How to Get Ash Brown Hair Without Bleaching

Jumping from dark brown or black to cool, soft ash brown hair is not easy. But remember it is practically possible. Your hairstylist may advise you to bleach your hair before getting an ash brown tone. But it is not wise to load chemicals of bleach and dye simultaneously. So, what will be another way to avoid such a heavy decision. Here we discuss different ways to choose a method to highlight hair without bleach which opens many paths to reach your loving shade.

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When you decide to adopt an ash brown color without bleach a question may come to your mind.

How to get ash brown hair without bleaching?

Getting ash brown depends directly on your current hair color. If you have a light base color you can directly apply the dye. However, for brunettes, you may choose color lift dye or some organic products like lemon, chamomile tea, honey, and ACV to light your hair to some degree.

To create an ashier tone is already brown hair, remove the warm shades with violet, blue, and green-based toner. For this Purple and blue shampoo can be used.

How To Get Ash Brown Hair Without Bleaching

This beautiful color is an even mixture of silver and brown which gives the natural gloss to hair. Your personality completely changes after restyling this hair color. Here I give you some tips and techniques which you require to know when you prepare to get this beautiful color.

Let’s start

Find out if you need bleach.

First of all, you should check your base hair color, If you want Ash brown color it depends on the colors you have now.

If you have darker hair color than a light brown shade, you need to lighten it first. Bleaching is one of the great sources of light hair. Some people are afraid of the adverse effect of bleaching and do not want to use it for lightening. So what should be the other method?

Keep in mind color dye can’t lighten your hair, when you apply the dye, you may end up a hue darker than your natural or current hair color

The best homemade remedy is the use of Lemon juice in your hair. Apply lemon juice plus water to your hair and remain in the sun for 45 minutes you will get light hair naturally, for the best result do it twice.

If the shade of your hair is lighter than brown or even with the same hue there is no need for lightening. You can use the ash brown color of any brand directly. Choose it carefully

How to achieve ash brown color without bleaching

Dyeing hair is not a puzzle but it is somewhat tricky. New trending ash brown hair color is a craze for some people. This eye-catching soft color can change your entire look

Remember dye itself is gauzy, a portion of your hair color always shines through.  Whatever color you use to dye your hair ends up with a darker shade than a color mentioned on the pack

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According to hairstylists, one should use bleach to achieve light brown color but remember one thing ash brown may not possible for everyone. You may get it if

you color your hair brown before bleaching.

The second option is the use of temporary hair color that made it easy to work with a dark base color. These hair dyes are particularly designed to be rich and true without having to lighten your dark strands.

If you are brunettes what will be the process to dye hair without bleach?

There is some amazing product formulated for brunette, this leave-in temporary color, available in six shades. It is highly effective and soft for sensitive skin and is prepared without ammonia and peroxide. Its application is much easy. Apply it in dry hair, comb it properly to spread evenly, and then style as you wish.

How to Achieve ash blond hair color without bleaching

If you want to avoid bleach for ash-blond hair, you should choose high lift dye for the hair. You can also select permanent dye in some situations.

Use of honey and vinegar mask is an organic mixture used to convert brown into blond at home. Camomile tea, lemon, and vitamin C can use for dark hair into ash blond

How to Achieve Ash Grey Hair Color Without Bleaching

No matter what kind of hair you are blessed with naturally you can jump to your desired ashed grey shade. You can adhere to any of these methods to get the grey locks. All these methods are free of chemicals and can carry out on the low budget

9 Stunning Ways To Get Ash Grey strands

Before we start I want to discuss some important points with you. If you have dark hair or are brunette you may face difficulty in achieving your goal but regular effort bring success for you. Never lose heart in the first attempt your continuous effort will bring fruit.

1-Honey mask

Prepare honey coconut and other essential oil mixture apply it and wait for 1-3 hours. Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo. Repeat this until get desired color achieved

2- Spray Lemon juice

Apply lemon with water and spray it in the hair. You may directly apply it and sit in sun for one hour. It will give you light hair without bleach

3-Chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea is not only soothing tea but also has chemicals that aid in the lighting process. You can get two to three shade lighter hair by applying it to your scalp. Steps begin with steeping at least 5 tea bags in a cup of hot water. After cooling it to normal you may directly use it on your hair or add it to your showering water.

