG! It’s an alarming situation.

It means you are losing hair and will go bald soon.


What to do?

Don’t worry! Just relax. You are at the right place.

Do you have a question How to get the front of my hair to grow?

It is possible to get back-front hairs with little effort. For this, take a proper diet. full of Proteins and folic acid. Massaging your hair daily with biotin, herbal rinse, eucalyptus oil, and using a derma roller also works. Also, avoid chemicals and heat for the best results.

The rate of hair growth depends upon many factors like your diet, low iron, and making-over styles. Hair fall may also be a genetic problem. But it is not impossible to get them back again.

You can get healthy thick hair on the front within few days. There is only a need for hard work and your interest.

Wanna want to know how to make it possible.

What are you waiting for?

Start reading with keen interest.

9 Easy Tips To Grow Hair Fast

No one likes to be bald from the front of their hair. It is such an issue that spreads quickly but it is difficult to control it.

Are you facing the problem of hair loss nowadays? If yes, then don’t worry!

There are many easy methods to get rid of such irritating situations. Let’s start reading these easy and cheap tips:

1.  Take Proteins

Proteins are an essential part of our daily food. It is useful not only for health but also for the healthy growth of hair. How?

Let me tell you!

Hair health almost depends upon proteins. If you add more protein to your routine life, it will prove the best tonic for the health and growth of your hair. If there is less protein in your diet, it means your hair becomes thin and starts to fall.

So, increase protein in your food to avoid baldness and get strong and thick hair. Many sources provide you with protein in abundances such as meat, nuts, dairy items, and soya bean.

 There are also available hair protein treatments that are effective and show instant results.

2.  Massage Your Head Daily

If your hair starts losing and you get bold from the front of your head, don’t worry! We will save you from such an awkward situation.

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Start taking massage in front of your head on a daily basis. It will relax your mind and make it possible for you to get new hair very soon. It will maintain your blood circulation and help the nutrition to reach your hair bladder.

Such nutrition helps your hair follicles to produce new and healthy hair. Massage the area of less hair daily for at least two minutes. You will be surprised to see the results within few days.

3.  Take Folic Acid

Here is another tonic that is healthy for the body as well as for the hair. All of you know about Folic Acid. It is an essential element for hair growth as it stops hair fall and grows new hair in a short period of time.

Take the folic acid that suits you daily and support your hair growth. Take supplements of folic acid and if don’t have one, you can fulfill your requirement through green vegetables, beans, and carrots.

4.  Use biotin

It is a type of nutritional supplement that improves the hair growth process and helps to get back your front hair. 2.5mg of Biotin vitalizes the new germination of hair.

IT is easy to use and has no side effects. You can apply it daily. But avoid the excessive use of it. It can easily be found at any health and drug store.

5.  Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a natural oil that is used for skin treatment and also for hair well growth. It allows hair follicles to grow new and healthy hair fast. The plus point for this is that it has no bad smell and it does not irritate you.

Just apply a small amount of oil at the front of your hair and rub it gently. Do this process daily. It is easily available at any beauty and health store.

6.  Healthy and Balanced Diet

As your body needs a healthy diet to work properly, similarly, your hair also depends upon a balanced diet to grow well. Unhealthy food can cause damaged hair and results in hair fall.

So, to get healthy and thick hair, take vitamins and nutrients from fresh and natural food.

Your food must be balanced. Don’t be overeating as it is dangerous both for your health and your hair health.

7.  Make A Herbal Rinse

Natural methods will prove more effective than artificial. A natural hair washer will be more beneficial for hair loss and healthy hair growth. Herbal tea is one of the natural tips that you can use for hair.

Take some herbs like Amla, Mint, Rosemary, chamomile, etc. Boil them and make a potion. Leave it for a while to become cool.

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it at the front of your hair. Soon you will see the best results.

8.  Keep Away Heat And Chemicals

Many of us like to straight our hair with an electric straightener and happy to adopt it as a fashion. But do you know how it is dangerous for your hair?

It will damage your hair roots gradually. The same thing happens while using gel, hair spray, and many other chemicals. Instead of these artificial methods, try some natural tips to grow hair.

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Don’t use hair products that contain alcohol, silicone, and other chemicals.

9.  Rub Your Finger Nails

Now we are talking about a very interesting and unique technique. It is based on primitive behavioristic psychology. According to this theory, rubbing your fingernail against each other is a natural way for the regrowth of your hair.

You can see many people doing such activity while sitting idle. It becomes their habit. Sometimes we start laughing at them. But interestingly, we don’t know its magic. Take 10 minutes from your daily life and do this. It will restore your hair loss and also helps them to grow healthy.

How To Avoid Hair Damage

You need to save your hair from damages and loss. You can avoid hair loss by adopting many easy ways. How do you avoid hair damage?

You can avoid hair loss by keeping your hair clean, treat your hair gently, switch up your style, use good quality conditioners, heat protection, and make a cut-off damaged hair end.

We often use different products to make our hair beautiful and look long. But we don’t know many of them will harm our hair badly. To avoid such bad condition you have to follow some tips that are listed below:

  • Cleanliness for hair is very important. Keep your hair clean and wash them on the second or third day.
  • Never rub your hair harshly. Treat them with soft and gentle hands while washing or having a massage.
  • Don’t adopt a certain style. Make changes from time to time.’
  • Keep your hair away from heat. As heating tools will damage your hair and cause hair fall.
  • While washing hair, use a good quality conditioner because low-quality products may be harmful to the health of hair.
  • Cut the ends of hair that look dull and dead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grow back your front hair?

Yes, it’s possible. There are many homemade or artificial solutions for the regrowth of front hair. Just select the method that suits you best.

Why is the front of my hair not growing?

Generally, there are many reasons behind this problem. Typically, it occurs when your hair stops growing because of medication and scarcity.

What are the five best vitamins for hair growth?

Many vitamins prove beneficial for hair growth but the most effective and helping vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin B, Iron, Protein, and zinc.

Final Thoughts

Here are the final words for our informative post on getting the front of my hair to grow.

As we discussed above different easy tips to help you to get your hair back again.

Hopefully, these tips will soon grow new healthy hair and make you again looking good. You have to follow them according to the instructions.

Be careful while using them as the excess of anything may be dangerous. Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones who are worried because of hair fall.

Stay connected to get more info in the future!