How to Dry Hair Fast Without Hair Dryer? [10 Heat-Free Drying Tips]

Are you wondering for the answer to promoting decent, shiny tresses? It’s conceivable that preventing your hairdryer as well as other hot instruments is the solution.

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Applying excessive heat to your hair may produce an irreparable loss. This can result in greater damage and severe bounce. Other practical hair drying methods can help shield your strands.

In this post, you will find fast hair drying techniques without blow dryers. Let’s address the topic first: how to dry hair fast without a hairdryer?

Your hair can dry faster if you cover it in a towel wrap. All this drains water from hair roots. Hair plopping is also a quick heat-free technique to dry hair by using a soft towel.

Blow-drying hair may lead to frizz. Plus, if you’re going to get ready, it takes more time. Try considering various other quick air drying options.

Scroll down to pick your favorite rapid hair drying methods without applying heat:

Continue reading to discover about our favorite heat-free hair drying techniques.

How to Dry Hair Fast Without Being Frizzy: 3 Rules

If your hair is notorious to become super-duper frizzy, a gust of wind from a hair-dryer could increase this frizziness. However, if you’re deciding to say goodbye to heating hair tools. But avoid it with full moisture. Air-drying can give you the same shiny touch that you dream of. But the best way is to perform it properly.

1.  Cleaning Tips After A Shower

How to clean your showered hair has a great impact on your frizzy type. Below is a proper way to clean up your strands after taking shower:

  • Take a cold water blast quickly, it will lock your cuticles.
  • Use a broad tooth comb to untangle your hair.
  • Divide your hair into partitions to air dry naturally.
  • Now use a pillow cover, T-shirt, or microfibre cloth instead of a towel to prevent frizz.
  • Softly rub these T-shirt-type things to minimize the breakage.

2. Always Apply Products Before Air Drying

Typically dry shampoo gives freshness in day times. Because it absorbs oil particles and grease from your oil. Now follow the rules given below:

  • Use of a lotion to condition your shafts will fix the cuticles. So it is suitable for all types of hair.
  • Otherwise, your cuticles don’t lock efficiently, which causes frizz, mainly in damp conditions.
  • Apply a small amount of argan oil creams to keep in hydration.
  • Always use a lightweight oil by mixing it with some other well-suited hair products.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of sea salt in a pomade mousse, then apply it to your mane. It will provide a texture, flow, volume, and a perfect dry look to your hair.
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3. Bring a Texture Naturally

Curlers and tongs aren’t your cups of tea? Calm down! Hair extensions are a wonderful technique to give your mane volume and movement without using heat tools.

  • Braid your hair in a
  • Leave it dry naturally. It will protect your natural spirals.
  • Let it dry more evenly with far less frizz.
  • Apply a creamy product a little bit to weigh down you’re fine hair.
  • For smooth curls, use mousse before braiding them.
  • Make use of dry shampoo at roots to mix a lift. (for longer hair)
  • Use mousse to slightly damp hair before twisting it in pins or braids.
  • After drying it, use hair spray for the final touch.

10 Faster Tips to Dry Hair without A Hair Dryer

Most of us ignore drying hair faster and let it air dry naturally. Guys even blow them dry by long drive-through windows of cars. But well!  Let’s share 10 tips that can work:

1.  Squeezing your hair

That is our hair. Squeeze out your hair in the bathtub until you have removed as much excess water before reaching for your towel. Dabbing a towel over your hair without being too hard can make it exceedingly dry (not dry, but dull dry). You may also attempt drying using paper towels to help with frizz reduction.

2.  By Conditioning

It’s not just a miracle remedy for helping your brush move through your hair easily. Because it serves to coat your hair so that water slides off instead of being soaked. So only a tiny little bit of conditioner extra. In this way, conditioning helps to dry hair sooner.

3. Dry hair With A Microfibre Towel

Wrap one of those fancy microfibre towels around your head. As though it were a form of a turban. Do this right after you shower, then take breakfast, get ready, and apply make-up. Your hair is already completely dry after 15 minutes.