4-Use of classic dye

Some dyes are specially designed to color the hair ash grey. You can easily apply it at home and it cost you quite low. If your hair is a lighter shade, it will be easy to dye with your desired shade. Hair dyes are typically semi-permanent or temporary that’s why you have to reapply it 2 to 3 times unless getting the proper ash grey shade. For dark hair, you can apply remedies described earlier.

5-Hair spray

If you have to attend some function and there is no time to visit the salon then hair spray is the best way to get ash grey hair without bleach. For the long-term dye is better to use as compared to spray. The spray is always used in dry hair as wet hair does not show good results

6-Apple cider vinegar spray

Apple cider vinegar(ACV)is a popular home treatment for light grey hair. Its application is similar to lemon juice treatment. Take a spray bottle. Filled it 50% with AVC and 50% with water. Spray it evenly on your scalp and rinse it after a few minutes. It will not only light your hair but also be very beneficial for excessive sebum and scalp health.

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7-Toning shampoo

After using lightening agents other than bleaching, a tonner should be used to remove brassiness or some other unwanted undertones. These may be,  blue or purple shampoo depending on what color shade you want to tone.

8-Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

One of the best alternatives to bleaching is the use of a mixture of baking powder and hydrogen peroxide at home. For this add, three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to one cup of baking soda mix it thoroughly and apply this paste to your hair for a full one hour. Wash it in enough water and then deep conditioning of hair is necessary as it causes dryness in the hair

9-Cremes for ash grey hair

Many brands of creams for ash grey hair are available in the market. They give you better protection and are easy to apply. You have just opened and applied on your hair without any hesitation, it will give 100% result.

Does ash brown hair require bleaching?

Only extreme black color may need the use of bleach to highlight hair, then adopt ash brown dye while for other colors there is no requirement of bleach.

Luckily many semipermanent and semi-permanent colors work on already caramel, honey, or blond shades that can be used to change it in new stylish ash brown hair color. In this case, you will get a darker hue while lightning hair obtained the same color as mentioned on the box. In this way, your hair faces fewer problems as compared to tresses which undergo several chemical processes.

How to get ash dark brown hair

Dark Ash brown color is a beautiful and cool color. Color will apply the Hair according to its base color or current color. If you have a darker shade, first try to light it. Luckily if you have lighter shades of base color you can start it immediately. Let us start

  • Wear gloves and use an old shirt so that your clothes are not stained.
  • Mix the developer and cream as instruction given on the dye kit
  • Make four-section if you have heavy hair
  • Take a tinted brush and apply the paste with it.
  • Leave it for 20-25miutes as indicated on the box.
  • Rinse it thoroughly until all chemicals washed away
  • Use conditioner for a few minutes and rinse it.
  • If you have some brassiness in your hair tone it with some toner or purple shampoo.

How to get ash light brown hair

If you have naturally brown hair and want a transition to blond, ash light brown will be the best choice. This color has a close similarity with the dark dirty blond shade which is one of the most stylish shades.

For dyeing in a light brown shade, the original color of hair should be blond or very light shade, otherwise, end up with a darker hue, so first, you should light your hair then dye it like normal dyeing process.

Frequently Asked questions

What toner should I use to get ash brown hair?

When you want to create an ash brown tone block all yellow or underlying unwanted shades use violet, blue, or green toner or shampoos. Toner can cool down all the warm shades of Brunette and give subtle ash brown.

How to keep hair ash brown?

To keep hair ash brown, avoid regular washing of hair. Never wash more than twice a week. Do not bathe in a swimming pool as it contains chlorinated water. Use dry shampoo to remove the oil and dust from the roots


We end this with the assurance that you have learned much about this trending hair color.  Many celebrities adopt and maintain this style. This style gives an excellent soft look to people who have soft tone skin.

This color is very easy to maintain as it fades very slowly which safe your money and from weekly salon visits. Please share your experience about this because your practical information increases the confidence of the newcomer.