How To Dye Your Hair Salt And Pepper? [Complete Guide]

Gray hair was once the one we all tried to conceal, but it has become a favorite hair dye craze of today. No one knows how the Salt and Pepper blonde hair would become the hottest trend of 2021.

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It’s a wonderful combination of silver, grey, and black hair that’s graceful and charming. In this post, we will discuss where this fashion emerged, and also how to dye your hair in pepper and salt.

Let’s go straight to the point: How to dye your hair salt and pepper?

You can get salt and pepper in different ways. For example, people with grey hair can get it by spraying mousse on dry hair. White-headed buddies dye salt and pepper color using color shampoo. They can also use mousse on their white crown and beside their ears.

It would be quite strange to look aged if you have black hair. You may not be convinced why someone would like to have a prominent, bit older look. Why would you want to look just a little older, for such an aspect?

To clear your confusion about salt and pepper hair dye, keep reading…

Where Did The Fashion For Salt And Pepper Hair Emerge From?

The roots of the Salt & Pepper blonde hair craze can be attributed to a POPULAR California hairdresser. Jack Martin is a real professional at converting silver and grey hair. He’s the guy behind Sharon Osbourne’s and Jane Fonda’s hairdo, and he’s enabled a lot of ladies to manage their grey hair.

Perhaps concealing the grey, he uses a unique approach with his clients. The hair looks good silver by the stylist, who applies the shade from the base to the tips. This empowers genuinely grey hair far more swiftly even without trimming it shorter.

He subsequently aligns the hue with the original grey tone in the hair, which is magic. He invites his clients to come in with their hair 8 to 10 cm outward then he can check how their hairline is typically tinted.

Thereafter, he makes a copy for the ends of the hair. The stylist applies black accents to the grey hair of girls with normally black hair who’ve had salt-and-pepper in front and a black neckline on the backside. People just leave the beauty salon with an enhanced version of their original color 10 hours afterward.

How To Wear The Salt and Pepper Hair Color Fad

Although grey hair was once something we really preferred we didn’t acquire, it’s now a fashionable hairstyle. If you’ve not gone grayish anymore, you can indeed enjoy this new hair fad. Salt and pepper hair, which is a combination of grey, silver, and black hair, is highly hot for 2020-2021, and other broadly charming. Keep scrolling to understand how to create a salt and pepper hair dye for yourself. Plus how to deal with dyed hair after it’s been done.

What You Should Learn Before Getting Salt And Pepper Hair

Salt and pepper hair, as with any crazy hair hues, will take hard work to produce if you need it to be all across. Unless you’re going with a dark main color, you’ll nearly sure color your hair to show out the grey tones. And if that is the condition you’re facing, it’s important to hire an expert colorist to assist you. It became a little easier to accomplish the salt and pepper effect on yourself whether you have poofy hair to start it.

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How To Dye Hair Salt And Pepper At Home

We can help you with a salt and pepper hair color makeover. Despite which part of the hair color scale you’re near. Unless you want a strong, sophisticated touch on fashion. Dye your hair only with L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Glossy Lasting Hair Texture in Smooth Dark or the L’Oréal Paris Féria in Deep Dark. Once you’ve colored your hair black. You should prefer L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Cosmetics Instant 1-Day Hair Color Spray in Platinum to coat portions of your mane.

Although the silver in your salt and pepper hair color may vanish over one shower, you’ll be able to switch between 2 distinct appearances at all at any time. Gently spray the gray color where you want it to go, simply wipe it up at the end of a day. You might, obviously, approach a parlor and have a trained colorist build a unique salt and pepper hair shade exactly for you. Either you want to follow this new hair fad at home or get expert help.

How To Color Hair Salt And Pepper In Males: 3Steps

Now, I’m assuming you’re a guy that’s gone grey and wants to be less grey, as opposed to a guy that’s not grey and wants to go greyer.

The assumption, on either hand, is almost never a smart idea. A quick dye like Mofajang might be your best choice unless you’re not greyish anyway but just want a sprinkling of greys if you really like the effect.

Yet, most males choose to accomplish the salt and pepper image by coloring portions of their greys, not some other way along. Even For Guys Sense Of Gray is the finest package now with this silver dye.

To get nearly fully salt and pepper hair, try this fast, step-by-step technique:

Step 1: Perform The DYE Test Before Applying It Directly

It’s key to consider the precautionary measures before applying the tint to your hair. Furthermore, examine the components list to make you confident there’s really nothing you’re susceptible to. Finally, go through the exposure test criteria.