4. Fast Hair Drying Through Microfibre Brush

After taking showers, everyone uses something to soak extra water from their hair.

It may be a brush or comb. You have a fine brush or comb for this task.

The brush’s fibers absorb all of the water from your hair. Give your hair a good brushing and it’ll be dry in no time. Okay, it is almost ready.

5. Heat Free Hair Drying By Shaking

Give your hair a good shake once you’ve rubbed it dry well with a towel. Shake your head from left to right while upside down. Relax your strands of hair using your fingertips. The shaking strategy allowed air to move around your hair while also eliminating knots and bumps that have been trapped by the water.

6. Natural Hair Dry in Sunlight

Sunlight has been a natural and popular way to dry hair easily. However, it takes some time to do this perfectly. Okay, that makes sense. We all know that sunlight contributes to the speedy drying of your hair. Standing on a breezy corner will make your hair dry considerably faster.

7. Dry Hair By Reducing Fuss

As you know people have no time to dry hair naturally. That’s why they trust the dryer to do this. But SELF-CARE forces you to consider the air-drying method. Just take a downtime by unwinding your hair for nature. Stop touching your hair during air-drying. Nature does it well. Avoid combing after showering. Once it gets dried, use your fingertips to unknot the tangles softly.

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8. Ditch Blow Dryer by Trying Plopping technique

Attempt to PLOP your hair. Plopping is a fun way to let curly hair air dry. Apply a curl booster cream or mousse to your hair first. Wrap your head in a comfortable cotton t-shirt. Instead of tying your shirt over your head like a turban, fold it since it wraps across your ears. Both sides will resemble sausage buns. Now at the base of your neck, braid the ends together. Wearing the towel on your head is a smart option.

9. How To Dry Hair Fast In Summer Without Using A Dryer

Summer is good for natural temperature hair drying. The reason is the weather is suitable for drying all things like clothes or other items. In comparison to other things, hair contains an ideal structure to dry easily. In the summer, relax beside a fan, lay out in the sun, or take a vehicle ride with the windows down to help your hair dry faster.

10. Fast Hair Drying In Winter

Usually, winters are hard to dry your hair without ditching heat-free tools. That’s why everybody uses these appliances in cold weather too frequently. No one takes the severe side effects of these blow dryers unconsciously. But don’t worry! You can do it by sitting beside a fireplace, close to your heaters, or some other heat source that will make you dry your hair sooner in the winters.

Frequently Asked Queries

Is Cold Hair Dryer Less Harmful Than Blow Dryer?

When using a hairdryer at the wrong distance and temperature can lead to more problems than not using one. Keep in mind that using a hairdryer at the proper distance and heat can potentially actually be safer than keeping hair air dry. It is because hair expands when it gets wet. Colder air helps to calm down your hair by closing the cuticle of the hair shaft.

Is Natural Drying Better Than a Blow Dryer?

Of course, air-drying has no side effects. For instance, it saves your hair texture. It avoids dryness, split ends, heated air effect, etc. Although it is time taking, It is less expensive and healthier for maintaining the originality of hair. On the other hand, blow-drying is full of hurting your shafts. However, it works in minutes to give a smart hairstyle.

Does Daily Blow drying Ruin Your Hair?

Yes, a blow-drying routine can ruin your hair. As it dehydrates your scalp, causes dryness, dandruff, breakage, and thinning. This results in cracking the cuticles. These cuticles are the hair-producing factories. In this way, the hair growth cycle gets disturbed and you may suffer scalp diseases also.


From the above post, it is clear that blow-drying is a fast way to save time.

Today is a modern era of fashion and style. Everyone likes to follow the stupid modern hairstyle. In this race, your natural hair loses its health and original structure. Air drying, on the other hand, poses no such issue. You can blow-dry your hair once in a while if you need to style your hair.

However, using a blow dryer regularly might be harmful to your scalp. Before jumping directly to follow fast hair drying rules.  Just try to understand its pros and cons. You may also blow, flutter, twist, and mess with your hair when it’s air-dried. I’m guessing this is the most favorite activity around boys and girls.