  • Basically, a very little amount of dye should indeed be applied to the backside of the elbows.
  • Leave it, and check that part after 2 days.
  • Do not put that DIY on your scalp. If you find any trace of irritation, inflammation, or redness. Because you’re allergic or hypersensitive towards it.
  • You should be okay if the spot seems to be in good condition but you’ve to comprehend the caring tips.
  • Put on the sets of gloves to prevent possible leaking, also keep an extra towel for avoiding stains.

Step 2: How To Apply The DYE

Applying the PLATINUM DIY is another trick to get your desired shade. To get it to follow the ways below:

  • Massage it to unclean tresses.
  • Begin by combing the dye across your hair’s greyest patches.
  • Scrunch before corner combing. Don’t ignore the back of your scalp.
  • Comb through the places you want to be peppered. The full covering is rare. So try to apply it all over your hair to get your dream Platinum appearance. A few hairs will be colored, while some may not. It leaves you feeling fresh and “tones” you slightly instead of entirely.
  • If you’ve already applied the color thoroughly, you may well be nervous to see you’ve put too much as the coating will seem black and deeper as you planned.
  • Now, yet again, don’t be scared. A chunk of this is excessive, and once the moment arises, it will drain off, giving a salt and pepper tint.

Step 3: Take Long For The Clock To Ring

In actuality, the exact dying hair game secret lies in the time you follow. As you know, time plays an important role in any aspect of life. So proper hair coloring also depends on the time that matches your hair type. According to guidelines, you should go with these points:

  • Start to apply this dye in your hair for 5 min – this is quite Alright for its first time.
  • This is the exact timeframe for you to get your perfect result.
  • Patiently wait by setting a clock for alarm.
  • The final effect is a bit excessively dark or perhaps not dark enough before it’s all set.
  • If you feel it extra dark, rinse it just after 4 minutes rather than 5.
  • I think you’d enjoy it more.
  • In case it’s not dark enough, sit for another minute and see if it’s still dark enough.
  • Now, finish this dying process by rinsing and washing. Hope! you’d enjoy it more.
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How To Dye Hair Salt And Pepper In Females

If you love DIY  and have been prepared to try salt and pepper hair color, it is fair to conclude that you can do so without draining your wallet. Since this tone involves perfect bleach and blend, that is difficult to find in hair dyes. You need to use attention in all conditions, notably in bleaching your hair, since inadequate implementation can pose a risk.

Unless you’re naturally blonde, you’ll want a gray color to go along with a slightly darker brownish in the salt and pepper hairdo.

How To Get Salt And Pepper Highlights On Brown Hair

How to get salt and pepper highlights on dark brown hair?

Adopt a “long-term outlook” and technique. To let the salt and pepper develop naturally, just use a pixie color to merge it with the hair’s original complexion.

Here is a way to get it:

  • To cut out the permanent color if enough natural hair has developed in, you should apply the above approach.
  • However, only keep on going unless you’ve restored the permanent hair color with natural shade covered with a demi-permanent hue.
  • You can cease the demi-permanent color but let it rinse out progressively again when the natural hair color has grown out.

How To Dye Salt And Pepper On Grey Hair

Can you turn your greying hairdo into salt and pepper? Of course, You can get it simply:  comb through all the hair with a blend of styling gel and Petroleum jelly. Then sprinkle and brush white powder (preferably facial powder, talcum powder, or zinc powder- zn is great) well over gelled portions. After you’ve attained your beautiful look, fix it along with mousse.

You can also follow another trick:

  • To become full silver, shorten or bleach the whole of your hair.
  • Next, apply a tint or platinum dye to the crown to reach an optimal hue.
  • To preserve the silver look, I consider putting in some kind of purple shampoo.
  • Wait for a prescribed time to neutralize any coppery or yellowish colors.


What does the color of salt and pepper look like?

It is indeed a fusion of gray and black shades with touches of white that seems perfectly lustrous. To describe this shade, it has the effect of salt on darkish meals and pepper on lighter foods. That’s why so many females, particularly in modern fashion brands, prefer to pick this color as a favor.

Do you believe salt and pepper hair makes you look older?

Gray hair is not always a symbol of age if it’s salt and pepper or genuine silver. Gray is now a trendy hair color in its own sense because more females welcome their gray hair.


Finally, it is clear that salt and pepper blond is possible to get. But unlike other dyes, it is hard to wear properly. Because it needs a lot of tricks and effort. For instance, black shaded hair acquires bleach to get a grey color. Only this way, your hair strands receive a grey shade.

Salt and pepper hair shade is no more a symbol of age if it’s salt and pepper or genuine silver. Grey is now a popular hair color in its own way because more ladies welcome their gray hair. Now after this post, we hope that you can easily get your salt and pepper hair dream.

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